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Autoruns Results - Delete Specific Drivers?

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Viewed the DRIVER portion of 'startup' with Autoruns and see several Logitech drivers. Used to have a Logitech keyboard and a Logitech wireless mouse but have replaced both with other brands - 'removed' all Logitech programs ... but the drivers are still loaded at startup. Do I still need the LT drivers?

Will deleting them cause problems? (I mean deleting the startup entries - not the drivers themselves.)

Here is a list:
itchfltr.sys Logitech PS2 Keyboard Filter Driver. Logitech, Inc.
LCcfltr.sys Logitech Consumer Control Filter Driver. Logitech, Inc.
LHidFilt.sys Logitech HID Filter Driver. Logitech, Inc.
LHidFlt2.sys File not found: system32\DRIVERS\LHidFlt2.sys
LHidUsb.sys Logitech USB Receiver Logitech, Inc.
LHidUsbK.sys Logitech SetPoint USB Receiver Logitech, Inc.
LMouFilt.sys Logitech Mouse Filter Driver. Logitech, Inc.
LMouKE.sys File not found: System32\Drivers\LMouKE.sys
LUsbFilt.sys Logitech USB Filter Driver. Logitech, Inc.
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