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Word 2007 InlineShapes, trouble setting picture border

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Hi there,

I'm having trouble understanding how to select a picture within the row of a table so that I can apply an outline. My vba code initially moves to a bookmark in the table and then inserts a picture as an InlineShape. It does this multiple times. Ideally, at the point of insertion, I'd like to set the outline. I have tried to apply the outline by looping through InlineShapes after the document is created but any picture sitting in a table is ignored and the outline is applied at row/cell level instead. Inline pictures outside the table have the outline applied.

Picture added when insertion point at beginning of row:

Selection.InlineShapes.AddPicture(FileName:=sPictureFolder & strCurrentFile)

InlineShapes loop:

For iCount = 1 To ActiveDocument.InlineShapes.Count
With ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(iCount)
With .Line
.DashStyle = msoLineSolid
.Weight = 2
End With
End With

Thanks in advance

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