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This was the one and only time you offered an apology, not several times as you claimed.

This is the last time I will respond to this.

This was the first apology:

First, let me apologize. Our mission here is to help people...

This was the second apology:

...So I'm sorry, again, but you did abandon that topic.

This was apology number three:

...I'm sorry that you think I was wagging my finger. I was just trying to give you some information. Most people appreciate that...

Where I come from the word several means three or more. So I have apologized several times. But let me apologize one last time.

Fourth apology:
I'm sorry that you can't count. And I'm sorry that you don't know the meaning of several.

And trust me, a lot of the other staff members have been tracking this topic. From the responses I have seen they know what is happening here. And the chances of them assisting you are slim and none...and slim just left town.

So if you want to continue please run the fix I posted and the additional scans. If you post anything other than the logs I have asked for numerous times I will assume that you don't require any further assistance and the topic will be closed.
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With respect Vandax, we have a logical framework here to work to which ensures we cover every area when we help remove an infection and godawgs is simply following it.

Again, with respect:

"Would you post the OTL fixes log? And the original OTL.txt log and Extras.txt log."

No where in that does it say a thing about copy/paste... instead, it asks me to get you the information, which I did.

We do actually request that you paste your logs as, for obvious reasons, we're not keen on downloading files unless we have to. Before you open a request for help you get this message asking you to help us by doing a few things first off

Malware Removal Forum Rules
IMPORTANT! Please follow the steps in our Malware and Spyware Cleaning Guide, before starting a new topic.

If you click on the included link, it explains what to do and how to post logs.

Any other helper will make the same request and godawgs is happy to continue to give his time to help you, so I don't see an issue.
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I don't wish to appear as if we're piling on here, but I would like to clarify something. All of our helpers prepare and use canned speeches - it's even part of our training. We all have to post the same instructions repeatedly, for each user we help. Not only is it a time saver, it also ensures that the instructions are consistent and correct. Because we deal with many different levels of users, from novices to experts, the speeches are written with the most amount of detail, in order to ensure that anyone can follow them. Godawgs did not prepare his posts simply to bait you or imply that you were incapable of understanding; it's the same post he uses for everyone he helps. If another helper were to step in, you'd get very similar canned speeches, telling you what to do. You can choose to be offended because the speeches were written with novice users in mind, and you don't feel you're at that level, or you could recognize that you are being provided free help, and accept it gracefully. Godawgs has indicated he is willing to continue working with you, and I assure you that he is quite capable and will stick with you until your computer is clean, and isn't that your ultimate goal?

Thank you for choosing Geeks to Go!, and I hope that we can continue assisting you with your issue.
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To both Azarl and Sari,

I do appreciate that help is here, and that it is free. It's because I the previous two encounters I've had with this site, was the reason I've came back here for a third time. If you want, feel free to review both of those exchanges, and you'll see that the coordinator and I had great communication. While I do understand the format of using canned responses, the things said, I felt were direct insults, and were not in the 'canned' format of standardized instructions and responses.

Let's look at one of godawg's most recent responses.
"Fourth apology:
I'm sorry that you can't count. And I'm sorry that you don't know the meaning of several."

Does this look like an attempt to de-escalate a situation, or does it seem indicative of creating more hostility? My real request, was that I be put in contact with someone new to assist me, and at every turn, I've been chastised, berated, and basically told to 'like it or else'. Yet, somehow, after these meaningless apologies, which are always followed up with some sort of antagonizing comment, I'm supposed to accept that godawg is 'Happy to assist me'?!?

This is my 3rd time back to this site. Until just recently, I thought it was great, your people here have been knowledgeable, courteous, and I understood that they deal with people with various levels of computer experience. Godawg, just carried this a bit too far in my opinion. I didn't like how I was being spoken to, (and again, this was outside of the canned responses. I felt it was a deliberate measure of telling me the same instruction four times, when once was sufficient. He/she, claims that I abandoned my first post, which was really the second time I was here, and I explained that after reformatting, when I came back to post my follow-up, the thread had been locked up. I didn't see a point of wasting anyone's time or effort to unlock it, just to give my results. But godawg, for whatever reason, wants to twist that into something bad... an incident which happened over 7 months ago.

It might have been easier for me to work with this person, had that not chosen to elevate the issues more than they did. Yes, I realize they are volunteers here, and I do appreciate that people take time out of their day, to help people with computer issues. However, instead of bowing out, asking for someone else to take over, they refused my request, claiming that my 'rudeness' was going to be cast at someone else. Again, review both of my previous encounters, to see if that's in my past that I would be rude to anyone that wasn't rude to me first. You won't see it, because I've been very pleased with my dealings in the past, despite any computer frustrations, I never took them out on any volunteer that assisted me.

So this notion that someone would be "Happy to assist" and yet says things like: "And trust me, a lot of the other staff members have been tracking this topic. From the responses I have seen they know what is happening here. And the chances of them assisting you are slim and none...and slim just left town." Does that really seem like this person wants to help me, or has just told me that I have no option EXCEPT to deal with them and them alone.

I attempted to quote and explain the various things that I didn't appreciate in their tone. I didn't come to this site to badger anyone. As I said before, I came here, because of the positive interactions I've had in the past. "Arestocrat Strikes again" was my second post, not my first as godawg claims. But once he/she gets something in their head, then that's the only way they care to perceive it. Each time, claiming that they've been 'friendly and courteous', and in the very next sentence attempt to berate me.

Since my only option for this website, is to deal with someone that in my opinion, has been rude, hateful, and belittling; then the only thing I can do is close this topic off. I will attempt to resolve my issues on my own, and I'll pray that I never have to come back to this site again, despite the previous two times that our discussions were productive. Godawg has indicated to me, that he/she has had dialog conflicts in the past. I'm not going to cast blame, because I don't know the extent of those exchanges. But based on my previous discussions, coupled with my simple desire to resolve a computer issue, it's not likely that I came here just to hassle a volunteer.

Edited by Vandax, 20 January 2014 - 09:53 AM.

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Just to clarify a couple of points since other users will read this.
You are the second person that I have had an issue with in over a year and a half. That's a LOT of members who haven't had any problems and two (2) who have. That would suggest that I am not the problem.

And the reason that I haven't been willing to ask someone else to take over is twofold:
1. You came here asking for our free help, as one of our Administrators pointed out. You don't get to do that and then demand who will provide the help and how that help will be provided. If you want that you will need to take the computer to a local repair shop and pay for that.
2. If I had believed that asking someone else to take over would have resolved the issue I would have done so. Sadly, I truly believe that asking another colleague to take over would have only transferred your issues with me onto them because, as you have been told by a Moderator and an Administrator, another helper would ask for the same things and post virtually the same instructions.

But we'll do it your way. This topic is closed.
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