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Internet Connection Problem

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I have a weird question that hopefully someone can answer. I have a dell studio laptop with wireless internet, which is through cox. Everytime I use my PS3 for netflix and attempt to get on the internet with my dell, I am constantly disconnected from the internet either via my computer, netflix, or both. It takes forever to reconnect and my computer always resets my wireless network adapter several times before reconnecting. Sometimes I am not able to use netflix and my computer at the same time for internet purposes. Other times, my computer will not connect even if I'm not using netflix on my ps3. Again, when it's just my computer alone that is not connecting without using my ps3 it resets my wireless network adapter several times before connecting. At times I am not able to connect for several hours. Other people I know have cox and do not experience this problem during times when I am. I am wondering if it is my router that is the problem, it is a d-link I bought about 5-6 years ago or if there is another underlying problem. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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I'd say it's almost certainly your router. First check D-link's site for a firmware update. If no luck there, it's probably time to consider an upgrade anyway. A favorite of mine is the D-link DIR-655.
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