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HP DL 380 G3 server

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noor parkar

noor parkar


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Dear all,

i am working on this case from the last one week. but unable to find proper solution for this. so i need your support

case:One DL 380 SERVER g3 reported hard disk failure. a constant red light appeared on the disk.i removed the disk and connected it back. it started working. as per user it will fail again. so i replaced a new disk but i saw the red light constant appeared again after two minutes.i restarted the server before connecting this new hard disk. it prompted two options. one F1 and F2. F2 is to fail drive and F1 is to keep drive disabled. so i pressed F2 and it started booting from one harddisk. i rebooted again this time with the new hard disk. i saw it didnot ask for recovery of hard drive. it started booting but with the Red light flashing initially and then failed(constant red led).i checked two new hard disk same issue.
i changed hard disk backplane also but its same.
but when i connected old hard disk back. it started rebuilding.and then it will complete rebuilding and will operate normally. The new hard disk are showing red flashing and then failure why???????
i upgraded firmware also to 8.50 but there is no harddisk firmware. i tried with 7.91 firmware. it also didnot ask for hard disk firmware upgradation. saying not needed.

existing harddrives are with version HPB2 B AND NEW HARD DISK i tried is hpb2 9 and i tried hpb1 harddisk also but it is same

what could be the issue

noor parkar
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