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CPU usage 100% but avast finds nothing

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For a while now, my computer's CPU usage will spike to 100% and then stay there. My only options are to close everything down and wait for it to settle down or to restart the computer. I find it happens almost exclusively when Firefox is running and usually when something else is on in the background (VLC player, etc). I have Malwarebytes and avast and they haven't found anything malicious. Any help with figuring out if it IS a wily bug of some sort...or if there's just some software conflict/driver problem would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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Right click on the clock and select Task Manager. Now select the Processes tab. Now click on Show Processes from All Users. Click twice on the CPU column header. You should see the top CPU users at the top of the list. If not click on CPU again. What are the top 5 when CPU usage is at 100%? What % does each of the top 5 use. (Approximately)

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