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I want to upgrade my computer

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i am not pursecuting, im saying you are being wasteful. my laptop, which is still useful to me, is a P1 MMX 266mhz with 160mb running Windows 2K Pro. and Half-Life 2 runs on my desktop. when you upgrade to "newer, bigger, btter, faster, stronger" then perfectly working hardware gets canned and tossed out into the garbage. the majority of computer useres arent gamers, and anything Pentium or above will keep up with high-speed DSL connections and such, and run MS Office applications. my dedicated internet machine, seperate from my P3 and used just for web browsing, is an old NEC Ready with a 100mhz P1 and 64mb EDO running Windows 98SE and it KEEPS UP with my 768kb p/s DSL connection with as much ease as my P3 1.0ghz with 512mb PC133. just an example of what i am talking about. it is incredibly wasteful to think you need the best while hardware that works just fine gets tossed in the garbage along with bannanna peels, empty wrappers, and god knows what else, to get buried in a landfill somwhere and rust and rot away. it is the same kind of thing people seem to find pleasure in doing with cars. america and the rest of the world (though we americans are worst) has gotten very very wasteful and it has got to stop. so, you cant do without the biggest, most bad-a$$ computer there is so that you can have a couple more frames per second in Half Life 2. but do think everyone thinks that way? wouldnt some poor old lady be glad to have somthing she could send e-mail to her grandkids on? or the kid down the street, to do his homework? or a single person living alone in some crappy apartment, to browse the web?? those things dont require all this bleeding-edge hardware. and people who think they need to have it toss out computers that could still be quite useful into the trash. do what you want at "reasonable speeds"??? what did you and everyone else do five years ago? ten years ago? all that has come of this bleeding-edge hardware is that people have become more greedy and have raised their standards for "resonable speed". there isnt anything unreasonable about older computers' speeds, peoples standards have just been driven higher by greedy gamers and all this fancy and pointless hardware. for crying out loud, i read about a new MSI motherbaord that will support 16gb of RAM coming out next year sometime!! i mean when is this gonna end it has to stop somwhere there have to be limitations to what we can do. what will we have five years from now??? processors running at 10+ GHz with like eight cores, and above 8gb of RAM as the norm and standard??? 4gb graphics cards with some new fancy interface allowing the link of like up to twelve video cards??? i mean, doesnt it get to a point when we dont NEED anything better???? the human eyes can only detect so many frames per second...

does anyone see my point?? or am i the only one who deosnt beleive old computers are garbage?!?!? :whistling:

Yeah Hl2 is a nicely coded game, you can "actually play it" on a pentium 3 cpu you dont need that fast of a pc at all but then again thats on all low settings....

Yeah, I get what your saying alittle not much because you are the kind of person that thinks a pc will last 5-10 yrs... If you have a 3.0ghz or equivalent from amd you are fine right now in my book im not wasteful.. You and me are totally different. I like to play the newest games atleast at high settings. When the games start needing to be played at medium settings I am then going to buy a new pc and get a very fast video card.. My pc has been a good one and I have gotten good use out of it. When the Intel conroe cpu's come out I will be buying one of them in a brand new system... I will be keeping my current system also lol... Its not like I am going to throw it out..

See, you like to play older games and or some kinda new games at low settings thats totally different than me and the "Hardcore" or mediocre gamers.

Games will keep on getting more demanding and faster with more intensive 3d engines... You have to stay up with technology, if you get more than a year and a half behind the new stuff your system starts to slow down or bog down in the 3d intensive games at high settings.. "This is talking about the Hardcore gamers"

Thats why we have to buy new stuff.. I've had mine a year and a half.. At or before the 2 year mark I will get a whole new system..
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They certainly arent garbage they are perfectly adequate if your needs are the same as they were when the computer was made. But software changes and becomes better abd faster and more intensive its called progress and one of the things it needs are larger amounts of resources. Ive got old computers for browsing the net at random or some basic WP on the old word.

But i have this pc because some things dont run on old hardware most notibally newer software eg games are obvious but the new office and 3d modelling and mapping software ill occasionaly take fancy to using will just not work on older systems as they dont have the chops. Alot of people are into photo and vid editing as well these need fast systems and even good systems are slow with it at the best of times.

You seem severly ,misguided people from my experience dont just get new computers for the heck of it there is usually a specific reason.

Whats different from 5 or 10 years ago are you taking the mick have you opened your eyes and seen what good mid to hogh end systems are capable of its fairly major and significant changes. Also hl2 on that system assuming your not lying even at low settings in dx7 mode performance would be barely playable as i have seen it struggle on faster systems than that, but take a look at what mine can do its bloody enourmous difference its almost totally lifelike and much more fun, not many people have systems that can run things at max settings like that then uograde for a few more fps you have a slow system the differences arent just FPS its new shaders and lighting and physics modelling HUGE difference. Even things as basic as media center technology wont work on older systems loke that alot of people want that functionality, is that a waste, NO it actually saves money.

Also sure people throw out computers but i dont know alot of people that do they usually give them away or sell the parts, or in the larger part of the UK and EU hand them into a local recycling center where people can buy them refurbished for a cheap price, i know we got several computers for my cadet squadron to do admin work. However we still have a reasonably up to date system because the old ones dont play FS2004 something that is fairly important to air cadets and a great tool to teaching them the basics of flying before they get in the air for real, by your logic they shouldnt have this tool because its a waste.

Hardware will advance as much as people need it to, there are alot of uses to computers some of them vital to develpment of our soceity indeed they can save lives.

Also ive never thrown away a computer in my life, they always get used for something else or someone else. Also wouldnt advice running windows on those old systems win98 was allright at the time but its crap now so is 2000. I would out linux of some flavor; more up to date and more secure.

I would get off the high horse, especially when you talk to people who know alot more about computers and there uses than you do.
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ive never thrown away a computer in my life

I have a 8086 XT (monochrome, the one with the two 5 1/4 drives) Collecting dust. Absolutly no use to anyone. Haha.
It'll be an antique soon.
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you could word process with that ^^^ LOL i will take it off your hands
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