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Easy transfer / Outlook contacts problem

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Hello -
I moved from Outlook 2007 on my old computer, to a new computer and Outlook 2010. I used Easy Transfer and an external harddrive to port to the new machine.
It's all working great except in Outlook - when I start a new email and click the To: box, there are no contacts. But if I click on the contact icon on the bottom left, all of my contacts are there. I tried working with "Just Answer" from the Microsoft site ... that didn't work out well. SInce then I've repaired Outlook and exported and imported everthing in .pst format (not using Easy Transfer), and still the problem persists.

I don't know what to do now. Should I reinstall Outlook?

Thank you for your help!
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Anyone? Please? I'm clueless how things work in Outlook. Even if you can't answer this specifically, maybe you can help me get Outlook back to the way it was before "Just Answer" got involved....
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I don't have Outlook 2010, but I found this after a little research. I'm not sure it will work, but it's worth a shot.

Right click on the Contacts folder, go to Properties then the Outlook Address Book. There should be an option to enable "Show this folder as e-mail Address Book".

Let me know how you make out. If it doesn't work, I'll do a little more research for you and hopefully we can get your problem solved.
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Thank you for trying to help!

I did try the properties - and now I've tried it again. Both times the "Show this..." is grayed out.

Below I have pasted the entire session with Just Answer, and what we tried, as an FYI.


I have outlook 2010. I imported info from another computer, outlook 2007 I believe. I am not able to access my contacts when composing an email.
Please help - I am marginally technical and have ahd no luck yet. Thank you.

Ryan B. : Hello and welcome to JustAnswer~! My name is Ryan and I would like to assist you with your question.

Ryan B. : Do you get an error when trying to access your contacts?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : No, just a blank dialog box.

Ryan B. : How are you trying to get to your contacts. Do you open a new message and then click on TO: and it opens a blank box?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : Exactly.

Ryan B. :

1.On the Tools menu, click E-mail Accounts.

2.Select View or change existing directories or address books, then click Next.

This will display if the Microsoft Outlook Address Book (Address Book: The collection of address books that you can use to store names, e-mail addresses, fax numbers, and distribution lists. The Address Book may contain a Global Address List, an Outlook Address Book, and a Personal Address Book.) is added. Do one of the following:

[IMAGE][SRC][/SRC][ALT][/ALT][WIDTH]100[/WIDTH][HEIGHT]100[/HEIGHT][STYLE][/STYLE][/IMAGE]The Outlook Address Book is listed.

1.On the Go menu, click Folder List.

2.Right-click your contact folders, click Properties, and then click the Outlook Address Book tab.

3.Make sure Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book is selected.

[IMAGE][SRC][/SRC][ALT][/ALT][WIDTH]100[/WIDTH][HEIGHT]100[/HEIGHT][STYLE][/STYLE][/IMAGE]The Outlook Address Book is not listed.

1.Click Add, select Additional Address Books, and then click Next.

2.From the list, select Outlook Address Book, then click Next.

3.You must restart Outlook to complete this change.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : Where is add?

Ryan B. : Sorry, that is bad looking instructions cuz the links didn't come out right

Ryan B. : try following these ones

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : BTW, I know I have done this before but for you, I'll try it again. :D

Ryan B. :

1.On the Tools menu, click E-mail Accounts.

2.Select View or change existing directories or address books, then click Next.

This will display if the Microsoft Outlook Address Book is added. Do one of the following:

•The Outlook Address Book is listed

1.On the Go menu, click Folder List.

2.Right-click your contact folders, click Properties, and then click the Outlook Address Book tab.

3.Make sure Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book is selected.

•The Address Book Is Not Listed

Ryan B. :

1.Click Add, select Additional Address Books, and then click Next.

2.From the list, select Outlook Address Book, then click Next.

3.You must restart Outlook to complete this change.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : Tools in Outlook 2010? I don't find it.

Ryan B. : sorry

Ryan B. : for outlook 2010 I believe it's : File-> section Info-> button Account Settings-> Account Settings

Ryan B. : once the account settings window is open then double click on your account in the box or click on it then click change under the tabs

Ryan B. : wait sorry no

Ryan B. : from the account settings window click on the address book tab

Ryan B. : This will display if the Microsoft Outlook Address Book is added

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : There is no address book there. When I double click on "Outlook Address Book" there is nothing there.

Ryan B. : ok

Ryan B. :

1.Click the File menu.

2.Click Open, and then click Import. The Import and Export Wizard opens.

3.Click Import from another program or file, and then click Next.

4.Click Personal Address Book, and then click Next.

5.Click Browse, locate the Personal Address Book that you want to import, and then click OK.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : Any idea where to look for it?

Ryan B. : Should be in the original location from where you imported the stuff from outlook 07

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : Am I looking for a .pst file?

Ryan B. : probably not

Ryan B. : it may be .csv

Ryan B. : depends on what format you exported it in from outlook 2007?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : Not a .csv. What else could it be?

Ryan B. : what do you have?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : Not there. I still have access to my old computer. How should I export my contacts?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : I have .pst files

Ryan B. : do you have a flash drive?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : Yes

Ryan B. : File and then Import and Export.

Full Size Image

From the list, choose Export to a file and then click Next.

Full Size Image

From the list, choose Person Folder file (.pst). I prefer to export it out as a PST file so that it can easily be imported into another Outlook, even of a different version.

Full Size Image

Now you’ll get a list of all of your folders, including the Inbox, Calendar, RSS feeds, etc. Click on Contacts since we want to export Outlook contacts only. If you have created other contact folders inside the main contact folder, be sure to check off the Include subfolders box.

Full Size Image

Click Next and then choose the location for your backup file(flash drive). Make sure to browse to some other location as Microsoft defaults to a hidden folder. Click Finish and you’re done!

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : I have not yet been able to access my old computer to try this.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : But here is a question - I can see all my contacts in Outlook, it's just that when I compose an email they aren't available in the TO: box in the email.

Ryan B. : Alright, thanks

Ryan B. : let me check something

Ryan B. :

1.Select the Contacts folder, and then click the Folder tab in the Ribbon.

2.Click the Folder Properties tab in the Ribbon.

3.On the Outlook Address Book tab, click to select the Show this folder as an e-mail address book check box, type a descriptive name, and then click OK.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : I don't find an Outlook address book tab?

Ryan B. : may depend on the route you are trying to get to it, try this way

File-> section Info-> button Account Settings-> Account Settings…-> tab Address Books-> select: Outlook Address Book-> button Change…

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : OK, on the address book tab, I click 'change'. In the dialog box that pops up it says 'to designate a contacts folder as ..." and then there is an area for a list. I have nothing in the list.

Ryan B. : is there an add button or a place for you to type?

Ryan B. : or maybe you shouldn't have went all the way to button change go back a step. From the tab address books do you see show this folder as an email address book?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : on the address book tab there is listed an "outlook address book" under name and "MAPI" under type

Ryan B. : ok, that doesn't seem like the right spot

Ryan B. : Please close out of that then click on address book at the top right from the home tab

Ryan B. : then when the address book opens then click on tools at the top then options

Ryan B. : then let me know whats selected there

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : The button Start with contact folders is selected. But there is nothing listed in the box where it looks like there should be an address book.

Ryan B. : ok, I believe that explains it

Ryan B. : what happens when you click on add?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : add is not there but not available.

Ryan B. : alright

Ryan B. : close out of that windows

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : it is dull. nothing happens when I click on it.

Ryan B. : if you go back to the home tab what happens if you right click on contacts

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : like on the bottom on the left?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : I get a boatload of contact lists.

Ryan B. : yes, do you have anything that says properties?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : right click I get open in a new window or naviagation pane options

Ryan B. : and your right clicking on contacts on the left, correct?

Ryan B. : you don't get an option to click properties

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : under the home tab, contacts shows up on the bottom left or on the ribbon under find. neither one has a properties option.

Ryan B. : ok

Ryan B. : just a moment

Ryan B. : ok, my mistake i'm sorry been a long day

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : np

Ryan B. : left click on contacts then when the contacts window opens look at the left side and you should have a contact name

Ryan B. : it may say suggested contacts of just contacts, right click on that and then click on properties

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : yup. got properties for each of the 13 contact groups listed.

Ryan B. : alright

Ryan B. : now do you have a outlook address book tab?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : where would it be?

Ryan B. : it would be a tab in the properties window

Ryan B. : would look like this

Full Size Image

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : yes

Ryan B. : ok, click on that and then make sure that their is a check next to show this folder as an email address book

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : show this folder is faded. can't click it.

Ryan B. : ok

Ryan B. : If this is grayed out...

File-> section Info-> button Account Settings-> Account Settings…-> tab Address Books-. Is the Outlook Address Book present? If it isn't listed, add it and close and restart Outlook. If it is listed, then remove it and close then restart Outlook and repeat these steps to add it.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : remove is grayed out.

Ryan B. : Did you click on the address book in the white box, you have to click on it for the remove button to become active

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : nope, sorry. did not work. I click on the 'Outlook address book' and remove is still not available.

Ryan B. : when you click on outlook address book does it highlight

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : yes

Ryan B. : hm..is their anything else listed their besides outlook address book?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : nope

Ryan B. : wait, I just remembered.

Ryan B. : In Outlook 2007 and 2010, the address book service isn't removable. You need to either remove your account and re-create it or make a new profile.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : ?

Ryan B. : In many cases its better to make a new profile because a missing address book service means the profile is corrupt. This is especially true if you used Windows Easy Transfer to move the profile from one computer to another. Taking the time to make a new profile now may save you a lot of time in the future.

Go to Account settings, Email tab and select the account. Click Remove. Click Add and recreate the account.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : I did use easy transfer. ok. working on it.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : deleted both accounts. now recreating the first.

Ryan B. : alright sounds great, keep me posted

Ryan B. : hows it going?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : done - successful. now i have each email twice on the left

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : new one is downloading 560 messages!

Ryan B. : Explain, what do you mean you have each email twice on the left?

Ryan B. : like all the emails in your inbox are duplicates?

Ryan B. : or you have 2 inboxes?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : the originals are there, and the new ones are too.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : When i deleted the accounts the emails stayed there.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : I have two inboxes.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : four actually

Ryan B. : wow

Ryan B. : and you should have 1, right?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : i should have one for each account, so two.

Ryan B. : ok, so if you go file, info, account settings > account settings button> then listed under email how many accounts are there?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : two. each has a (1) after - no doubt because it is a duplicate name.

Ryan B. : what kind of account do you have setup, is it an Imap?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : yes. imap/smtp

Ryan B. : Did you just setup an Imap account or did you setup a pop account also?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : it decided for me.

Ryan B. : If you go into account settings and click on the data file tab how many data files are listed?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : 7

Ryan B. : do any of them look identical?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : yes, two for each account, then one as 'outlook', one as 'outlook data file-' and one as 'personal folders'.

Ryan B. : alright

Ryan B. :

1.Close Outlook: First close Outlook and make sure there are no Outlook processes running.

2.Backup PST File: Now backup the PST file that was opened twice within Outlook. The default location of PST files on Windows 7 is listed below. C:\Users\WINDOWS-USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

3.Launch Mail Profile: Open the Windows 7 Control Panel by clicking on the Start Menu and selecting Control Panel from the pop up menu. Once the Control Panel is opened double click on the Mail icon to launch the Mail Profile Settings window as shown below.

Full Size Image

Mail Profile Data Files: Click the Data Files button to open the list of Data Files associated with the mail profile which will open a Account Settings window similar to the one displayed below.

Full Size Image

1.Remove Similar Data File: Select the duplicate data file that is the same and click the Remove button located above the data files list. It should be noted that initially this was marked as my default data file and it would not let me remove it. Once I set the default file to one of my POP accounts I was able to remove the second instance of the data file.

2.Start Outlook: Now start Outlook and verify that there is only one instance of the data file in question open.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : looks like four of them are in my documents folder and the new ones are in appdata/local/microsoft/outlook/"email address"

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : ok

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : i'm confused. what about the ones that are under documents?

Ryan B. : one thing at a time

Ryan B. : lets first open the mail applet and click the data files button and see if we can remove the similar ones there

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : so when i go to the appdata etc folder, i have three folders for each email. and an outlook.pst.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : i'm afraid to delete any folder. i afraid to lose any emails.

Ryan B. : Did you backup the pst like in my directions? If so then Select the duplicate data file that is the same and click the Remove button located above the data files list. I

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : and to backup - just make a duplicate?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : not yet. how do i backup? make a dup?

Ryan B. : kinda like a duplicate I guess, your copying the pst and moving it to like your desktop or another folder then if something gets messed up you can simply move the copy back

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : ok, i'll do that.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : doesn't let me delete - says it's the default.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : So what should i do?

Ryan B. : It should be noted that initially it may be marked as your default data file and it may not let you remove it. You may need to open outlook back up and create a POP account and mark it as your default. Then you'll be able to remove the second instance of the data files

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : so how do i do that?

Ryan B. : open outlook, go to file, info, account>account settings button. Click to new to add an email and just set something up randomly put like test @ test.com ect.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : hmmm. it wants an incoming mail server, outgoing mail server, password

Ryan B. : yup

Ryan B. : just put mail.test.com then outgoing do smtp.test.com

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : it test the account settings then fails

Ryan B. : ya you don't need to test the account settings.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : never mind. i unclicked test.

Ryan B. : just click to set the account up anyway

Ryan B. : :-)

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : done

Ryan B. : ok.

Ryan B. : now close outlook and go back into the mail applet and the data files and remove the duplicates

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : i did that but my new 'test' email is not the default. should i change it?

Ryan B. : yes

Ryan B. : it has to be default for this to work

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : it says - cannot delete this ... configuration information in the file is being copied to your new default file. you can delete the file after this information is copied.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : it has said that for a while now.

Ryan B. : which one is it your trying to delete?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : the one that was there when we started it all - the one that is located in my documents folder

Ryan B. : could you tell me the name of it

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : [email protected] located in c:\users\cheryl\documents\outlook files\[email protected]

Ryan B. : Alright thank you

Ryan B. : what are the locations of the other ones?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : the ones in my documents i deleted. saved the new ones in appdata. it just won't let me deleted the former default cheromy in the documents folder.

Ryan B. : so you have deleted all except the one?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : kindof. there is still the cheromy in appdata.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : and the other email in appdata. personal folders and the test account

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : that is default

Ryan B. : ok, have all the duplicates from appdata been removed?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : there were no appdata dups

Ryan B. : ok, just my doc dups

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : yes

Ryan B. : ok

Ryan B. : with the ones you have deleted so far go ahead and open outlook and see if anything has changed

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : nope. seems like all the same stuff is there. and i cannot get any addresses when i click the "to" box in a new email

Ryan B. : If you go back into contacts and right click on the contacts and go into properties then click on outlook addresses tab can you check that box now?

Ryan B. : also after you re-added the accounts did you readd the address book?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : does not let me check the box. grayed out. i don't think i readded the address book.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : how do i readd the address book?

Ryan B. : from account settings go to the address book tab

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : doesn't let me

Ryan B. : something still seems like it's corrupted or something

Ryan B. : My next suggestion would be to rename the pst file like pst.bak or pst.old and create a new pst and see if that works

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : after i rename how should i create a new pst?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : when i go to appdata ... there are still 3 outlook data files listed for each account.

Ryan B. : 1. Open Outlook.

2. Go to the Ribbon and select the Home tab.

3. In the New section, select New Items.

4. When the menu appears, select More Items followed by Outlook data file.

5.When the Create or Open Outlook Data File window appears, browse to the location where the file is to be located. Go to the File name textbox and input the desired name for the file. If you wish to add a password to the file, check the Add Optional Password checkbox.

6. Click the OK button.

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : it should be located in appdata?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : ok, done.

Ryan B. : ok, so you renamed all the pst's(data files) and added a new one

Ryan B. : how how many accounts are showing?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : in outlook when i open it?

Ryan B. : yea

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : one test, two cheromys and one for the other email. also 'my outlook data file' (the one i just created and peronal folders.

Ryan B. : if you renamed them then they shouldn't be listed.

Ryan B. : Does it give the location to each one there?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : how do i find that again?

Ryan B. : should be on the data files tab

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : ??? sorry where?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : got it never mind.

Ryan B. : no problem

Ryan B. : alright once there and you have the file locations then go to each one and rename it to whatever.bak or .old..all except the new one

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : ok

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : ok so i renamed anything that was created before.

Ryan B. : ok now if you open outlook do you still have 4 inboxes?

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : one test, two cheromy, one ather email acct. yes

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : omg. i clicked on cheromy (1) and it downloaded the 560 emails again.

Ryan B. : That is not making any sense to me.

Ryan B. : yea because the data file was renamed so it doesn't know basically that them were downloaded so it's doing it again.

Ryan B. : I think i'm going to have to opt-out and forward your question to another expert to get their ideas

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : ok. thank you for trying!

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : I will check back. it is past my bedtime. :D

JACUSTOMER-5uuq2dvj- : Hello. Is there an expert who will help me?
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To be honest, I really didn't read that entire thing. I'm just crunched for time today. I found this with a quick search posted by Brian Tillman (MVP-Outlook).

Windows Easy Transfer will always damage your mail profile and you should not use it for Outlook data. You need to create a new mail profile and make your existing PST the default data store. Your Contacts folder will then show in the Address Book view.

This link is later in the thread where you'll find instructions on how to create a new profile and choose your default data source. Depending on what you did with the person from JustAnswer, you might run into problems. That's why it's difficult when you have multiple people helping with the same problem in two different places on the web. No one knows what anyone else is doing. :D

Let me know if that works.

Edited by Spyderturbo007, 08 April 2011 - 12:35 PM.

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Thank you.
BTW, I turned to Geeks to help me fix what Just Answer couldn't ... so I wasn't asking two places simultaneously anyway.
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Nope, I still have no contacts in the To: box when I compose an email.
Followed all the steps per the "make a new profile" at http://www.outlook-t...007_profile.htm
and I still cannot access my contacts.

Maybe I need to uninstall outlook and start over? I have a ton of folders and rules set up, so I would want to be sure this is the only way to be able to access contacts.
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I'm stumped on this one. Unfortunately I'm not an Outlook expert, nor do I have any experience with Outlook 2010. I was just trying to assist as I didn't see you receiving any help.

Let me do some more research and see what I can find. Hopefully someone else will stop by and be able to assist.
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I found this website: http://www.officefor...sol.htm#scanpst
And scanned all my outlook files. Didn't work.

So I uninstalled and reinstalled outlook, and started over. Ported my old emails over again but this time not using Easy Transfer.
It works! Still had about 600 emails at my isp so those came in fine. I'm missing a couple months of emails in the middle between when I moved to the new machine and what was still at my ISP. That is less important than having my contacts.

Thank you for trying.

I think the moral of the story is that Easy Transfer corrupted my Outlook profile, so best not to use it to transfer Outlook.
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Excellent! I'm glad you were able to get things straightened out and thank you for posting the resolution to your problem. I'm sure it will help someone in the future. :D
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