How to choose an edition of Windows Vista

What do you need?

At a glance, here is a list of features that are not in every edition of Windows Vista. If the table cell is highlighted in blue then the corresponding features are in the corresponding edition of Vista. This should be your first place to look. If there are features you need or want you’d better get the edition that has them.

The Windows Home Basic N and Business N will be available in the EU only. There are also K versions for Korea. These versions have certain features and applications removed to cater to anti-trust laws in the EU and Korea. I have not included the K versions in this comparison. Also not included is Windows Vista Starter edition. That version is scaled down ever further than Windows Home Basic and will only be available in certain regions such as India, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, and Indonesia. All up there are 17 versions of Windows Vista if you count all of the N, K and standard versions in both 32 bit and 64 bit editions. But, cutting out Starter edition, the K versions and just acknowledging 32 bit and 64 versions, you’re left with a choice of seven major editions.

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