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Archive for April, 2011

Lenovo M90z Review!

Multi-touch supportIt was just like out of an old country western movie. So there I am, sitting in the bar minding my own business when a guy walks up to me and says “You work in a school right? Wanna try out a new computer?” Well, not exactly like a country western movie, but close right? Now this conversation may sound really strange to someone looking in, but to understand the context you’ve gotta understand that this bar was in Seattle, Washington and I had spent the day at the Microsoft campus in Redmond for the annual Microsoft MVP Summit. Computer chatter over a beer was commonplace.

The guy I’m talking about works for a fantastic company who wants to give me a Lenovo M90z on a long-term loan to let me play with it and see what I can use it for.   The M90z is an All-In-One (AIO) multi-touch computer from Lenovo.  Everyone knows that touch computing is the way of the future. From smart phones, to tablets, to slate computers, everything is going touch. So why shouldn’t the desktop offer some form of touch component?

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5 reasons I switched from Google Apps to Microsoft Communications Services

msc1) They asked. Microsoft Communication Services is cloud hosted Exchange and Sharepoint + Outlook 2010. Rackspace waived the $12.50/month fee on their plan for 1-year, in exchange for our feedback. I’ll also share my experiences here, and in future posts. $150 in free services didn’t motivate the change. I was curious, and excited to explore an alternative to Google Apps. A 14-day free trial is available to everyone.

2) Gmail performance issues. Randomly, inexplicably, without warning, and without explanation Gmail gets slow. Not usually a big deal for personal email, but a productivity killer, or even loss of business for some. For a company that prides itself on speed, Gmail suffers. Some people are even begging to pay for better performance.

Google, please set a price — any price — that you determine is necessary to keep anyone’s account running smoothly at all times. I’ll gladly pay it. I don’t care if it’s $100 a year or $1,000 a year. It would be worth it.

What if you’re unlucky enough to have your emails accidentally deleted (and later restored)? When’s the last time you backed up your Gmail account?

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Lenovo M90z Contest Announcement!

Geeks to Go is proud to announce that we will be giving away a beautiful Lenovo M90z computer to one

Multi-touch support lucky person. Lenovo and Ivy Worldwide have teamed up with GTG and 25 other websites to give away 25 of these computers to lucky contest winners.

The Lenovo M90z is a 23” All-In-One multitouch computing beast that any technology buff would be lucky to have in their collection.

The specifics of the GTG contest are still being hashed out but we know for sure that our contest will begin on May 10 and our winner will be picked and announced on May 14.  Note: Comments to this story will not count as entries to our contest.

Stay tuned to the GTG homepage for the Lenovo M90z review and for more contest information.

Please head on over to the other websites participating in the giveaways and try your luck in all the contests.

UPDATE: Details for our contest can be found on our Facebook page:

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Interview with Troy

This time, we have an interview with one of our very own Trusted Tech staffers on Geeks to Go! Troy has a lot of knowledge regarding hardware and we wanted to know a little bit more about him. (I still remember the day he helped me with my very own rig. :) Enjoy!






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