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Problems upgrading my Asus A7V-E Motherboard CPU

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I have tried upgrading my Asus A7V-E Motherboard processor from Duron 750 MHz to AMD Athlon 1Ghz. Unfortunately although it recognises the processor and hard ware my machine stops responding (no error message) just before it boots into Windows. What am I supposed to do? I’m now back with the Duron 750 MHz. Incidently, will it make a noticable difference anyway?
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welcome to geekstogo
yes it would make your pc a little faster your going from 750mz to 1000mz thats 250mz more so you would be faster I looked at your board and this is what chips it will run Socket A for AMD® Athlon (Thunderbird Core) / Duron™ 550MHz ~ 1GHz+ CPU at 266/200MHz fbs It may be that you need to change the jumper for your fbs can you gave me the numbers off the chips and I can look at this and gave you more info.
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