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Yesterday I visited Facebook and clicked on picture I wanted to see. It asked if I wanted to share with friends. I didn't want to so I closed it down. Later I received a email from two other friends with the same picture asking me to open it and look at it. I went to their page to find that they posted warnings stating they did not send the message to all their friends and it is spam or some type of virus. I never checked into it. I assumed since I never shared the picture I was safe.
Then suddenly (I work from home) I was unable to access our remote server "remotecc.pressganey.com" I rebooted, restored to an earlier date and rebooted. Then I was unable to load Yahoo or connect to webmail.pressganey.com (our email). The address line - http:... where you key in the address for site you want to visit, would stay at the previous address, while the new tab would be what I just keyed in. I almost could not open this website.
Under tools, I went to trusted sites.. I found https://talisma_url$ as a trusted site. I removed it and put in remotecc.pressganey.com. This fixed nothing.
I googled talisma... and came up with questions concerning if it were a bug. But could not open the links.
I am not sure if it is the talisma thing that causes my computer to remain so slow or to not visit sites or open sites or webmail or gain access to
the company I work for but it has caused me great stress. Please help if you can.
P.S., I never upgraded my anti-virus software which is also giving me issues it keeps popping up "Dell DataSafe Local Backup"
Thanks - Jasmine
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