DataJack Launching Unlimited Mobile Broadband for $39 a Month!

People on the go often need to rely on mobile broadband. However, it usually carries a high price – and a long-term contract. Those days are soon to be over, though. DataJack will be announcing their new plan next month at CES, one which already has Geeky travelers drooling.

The new plan calls for unlimited mobile broadband, for only $39.99 per month… with no contract! Most other carriers charge insanely high amounts of money, as well as putting a limit on how much you can even use the service (5 GB in most cases). However, DataJack is truly unlimited… there are no caps. There’s also no credit check, no sign-up fee, and no early cancellation fee. Their USB modem only costs $99 to purchase at the beginning. That is the only additional cost you’ll ever incur. As if all of that weren’t enough to entice you, you’ll receive a free month of service after twelve months with them!

The DataJack service is claiming that they will have upload speeds around5.76 Mbps, and downloads up to 7.2 Mbps. The only other carrier I found that even comes close to comparing to this is Virgin Mobile. However, their $60 per month service only allows you a measly 1 GB of data – per month. That doesn’t even begin to compete.

If DataJack delivers on coverage and speeds, I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of people clamoring to sign up. Every Geek needs a good Internet connection when traveling, and this appears to be the best possible way to accomplish that. Some people think they are pricing themselves way too low. I personally think they’re geniuses in this decision. By having a cost that most people can afford, coupled with unlimited service we all crave, they are going to have an unthinkably large number of customers in a very short time.

Do you use mobile broadband when you travel? Will you be looking closely at the new DataJack plan in a few weeks?

  • Olrik

    That sounds pretty tasty to me. Too bad I do not live in the US. I do have an android phone with an unlimited bandwidth, but the speeds are nowhere close to the ones DataJack is claiming to offer.


  • Ian

    I am seriously considering trying this. Limits on what you can do with your connection are what has kept me away thus far.

    Of course, it all depends on coverage, and their way of finding out if you have coverage is to check it against a list of known zip codes where it works. If you match one, your fine, otherwise you have to contact them. >.<


  • nokiN

    WOW! download speeds of 7.2 Mbps is pretty dam fast... even faster than my home connection. (my home connection is 7.1 Mbps)
    and an upload speed of 5.76 Mbps??? what??? my upload speed at home is only 768 Kbps which is not even 1 Mbps.
    now that is pretty amazing.

    I went ahead to and they advertise two different speeds "High Speed Wireless Internet Connectivity - Upload up to 5.76Mbps and download up to 7.2Mbps" and "3G provides high speed Internet service at average download speeds of 700 to 1.4 Mbps. That’s 2.4 times faster than many DSL connections."

    That's a bit confusing

  • mike

    is that megabytes or megabits?

  • mike

    never mind i figured it out. Should've google it in the first place. But DANG. That is fast. almost 1 MB/s. But also when it says up to, its not always that fast so... I would like to see someone test this out before buying it.

  • bill

    Like Mike, I would like to see someone else test this bunch first. They have too many words like ' up to'. I called for my service area and was told I would get a 'fair' connection where I live. The fair just comes once a year, right?
    Also the closest retail store is in Louisiana.I am in Texas but am a long way from La. That makes purchasing go thru the internet and a automatic credit card charge.
    The guarantee they give is 14 days from purchase and delivery is 5 to 7 days, that can be 10 to 12 in my part of the world.
    And understand I am no part lawyer but to cancel I believe has to be done snail mail, so if it doesn't work,,,you have a $100 usb device and at least 1 month charged possibly 2.
    Seems like they are loaded way heavy to their side.
    I tried to underline a word and I hit ctrl and u,,,wow , you cant imagine what come up..
    y'all have a great day and let me know how this all works,

  • Gabriel

    Today is 1/7/2010, I bought the DataJack 3 days ago and so far....I'm disillusioned. I unpacked it, connected the air card and installed the software with out a problem. Athe mandatory reboot and initiate the "Global Trotter Connect"(software to connect air card and begin surfing), I was immediatly amazed how this product transported me back in time when dial-up was first a hit. I was amazed that I spent $158.00 dollars on a dial-up connection. Maannn....I was pisst but tried to calm myself and persuading myself that it is not the DataJack service but my daughter’s brand new Lenovo netebook with windows 7 Installed. I tied to comfort myself by thinking that the atom processors and 1gig of memory wasn’t sufficient for the "download speeds advertised" I now think how stupid of me to think a brand new computer would be the problem. Called tech support and the "Samuel" advised that that I should move around the house to see if the bar strength would increase but no dice. I walked outside to the front lawn as I was troubleshooting with Samuel as he suggested to move around the house, tried different browsers and sites for a quicker webpage download but no dice. He jotted down my number and said he will call back and see if he can figure something out. We exchanged information and hung up. I decided to try the air card on a Vista and XP just to try my luck guessed it, no dice. Samuel called back and said that try my air card between the hours of 7:30 and 8pm to see if I see a change. I said., OK but if there is a change and get the advertised speeds as mentioned on the Datajack website, does it mean I can only use the service off-peak house? He silence grew and responded with.." I know what you but if the service does not work than we will gladly refund you the cost for device and a month service, minus a $15.00 dollar restocking fee. I was like...hmmm.. I asked him, "so you are charging a restocking fee for a service that does not do what it advertises, actually nearly what it advertises and I have to pay you to restock the product? He sounded a bit nervous but replied " I can talk to my manager and see if he'll waive the $15.00 restocking fee...

    Some things do sound better in theory. I'm going to try the 7:30-8pm crap and see if it work....but see myself returning the product. The idea is great of unlimited download, but it is still in the works.

    It is now 7:44 pm.....same dial up speed.


  • emeraldnzl

    Wow when is going World Wide.

    That's like icecream in Geek terms.

  • Marcella

    I've had DataJack for 2 months now and when I am connected to the EDGE network, my laptop shuts off. I have a Dell with Windows XP. When I'm within GPRS coverage, it's fine. Has anyone else had this problem?

    As for the service overall, I find it slow and unreliable. I, like Gabriel, spoke to 'Samuel', which is a little weird. Do they only have one employee over there?? He said he'd call me back and he did once, but not the second time he said he would. It's a bizarre company.

  • Gabriel

    Hello Marcella,

    Sorry to hear the heart break. I have been with the datajack for a month and a half and still having super slow speeds. I like to give the product a second shot so I gave it to my daughter for personal to see if the quality is better. unfortunately the speed is worse. I did get an awesome speed in a remote area when I was driving around the whole city to test if I get greater speeds. uhhh This sucks. Ironic is that I'm willing to go for another month and hope for a miracle.

  • Marcella

    Wow, you are really giving the service the benefit of the doubt! Hopefully, if we call and complain to "Samuel" enough, things will change with DataJack. Good luck! 😉

  • Gabriel

    ...Marcella, just remember that this the 1st truly Unlimited air card, not the best but close to what we all want. I see this company as a pioneer in offering the type of service. Also remember that it piggy backs off the T-mobile network in which it does not have good coverage to begin, at least in south Florida. As I said before, I'm giving 1 more moth as a trail and than throw the device to the closet. ughh

    My question to you....have you discontinued the service?

  • Marcella

    Yes, that is very true. I'm located in Mass and I'm supposed to have excellent coverage. It's still very in and out.

    I think I'm going to keep the service until May because I'm taking an online class and I really need the unlimited access. I do need to contact DataJack again, though, because I want to figure out why it shuts down my computer!

  • A Oliva23

    jatajack too slow in all areas i have one and its very slow,3.min vedio took 1 hr,slow isnt even close...

  • Wow sounds like a great service.