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:whistling: :blink: :help:

I need, I want, I lust for DOS! :woot: There must be a simpler way to access it in XP and on an NTFS...easily!

It's not that we can't, I believe, it is because MS does not want us to be able to. :woot:

I can't see a problem with it. If MS did not want the vast majority of its users to access it, then they could make it a "hidden" OS, under a dual boot partition architecture ...and accessed with your input key from a boot or setup disk. Or a self encrypted key, using an internal encryption program... we can get in through a convoluted process, but that is too much head work for something that is relatively easy to do, with the correct files.

I am one that does not accept the excuse that DOS is antique or dated, and is helpless on every computer of any large size, and therefore ever increaslingly difficult accessibility seems to be a purposefully built in anomoly.

I'd like one floppie to be able to access the c:\ in DOS and be allowed to do my dirty work there, when any version of Windows refuses to cooperate...this would put a lot of un-necessary 3rd party software developers out of a job...as their efforts would not be necessary.

Let us all say a few quiet words of prayer, in remembrance of Windows 98SE... And ask ourselves why we did not get multiple hard drives of less than 30Gb each, rather than one big honker of 130Gb...I made a dumb mistake there.

Here are the files that I have that seem to be allowing me to gain access, up to ME, but it involves too much flipping of disks... I'd like to get into XP more easily...

Disk 1:

That seems to get me in the door to a:\

Then I flip over to another Norton boot disk which has as its contents:


Over kill, but beggars can't be choosers, so from this disk, I seem to be able to get to c:\ but working around is limited.

I then cd to whatever directory I want to work in...sometimes XP-NTFS lets me get away with certain privileges and sometimes it does not, but at least I am in the front door.

Can we put out heads together and come up with a set of files to put on one floppie that will get us directly to the c:\ prompt from a re-boot? :)

I have a bunch of recover-in-dos-type packages, but not one will allow you to stop mid way, or even part way and mess about in DOS during the process.

We shall overcome...

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If you're using an NTFS file system, DOS is not going to be able to access it, no matter how you boot. The Recovery Console has a command line interface. Or if you really love your command line, switch to Linux. :whistling:
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admin : thanks...I am aware of that... but I'm a stubborn cuss and would at least like to try... Adopting Linux seems to be "giving up" on the real issue...submitting to a MS-OS that we all do not necessarily fully appreciate, ALL of the time...and over which we would like more control...control over our own destiny :woot: I do not possess the skills to do it, and I am far too old to start to fantascize about my chances of success :)

What with all "these so-called hackers, crackers, etc-ers, and the like-ers" out there roaming around doing little positive :woot: it should be a piece of cake for them to put their minds to something REALLY useful and mind-boggling :blink: Then they would really have the attention of a grateful audience rather than its scorn.

Want to beat MS at its own game? ...then break into NTFS? ...and carry the rest of us programming illiterates along with you :woot:

:whistling: O.k., if no one can do it, then just surrender to the MS-Force, unless MS-OSs give us a raison-d'etre...i.e. perpetuate the Geek sites. I love this site but it seems like we are all salmon trying to swim upstream, only to find big bear around the bend, waiting to claw us into its maw :help:

I would just like to be able to access my hard drive in DOS, seek out and destroy files that are proving to be an issue, and generally keep on top of problems, that on the surface, in a particular Windows OS, may not be accessible...malware, viri, and the like...type files. DOS has always been able to cut through the crap and get to the heart of the matter, and in there, you deal with it instantly!

...end of thread...

Edited by b1caez01, 19 August 2006 - 10:29 AM.

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XP runs fine on FAT32 so just install it onto a fat32 drive then install dos seperately but itll be very antiquated, DOS is outdated they got rid of it for a reason, officianados can use the command lone inside windows or linux but in many respects the command line is a step back for most and operations these days are much more complex than they used to be.
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"XP runs fine on FAT32 so just install it onto a fat32 drive then install dos separately but it'll be very antiquated, DOS is outdated they got rid of it for a reason, officianados can use the command line inside windows or linux but in many respects the command line is a step back for most and operations these days are much more complex than they used to be."

I suppose, that if I had a FAT32 drive to start, I would have no problems...but at 130Gb...that is apparently not possible. I totally agree with your position...but...the present architecture came from somewhere...and that would be DOS. It may be antiquated, but what do they always rely on for the most basic of function ...DOS...do a registry search for that sequence of letters...pretty impressive?

I do not want to debate the issue, it is fruitless... I just want to be able to have more user control over an increasingly less-user friendly system.


I have litterally run MS into the dust over the last few weeks, insisting that they provide a simple user friendly program for us illiterate morons to use, to analyze a crash, outside the present condition of sending an anonymous Dr. Watson output message to THEM...they never respond...and the user is left with a giant ? on his forhead :whistling: or maybe more than one giant ? !

After about 35 missives, being told that my issue has been referred to [???] who is in charge of this sort of stuff, they appear to have "heard," or is it a coincidense that the most recent e-mail [Microsoft Download Notifications: August 11, 2006] received by me today, referred "us" to:
User Mode Process Dumper Version 8.1...The User Mode Process Dumper (userdump) dumps any running Win32 processes memory image on the fly, without attaching a debugger or terminating target processes.

I hardly think my attack on this issue carried any weight, but it is interesting, when you read the *.chm section, that MS refers to crashes, dumps, and such in rather off-the-cuff words; that indicates to me that they were/are aware of the inaccessibility of dump files, and are reluctant to let us commoners in on their coding flaws. The general response on the "NASTY" sites, is that MS does not want to cooperate with us peons, becasue they are not able to determine if "we" are to be trusted with such knowledge... apparently, such can be used by hackers and the like for naughty purposes.

When you download and install their Debugging tool, you will note, that it would take a very experienced programmer [95% of us are not], some time to figure it all out. This latest update[?] tool "User Mode Process Dumper Version 8.1" I suppose, is their way of letting more of us into their inner sanctum, just a wee crack.

So, I downloaded it...ran the install...and it installs to c:\kktools. But this is not the end of it. Once that part is done, you are told to open the folder userdump8.1 ... o.k, that went fine... then you are told to set up the actual program from a folder "Architecture"

Guess what, no folder called Architecture... so now what... more complaints to MS... :blink:

There are lots of setup.exe files there, but they are, duh, ALL IN DOS and cannot be run from as a Win32 application.

Now, that makes me feel really upset! :help:
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