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I really messed up - It's all GONE

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:tazz: I really messed up. I had this thing called p2p-worm.alcan and it kept coming back and disabling my antivirus. So me, miss smarty pants thought I could fix it myself and went into safemode and started deleting things. Imagine my surprise when I rebooted and EVERYTHING is gone. Like a brand new computer. All my saved emails, IEfavorties, ebooks(pdf files), word perfect/excel documents.......

I am going to have a heart attack. System restore doesn't work.

I saved everything I deleted in the recycle bin - and it's still there.

Is there any way I can get this back? Is there any hope to recover any of it?
Isn't it somewhere on the hard drive?
What happened? I'm such a loser!!!!
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Hello and welcome to Geeks to Go! :tazz: I'm kool808

If you want to restore what you have deleted from the recycle bin, just right-click the icon recycle bin then select explore, select the file/s you want to restore then click RESTORE.

You need to read and install the files HERE.
Follow the recommended configurations,settings and updates for each applications.

RUN in the following order in Safe Mode:
1. Run Ad-Aware
2. Run CWShredder
3. Run Spybot S&D
4. Run CleanUp at least twice

Even the best antispyware programs are only able to remove about 70% of infections. Also, the line between spyware and trojans is getting blurred. You can never be too careful with these, I recommend at least one online scan.

Now, REBOOT in Normal Mode and have an On-line scan at this sites: Trend Micro or Panda Scan.

REBOOT again.
Then we'll need you to use a free diagnostic tool (HiJackThis) and post a log as a new topic in the HijackThis Forum. It will get a better response there from the people most qualified to analyze logs.

Most of what it lists will be harmless or even essential, DO NOT delete or modify anything yet! Someone will be along to tell you what steps to take after you post the contents of the scan results.

Edited by kool808, 01 June 2005 - 06:46 AM.

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Hi kool - thank you for trying to help my sorry arse. I'm not sure if it is safe to restore the stuff in the recycle bin - this is what's in there:

0.LOG (zero KB)
atmoUn.exe (40 KB)
Ehome (folder & contents - 4KB)
eSellerateEngine.dll (344 KB)
IINSTALL.EXE-1ff4000F.pf (32 KB) ---**I know this is bad**
jestertb.dll (24 KB)
ModemLog_Intel® 537EP V9x DF PCI Modem.txt (40 KB)
Prefetch (folder & contents - 5,612 KB)
Prefetch (folder & contents - 2,732 KB)
QTfont.qfn (56 KB)
setupapi.log (540 KB)
wmsetup.log (68 KB)

Should I restore any of these listed above?

I already have hijackthis on my computer and I used it and I kept getting a registry thingy 01 for a proxy something to change something with my internet. It kept coming back. There was a p2pnetworking.exe on my task manager processes that also kept coming back after I deleted it. My McAfee anti-virus & Ad-Aware didn't pick them up & I found out they were disabled. McAfee is still disabled even though I've changed the settings back to normal.

Anyhoo - something weird is happening: I went into C:\Documents and Settings and there are 2 folders with my name on it. I clicked on them and one of them has all my beloved stuff in it!!!! 14,741 files / 14GB of data. ;)

I tried to logoff and switch users but it doesn't give me that option. How do I get my old user thingy back? :tazz:

I wonder which downloaded program gave me this mess. It is my own fault for goofing around with things I don't know about.

I only have Ad-Aware & HijackThis installed so I am going to start downloading the other stuff you recommended.
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Just FYI - my old folder is named: Myfirstname Mylastname and this new folder is named: Myfirstname Mylastname.COMPUTERNAME

All of my normal windows settings are under the first (old) folder but I am unable to "switch users" .

The new folder is like being on a brand new computer. Everything is gone.

I can access the files in my old folder - but I can't get my email.
I have about 1000 emails that are saved in Outlook Express under the other (original) "user" folder.

This is driving me nuts!!!! :tazz:

Patiently waiting for your divine guidance.........
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Right clivk MY COMPUTER, choose properties, choose COMPUTER NAME

Does this tab look familiar? What is under computer name and workgroup/domain?

I wonder if you did something in here earlier.


if not, I don't think I would mess with trying to revive the old profile, but instead move everything you need from the old profile to the one you are using now.

To do that, close everything


Now, double click the LOCAL DRIVE and navigte to c:\documents and settings\Myfirstname.Mylastname and double click this folder so you can see


Now, open MY COMPUTER and navigte to c:\documents and settings\Myfirstname.Mylastname.COMPUTERNAME


Drag the following folders from left to right, saying yes to overwriting existing files and folders.

Now, double click DESKTOP in the right window, and double click DESKTOP in the left window. Move everything from the left folder to the right.

Move up one directory so you are back to c:\documents and settings\firstname.lastname and c:\documents and settings\firstname.lastname.computername

now, in the left window, navigate to the following:

C:\Documents and Settings\firstname.lastname\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{very long ugly alphanumeric string}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

now, in the right window, navigate to the following:
C:\Documents and Settings\firstname.lastname\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{very long ugly alphanumeric string, but DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHER WINDOW}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

Move all the DBX files from the left to the right.

That restores all your email

Now, one last thing--navigate both left and right windows back to
\documents and settings\firstname.lastname and c:\documents and settings\firstname.lastname.computername (respectively)

In the left window, navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\firstname.lastname\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book

in the right window, navitate to C:\Documents and Settings\firstname.lastname.computername\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book

Move the file ?????.wab from left to right.

Close everything

You should be more or less back to where you were. Leave the old profile

C:\Documents and Settings\firstname.lastname

alone for a month. If nothing seems to be amiss, you cna throw it away then.
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Oh!!! It worked IT WORKED!!! :)

Thank you thank you thank you.

Gerryf, mesa owes you a life debt. ;)


Now I have an other problem I want to fix - do I have to make a new topic?

It's about my McAfee antivirus, they little "M" icon in the taskbar is black & disabled. I'm gonna try to mess around with it - but if anyone knows what's wrong I'd be eternally grateful.

I wonder if it was that bit torrent I downloaded that messed me up so bad. Or mIRC? I also download primedius, zilla and some other proxy stuff - but I deteled ALL of that. :tazz:

Oh, well.

Thans again Gerryf - you are my hero!!! ;)
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I'll be an "one post member"...i've been searching for "jestertb.dll" on the internet and I saw this blue page which looks fine.I found the same sh**ty files on my hdd.edit:Don't worry I don't think they're malware or abusing programs.

First of all try to update your anti-virus.I never used mcaffee but my AVG turns grey when it needs to be updated or it could be deflected by any other 3rd party program you can try to reinstall and try to scan your computer again but I dont recommend it.If somebody cracked your program they can crush it down again.
I'm scanning my computer with AVG now i hope it will find something real bad so i can shred or remove them. :whistling:

AVG is always good and balanced and do not cost much effort for your machine at all.I just install "Kaspersky Internet Security 2006 Beta" when situation calls for it.
get this address and click the big red "Download" button.ok?
Kaspersky have a stealth mode and anti-hacker but just check the "Self-Protection" when installing or it could slow down your computer.and it's not uncrackable at all if you're infected kaspersky will be cracked in 2 days after you install -tried-.

get tune-up on the official site:
get and buy.It's HIGHLY recommended and saves you often more than other anti-viruses.Download it now it have 30 days trial free.edit:it have a junk&registry cleaner and a registry defragger too...

And a control center
This program is hard to use but mostly effective for taking your computer's control back.

After all Ad-aware and Spybot S&D are great programs.

These programs will save your computer's hdd.especially you'll love the shredder of tune-up 2006
If they're not enough?
Well let's see...
Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete at the same time and call the processions windows(sorry im using windows at another language(Turkish) ill try to help as i can and tried to translate them please read and take me serious.) take a look at the processes list and search them at google, -just search suspicious names.it could take 1 or 1 and a half hour.If you found it -edit:firstly try to close them from this window- Start>Run...(this "speedy" windows picture) then type:"msconfig" now Config windows will be opened on your desktop click the "start" or "beginning" subtitle(the last one) did you see the malware name?disable it then click on "apply".if you want to sure search these names too on google search engine(trust one name while searching this malware types it's:"Symantec Software").edit:then right click "my computer" and shut down system restore(beware it could mess if system gives a fatal error!!my opinion dont leave your computer at this status until you get DF.dont have DF or you think you can't use it?dont do that it could be very risky.) restart normal mode and scan.
Now restart and run your computer at the safe mode and now run Spybot S&D,Tune-up,AVG or Kaspersky it will be protect your computer most of times.edit:And you can shred this files with tune-up for sure if you know the location.
edit:I know I forgot something I forgot to mention the "Regedit" on the Start>Run... again write "regedit" now click the "File..." section you can load or save your registry entries from here if you really messed up but please do that after a clean format create a directory then name these files by the date like "140505" last recorded registry entry save after last format if you really messed up and afraid of lose everything just backup like this every program install repeat this thing.so registries are stay safely.and install Spybot S&D from:
it have a fire wall too(named Tea-Timer) like kaspersky but 2 firewalls are too much disable one if you want both program.and you can download Ad-Aware from there it has been listed.

and most viruses sectioned in "Temporary Internet Files" and "Temp" folder and as a third choice "C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistrubution\EventCache" take a look at it edit:im using XP professional.sometimes there are *.tmp files which is a malware.remove all .tmp files from there.

Now the important rule:Get 1 anti-virus on your machine at the same time if you installed 2 or more disable them from the msconfig>beginning (or start).edit:they will slow down your computer norton especially acts like you're under a heavy trojan attack...
Second important rule:download a "Deepfreeze" AFTER a format learn how to use it.ask on a net cafe most great net cafes using that program.edit: http://www.inndir.co...am.php?id=20847
there you go but please SCAN THE SETUP FILE BEFORE INSTALL PROCESS.it have 60 days trial...
If you cant use deepfreeze never try to install it so you can get a 2nd format for uninstall it.edit:if you cant "thaw" deep freeze you cant make any changes on hdd.All computer will restore as you push reset button.edit:press the ctrl+alt+shift+F6 buttons for calling the thaw menu so that's why i want to ask someone.and use basic pass or do not use it.
Third important rule:if you have SP 2 you must met your connection dialer to the firewall.i have no more english to told you that i dont want to be fun...do it from the "windows security" thing.

OK?I hope this all helped and I have bad grammar I know...
Not to see you again...edit:It's done by now...some fixes...i hope you liked it DT and danielle...

Edited by karakoncolos, 14 June 2006 - 07:48 AM.

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