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Make sure remote computer is turned on.

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I first want to say hello. I did stop in the introductions and make a post. I have also searched for my answer to no avail. This is a big site though. But I really did look.

My PC crashed a few days ago, for reasons unknown. Over the period of about 30 seconds, my firewall was turned off, AVG was turned off, Windows Defender was turned off and Sybot was removed completely from my system. I have no idea why.

The computer went into continuous restart mode.

I worked on it for almost a whole day to no avail. I have recent backups, so I reformatted the hard drive.

I am on that PC right now. I have a backup PC as well. But the primary is back and running. I still have my business software to load yet. But for the most part the rebuild is complete.

Before the crash, everything worked fine. Now that I am trying to set the system back up. I am having problems with the HP L7680. I have shared folders on the PC that are 'read and write' to the network. I need to scan into these folders directly using the Direct Digital Filing. The folders are set up and shared. They show up on the HP L7680 in the network.

When I try to scan into the folders, I get "Cannot connect to\\laptop\(folder-name). Make sure the remote computer is turned on"

I have checked everything I cold find to check. The PC is connected to the HP L7680 hard wired and the lights are on 'both ends'. The PC is able to get on the internet. The printer works, the fax is intermittant, the copier works, the scanner works (short of into Direct Digital Filing)

My System:
HP Pavilion ZV6000 (zv6130 US)
HP L7680 all in one
Windows XP Pro OS
Belkin Wireless G
All in one is hard wired to PC
PC is wireless to router
Dell desktop is also one same network (wired)

What do I check?
Hope there is enough info there. :)
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Hello 4RE KLR.... Welcome to GeeksToGo, :) :) :)

I'm sorry to hear about your issue. We will try to help you resolve this as soon as possible.
Please understand we are all volunteers and we are not here all the time. Sometimes it may be a extended amount of time to get back to you. If it has been more then 3 days please shoot me a PM and I will try to get back to you quickly then.

I realize you formatted and reinstalled but just to be safe and completely sure:

I suggest you go to the Malware Removal and Spyware Removal Forum and run all the steps located in the START HERE. These self-help tools will help you clean up 70% of problems on your own. If you are still having problems after doing the steps, then please post the reguested logs in THAT forum. If you are unable to run any of the tools then start a new topic in the malware forum and put this in the subject line...I am unable to run any malware tools

If you are still having problems after being given a clean bill of health from the malware expert, then please return to THIS thread and we will pursue other options to help you solve your current problem(s).
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OK, Thanks for the reply.

I have been reading everything and still haven't figured it out. I will go to the forums you suggested and start from there.

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OK, I have run everything as asked.

I will post in the "Malware Removal and Spyware Forum"

I still have 'Limited or no connectivity', and I have no idea what to put as a thread topic in the other area.

OK, titled thread as:

Network Card has No Connectivity

Trouble after reformatting hard drive

I will not post back here until done in that thread.

Edited by 4RE KLR, 06 September 2009 - 05:25 PM.

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Well, after working on this thing for three days I finally got the connection 'connected'. I really don't know what I did to make it work. It has been a very difficult time and HP is about as much help as a dead man. HP is deffinanlty going down hill.

I now have a good IP for the connection. The Internet also has a good IP.

The Direct Digital Dialing still does not work. I still get the same message:
"Cannot connect to \\pcname\filename Make sure the remote computer is turned on"

Grrrrrrr :)

edit for spelling.
lol phat fingers and tired eyes. :)

Edited by 4RE KLR, 07 September 2009 - 09:00 AM.

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No expert ever posted n the thread. I realize you are busy though. No problem.

I just have to get this thing working as it is what I run my business(s) on.

Failure is not an option.

I did everything as asked on the tutorial and the system is clean. I was surprised to find an issue though, I will admit/ Even after the reformatting. Some thing was still there. It's all gone now though. :)

I had to manually configure the IP to get it to work but it is connected now.



Edited by 4RE KLR, 07 September 2009 - 09:01 AM.

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Ok here is an update for those in the future who may be reading this.

What I did and what I found that solved my problem:

First I read the Post above by the forum member 'rshaffer61'

I did just as was outlined in the malware removal topic. I was surprised to see two items of 'rogue' on this PC, especially after I had just reformatted the entire hard drive. I brought it down to a boat anchor and then rebuilt it. I am on that same pc now. Thanks for the reply rshaffer61 :)

I know these folks are busy on this forum. Could you imagine everyone from all over the planet asking you for help at the same time? Whew... :0

Next I reset both the modem and the router for an entire two minutes. I removed the power supply. I did not simply push the reset button. Both restarted.

I restarted the PC several times over the coarse of the rebuild. Maybe 25-30 times. :)

I restarted the HPL7680 several times when prompted to do so.

I checked the Ethernet cable at both ends and looked for the green lights at each end.

I then deleted the shared folder and built a new one. It wasn't a big deal. I still had not loaded my back ups yet.

I then went to the EWS (embedded web server) to rebuild the files there. That is when I noticed I had yet another problem. That is what ended up being the culprit. I could not get into my EWS from the IP address that I had written down that was assigned to the HP L7680.

I looked at the HP L7680 set up manual, NO HELP at all. :) :) :)

I then looked at the digital screen on the HP L7680 itself.

I pushed setup
Scroll down to the (5) entry NETWORK
Push OK

Make sure the (1) entry View Network settings is boxed
Push OK

Scroll down to (2) Display Wired Summary
Push OK

This will give you the NEW IP number of the machine. WRITE THIS # DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

Open a browser windows such as Internet Explorer or Firefox

In the search window enter
https:// (no spaces) and the IP # number you just retrieved from the HP L7680 display screen

Click search (or go)

Then the EWS (embedded web server) will open to the machines IP number.

Click on Settings (along the top)

Click on Direct Digital Dialing (speed dial) (along the left side)

In the "Friendly Name" enter the folder name you wish to scan directly into. This does not have to be a formal name but I made mine EXACTLY as the folder is named in my system.

This is where it gets tricky... :)

In the "Network Path" you have to enter the Computer name. In the SPECIFIC way it is shown on your PC.

Example #2

This is VERY IMPORTANT to get the shared folder name right. I copy and pasted to be positive it was the exact same. If it is a 'space' or even one letter off, your toast. Make sure it is the same.

In the "Username" I just entered my name 'Steve'

In the "Password" and "Pin" I entered nothing. I left both blank. Don't worry if you do the system will assign and keep the password. You will never need to remember it. If you need for it to be secure, by all means put a password and PIN in there. If you do, when you scan into those folders you will need to enter the password an PIN for it to work. No big deal either way.

Now reduce the web browser and all other files to get back to your desktop. :0 :) Smile were almost done

RIGHT click the desktop anywhere that is in the open. (not on another Icon)

Click "NEW"

Click "FOLDER"

A new folder will show up on your desk top. Smile again. :)

Right click the folder and scroll down and click "Rename"

Name the folder EXACTLY as you did before. (In the example#2 above SCANS) Make sure the folder name is the same.

Click on the desktop in an open area, not on another icon.

Now right click on the new folder (SCANS) you just renamed.

Scroll down and click on Sharing and Security

Scans (your folder name) Properties window will open

Check- Share this folder on the network.

Check- Allow network users to change my files (only if you want to let other make changes)

Click "Apply"

Click OK

Now look on your desktop and you will see your folder has a little 'hand' under it. This is your sign it is shared on the network.

Click "Start" and roll your mouse over 'My Computer' and right click "Properties"

Make sure the computer name is the same name as you listed on the HP L7680 EWS (embedded web server) in the "Network Path". For example "Laptop"

Click on "Start" "Control Panel" and open the control panel.

Click on and open "Printers and Faxes"

Click on the HP L7680 Series and make it the default printer. You will know it is the default by the check mark just above it.

Right click on the default printer HP L7680 and scroll down to "Properties" and open (click)

HP Office Jet Pro L7680 window will open.

Click on the "Sharing" tab.

Make sure "Share this Printer" is checked.

Click on "Ports" tab

Click "Add a Port"

A printer port window will open

Scroll over and high-lite "HP Standard TCP/IP Port"

Click "New Port"

Click "Next"

In the "Printer Name or IP Address" enter the new IP address you retrieved off of your HP L7680 from the digital screen. Make sure it is the exact same. One digit off and your toast.

Smile again :) :)

In the "Port Name" it should auto fill for you.
IP_you.rIP.Num.ber (except it will be your real IP number)

A "Port Wizard Window" will open.

Make sure 'Standard' is checked

Make sure "HP Jet Direct" is in 'box'

Click "NEXT"

A new window will open "Completing the Add port..."


Verify the IP # is the same as the one you retrieved from your HP L7680 earlier. I know it is repetitive but if I had done this before I would not have had the problems and you would not be reading this.

Click "Finish"

You will be back at the "Add a Port" window.

Make sure the port you just added is high-lighted and click "Configure"

Verify the IP number again is the same as the one you retrieved from your HP L7680.

Click "close"

Close "Printers and Faxes"

Now you should be back at your desk top.

On your HP L7680 push the "Direct Digital Dialing" button

You will have a list of the Shared folders you entered into the EWS (embedded web server)

Use the arrow key to scroll to "SCANS"

Put the document you wish to scan directly into the 'SCANS' folder in the Auto Document Feeder, or raise the top and lay it on the screen. (If yours does not have the Auto doc feeder)

Push "Start Scan"

:) Smile :) Jump out of your seat, yell yeppadedoda!!!!! :) :)

Now this is the important part.

Take your right hand and reach around as far as you can over your left shoulder and pat yourself on the back.

I have no idea why HP can not put this info on their website so it is easy to find or to follow. The above information took me four days 14 to 16 hours a day to figure out on my own.

I really do hope you find this information useful.




This post has been edited by 4RE KLR:

Edited by 4RE KLR, 08 September 2009 - 07:16 AM.

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I am so happy I took the time to put all this information here.

I just had to read my own notes to remember how to do this.

It worked great.

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