What Geeky Gadgets are You Grateful For?

thankfulFor those of us in the US, Thanksgiving is upon us once again. Like the rest of you, I’ll spend my day going between the kitchen and the television. In the morning, we watch the parades. In the afternoon… it’s football time! During our dinner, we always take turns going around the table and giving each person a turn to talk about things they are thankful for. When my kids were little, I used to laugh inside when they would say how they were thankful for their favorite toys, or a cute boy in school. They’d remember at the end of their list to throw in “oh yeah – and my Mom too!”.

Like anyone else, I’m thankful for my kid and family… my friends… my health… my ability to work. Those are all a given. Let’s have some fun, though, and talk about the Geeky things in life that we are grateful for! We’re human. It’s okay for us to be happy that we have “things”, and to be thankful for them!

First and foremost, I’m thankful I have a good computer. I work from home, and much of what I do is resource-intensive. I have to have a pretty decent machine to do what I do. I was fortunate to win an HP TouchSmart last year, and it’s what I still use as my main desktop. I love this thing!!

Coming in a very close second would be my cell phone. I live on that sucker! I don’t have a fancy phone. Heck – I don’t even have a “Smart” phone. I just have a plain phone that lets me talk and text. That’s all I need, so why pay for more? Even though it’s not fancy, it’s still something I couldn’t live without. I have an unlimited texting plan, thank goodness. Last time I checked my account, I was averaging a bit over five thousand texts (in and out together) per month! That’s more than my teenager goes through.

I don’t own a lot of cool gadgets and gizmos. That’s left up to my boss. There are several I can think of that I wish I had. Who knows – maybe I’ll get some of them one day. For now, I’m just happy that I have a good computer that allows me to work… and a phone that lets me text until my fingers go numb.

So let’s hear it – what Geeky gadgets are you thankful for? What pieces of tech could you no longer live without? If you wish to, you’re more than welcome to tell us all what you’re thankful for in general. You don’t have to be American to take the time on Thursday to reflect upon the things in your life that you’re so lucky to have. Even if the economy has been tough on you – always remember there are those that have it worse.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at GeeksToGo.

  • Allan J

    One geeky gadget I'm grateful for is the digital camera. No film to develop, no paying for unacceptable pics, instant viewing... can't beat it. However, digital photos require more care and "handling" than paper prints, as I've lost countless pics through lost or bad disks, computer crashes, etc. I'm trying to instill the concept of BACKUP into my brain from now on. My wife hasn't gotten into online viewing, she still wants the photos printed and put into an album. I'm still paying for processing! Oh well.

    My first geeky camera was a Polariod Swinger I got in 1966. I think there were 12 photos on the roll/cartridge and when the print popped out of the camera you had to immediately coat it with developer goo. Believe it or not, after 46 years the photos from that camera still look pretty good!

    We're having a low key Thanksgiving this year, as there are only 3 of us. My two older boys are away at university, so it's just me, my wife and my 14 year old. Oh, and Koko the dog, she'll get some turkey too! It's easy to look at life and get depressed about the things that aren't going well, but I'm so grateful for the wonderful things in life that I have or have experienced. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!!

  • BACKDROPsilhouette

    The first "Geeky Gadget" I am thankful for is my mp3 player. It isn't an iPod, but a sansa clip that holds a measly 1 gigabyte of music...but it gets me through the day without killing anybody! =D Music is my life, and it comes in handy because there's no mute button when I'm in the same room as my four younger siblings =P

    The second Geeky gadget I'm thankful for is my netbook. Lovely little acer mini-note, oh how I adore thee. I doesn't satisfy my gaming needs, but it DOES satisfy my need to keep in touch with friends that don't live in the same state as I, and allows me to write. I am an avid writer, and hate writing on paper....Not to mention the fact that I love computers and the internet in general! xD

    LASTLY...My cellphone. It's a Sanyo by Sprint and LOOKS like it's a smart phone, but it isn't. Plus, I got it for free xD The QWERTY keyboard is heavenly because I also text around 5000 texts per month!

    I'd die without the three above items....I'd probably die without my crappy dell desktop, too. Because it holds all 32 gigabytes of my music. D:

    ....Happy Thanksgiving!


  • marlinb

    I am thankful for my samsung ht series phone. It really works for me.