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Asus laptop won't boot?

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Cara Varela

Cara Varela

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Need help please! My laptop is an Asus G50V, and I am stuck on the black screen for "windows error." It has the options like start windows normally, start in safe mode, etc., but whatever I choose it just ends up back on that screen. I have the Windows recovery disc, but am afraid to use it because I don't want to lose all my data. Do I have any options? I have a TON of pictures saved that I would be really upset to lose.
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Hi Cara Varela
Got to ask this, have you tried pressing the Fn and F7 keys at the same time in case the LCD screen has been turned off? If so see below;
If you have access to another computer with a burner or a memory stick you can try using Puppy Linux to retrieve your data http://www.geekstogo...over-your-data/ you may need to change your boot sequence in the BIOS first Dependant on how it is presently set up, press Esc on boot up to enter the BIOS etc let us know if you need help with this.
Do you have the operating system on a separate partition on the HDD?
If you do it is possible to replace only the OS and no data using your recovery CD, I suggest however using Puppy Linux first to secure your data to prevent any mishaps.
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