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Mouse cursor busy

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Hello everyone

I have a question whether or not this is normal because I never seen this before and I'm quite annoyed with it. LOL


when im not on the mouse, the cursor on my screen shows the busy cursor than goes back to the regular one. When im using the mouse it dosent do it. I wanna know if this is normal and I checked my processes and they are running fine like they were.

IS there a way to fix this or is there something wrong or is it normal

Thanks to all

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That busy mouse is an indication of a process running in the background. Have you updated and run antivirus and anti spyware programs? The first thing I would suspect is Malware. It you do not have them I would recommend starting with Spybot S&D and Ad Aware SE. Do not enable the teatimer in Spybot just yet thought.
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cursor busyTwo things I have noticed. The busy cursor is eliminated when the processes file "STATUS~1.exe" is end processed. And the 2nd thing is that the busy hour glass in Windows XP Professional does not occur when the cursor is in the shape of an capital I, i.e. when inputing letters/numbers, etc.. It only seems to occur when the cursor is in the shape of an arrow.
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