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Google Toolbar Notifier

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    The Leather Lady

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I love my Google Toolbar with its easy to use features and convenience. That said, I don't like applications accessing the Internet without my permission. A couple of days ago my Google Toolbar automatically updated itself on my cable connection and gave me some extra choices for configuration. It also put a new running process in Task Manager that is probably harmless, but annoyed me because it seemed it couldn't be killed. I'd end it, and it would pop back up before a reboot. Here's the deal:

Click the new settings button, then "Options", then a tab called "more" and directly under that is an option that says "set and keep search settings to Google". Untick that and your default "search" isn't locked to Google, and the running process goes away. It is ticked by default. I don't want my toolbar passing out out info or updating without me knowing, and I unticked it. The Google Toolbar will warn you that another application may try to become the default search engine. I'll take my chances. The new and improved version of the Google Toolbar has some real benefits, and is easy to set up to your preferences, but I think the "always on" communication is just another security risk that someone will try to exploit. If you agree, follow the above instructions to get rid of "Google Toolbar Notifier", and still enjoy your Google Toolbar.

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My sentiments exactly! I cannot stand when programs run in the background of my computer and access the internet without my permission and secretly obtain information!

I just tried your fix for this and will see as days pass how it helped to resolve the issue of the Google Toolbar Notifier constantly showing up in my System Configuration Utility (Start > Run, Type: msconfig, then Start tab to see startup items), even after having unchecked it from my startup items list in the SCU.

Thank you so much for posting this, I would have never guessed this particular setting to be the reason for this.

Best wishes,

Doug In Rhode Island :)

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