Vista RC2 window now closed

If you didn’t already download the Windows Vista Release Candidate (RC) 2 bits, you missed your window of opportunity.

Microsoft posted the RC2 bits for download on October 6 and made them available to technical beta testers and others who had enrolled previously in the Customer Preview Program beta pool. Once Microsoft passed its internal target of having 200,000 testers download the new build, Microsoft closed off access to the RC2 build, No. 5744.

“We hit our download target (200K+) within 72 hours of propping the files!” said Vista Program Manager Nick White in a posting on the Vista Team Blog.

Microsoft officials have said RC2 will be the last broadscale test release of Vista. The next time the masses will have access to the code is in November 2006 (for business customers) and January 2007 (for others obtaining the product through other retail/delivery channels).

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