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Archive for April, 2008

31 Days of the Dragon – Win an HP HDX Dragon Notebook!

Update: We have a winner! Please be sure to checkout the other contests!

It’s only fitting that one of the biggest notebooks I’ve ever seen, is sponsoring one of the biggest contests I’ve ever seen. HP has partnered with BuzzCorp and 31 sites to give away 31 HP HDX Pavilion Entertainment Notebooks! (a.k.a. The Dragon) 31 days, 31 sites, 31 notebook prize packages. This is HUGE!

As configured, the retail value of the notebook is $4,500. Including movies and software from other partners the total price if purchased would be $5,196! That’s over $160,000 in total prizes to be awarded!


Yes, we’re one of the participating 31 sites, and you can win one here! Find more details on the system, and how you can win yours after the break.

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Mother’s Day Surprise – Digital Foci Pocket Album review

IMG_0109Still searching for that special Mother’s Day gift? For a long time I have wanted to get my wife a picture viewer small enough to carry to take with her. All of our pictures are digital, and we only have family pictures taken once yearly. She needs something for all those in-between pictures, so she can show off our little one.

For those in the same situation, let’s take a look at the Digital Foci Pocket Album. This keychain weighs in at just over an ounce, sports a 1.5 inch color LCD screen and 8MB of onboard memory. The Pocket Album also comes with its own special software to manipulate photos and transfer them to the keychain.

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Car, Drive

sync-hdr-logoBy now you may have seen the commercials for Ford’s line of cars featuring Microsoft Sync, a music and mobile phone platform for automobiles. If not, you can view one here. It chronicles the embarrassment of people who find that treadmills, doors, and curtains do not respond to their voice the way their car does. While I like the concept of Bluetooth capability in cars, and I think voice commands are a safety enhancement over trying to dial a phone or search for a CD while driving, I sometimes wonder if our cars are becoming too electronic and computerized, to the point that safety could be compromised. I actually also wonder if some cars are just becoming too complex.

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Ludicrous Speed – Corsair Voyager GT Review

ludicrous_speed As a kid, I absolutely loved the movie Spaceballs. As an adult (and arguably still a kid) I still love the movie Spaceballs. When I got my mitts on the Corsair Voyager GT, the line “Light speed is too slow?” “Yes. We’re gonna have go right to – ludicrous speed” popped into my head. According to all the Corsair hype, the Voyager GT is supposed to be up to 4X faster than a standard USB key. Let’s see how it stands up during some real world tests.

The first thing I noticed when I got this USB key is the attractive look to it. It’s a good looking unit with its black base and red, yellow and white accents. The activity light is blue, which seems odd for something in black/white/yellow/red, but whatever. This key has a rubberized exterior that gives it a nice rugged look. According to the materials that came with it, it’s waterproof and shockproof! I’ll try these features later; that way if I break it, I at least get to test it first.

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Have a home router? You’ll want to read this!

Satellite A researcher by the name of Dan Kaminsky will soon be unveiling an attack that could be used to hijack certain routers. This web-based attack can be used to gain complete access to your router and change settings within. By doing this, a hacker could change the DNS settings to hijack the user to an unknown location on the internet.

A DNS related attack could be used to make a user think they are going to a legitimate website, while actually redirecting the user to a malicious website that can be used to steal identity or track online activity. Both are a serious breach in online safety. The main problem is that the user would have no idea this is happening. The browser would still show that its directing to the correct address. Also, because this attack happens at the router and not on the computer, Antivirus and Anti-Malware solutions can not detect it.

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Corsair Voyager – 32GB Flash Drive


What would you do with a 32GB Flash Drive? Mine contains my entire music collection, all of my important documents, my family photos, a restore image of the operating system on my computer, and 6GB of free space. When you’re used to using 2, 4, or even 8GB flash drives, you find yourself looking for stuff to store on this drive…it’s actually tough to fill up! Voyager will hold almost 10,000 6 MegaPixel images, or nearly 13 hours of MPEG-2 video (152 hours of MPEG-4), or 8,000 of your favorite MP3 recordings. Imagine the possibilities – a thumb-sized device that has the capacity to store all of your important data securely in one location, and is accessible from nearly any computer. It even comes complete with an encryption application already aboard. The Corsair Voyager is compatible with Windows ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Mac (9.X and later), and Linux (Kernel 2.4.2 and higher). Pretty much everyone can utilize this device.

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