20 Gig Playstation 3 Discontinued?

In a bit of investigative journalism, I have recently taken it upon myself to answer the question of, “where have all the 20 gig Playstation 3 models gone?” In a rather silent disappearance, it seems that the 20 gig version of Sony’s new console has gone missing as of late. So where could they be?

To start off, I contacted local stores in my area as to inquire about the availability of the 60 gig’s little sister. Naturally, the response I received was universally negative. There was not a 20 gig model to be found. However, upon dialing up one store in my area, I stumbled upon a piece of information that was quite shocking. It seems that one of the nation’s larger consumer electronics stores were listing the smaller console as “Discontinued” in their inventory system. That’s right; discontinued.

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