What happened to spywareinfo.com?

The forums are still available at a new domain: http://www.spywareinfoforum.com

Looking for spywareinfo.com and getting a GoDaddy parking page? Or, looking for the forums at forums.spywareinfo.com and getting a 404 error? You’re not alone. Try the new domain name, and you’ll find the old forum we’ve come to respect and admire. Why the change? Mike Healan the founder of the site has not been heard from in many months, and the spywareinfo.com name appears to have expired. However, the good people running the spyware removal forums didn’t want to let such a valuable resource die, so they planned ahead and registered a new name, spywareinfoforum.com. The change was actually made a couple of months ago, so most search engine results should point to the new domain. However, there are thousands of links from other sites to spywareinfo.com, and who knows how many bookmarks.

There is a slight danger that the domain name could eventually fall into the hands of bad guys. They might find a certain irony in using it to spread spyware, instead of remove it. Be sure to update your bookmarks to http://www.spywareinfoforum.com, and help spread the word.