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Web site build - Automated operation

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Hi all,
I would like some advice on setting up a website, Its basically for bike owners to register there bike with web site, I would like it to be fully automated with my bank where they pay a yearly subscription and if they decide to un-sub subscribe then the difference will be taken out of my account and refunded automatically, I want the site to also keep an eye on owners who are near to the end of their yearly subscription so when it does come to it say a month or 2 weeks an automated reminder will be sent to them.
Upon registering I would like people to enter details of their bike like bike number/model/colour and for it to have drop down menus to select what type of bike it is ie. Push bike or 3-wheeler etc. upon choosing from the drop down menu it will alphabetically or numerically sort the details to its own specific area of the site for people to view i.e. 3-wheeler section.

Can anyone recommend a good and easy program to use to build the site? (I am a novice)

Thanks, Richard.
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