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Really bad memory leak problem

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So I have a newish build (some of my parts were used, but some were new), and I recently just installed Windows 7 (not planning on upgrading to Windows 10 until support ends) but I didn't format the disk (I used my old disk but I didn't want to delete my files).


This problem just happened very recently. I noticed that my computer performed horribly. I could barely use MS Word along with Google Chrome. I checked Task Manager a couple of times and the memory usage was extremely high yet the CPU usage was low.. I think the worst one was almost 100% usage even though it just booted up with the bare minimum programs (the only startup programs I had were Avast and Geforce Experience). At first, I thought my RAM was the source of the problem so I tried memtest. No errors, my RAM was fine. I then thought that Google Chrome was the problem so I tried to reinstall it. Nothing changed.


I'm sure that this is a symptom of memory leak, but I have no idea on how to fix this problem. Help?


By the way, here's a short list of my specs:


CPU: Intel i3 2600

GPU: GTX 1050

RAM: 2x 2GB DDR3 1337MhZ

Motherboard: Asus P8H61-M LE

HDD: Western Digital 2 TB (Green)



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Get Process Explorer


Save it to your desktop then run it (Vista or Win7+ - right click and Run As Administrator).  

View, Select Column, check Verified Signer, OK
Options, Verify Image Signatures

Click twice on the CPU column header  to sort things by CPU usage with the big hitters at the top.  

Wait a full minute then:

File, Save As, Save.  Note the file name.   Open the file  on your desktop and copy and paste the text to a reply.

Copy the next 2 lines:

TASKLIST /SVC  > \junk.txt
notepad \junk.txt

Open an Elevated Command Prompt:
Win 7: Start, All Programs, Accessories then right click on Command Prompt and Run as Administrator
Win 8: http://www.eightforu...indows-8-a.html
win 10: http://www.howtogeek...-in-windows-10/

Right click and Paste (or Edit then Paste) and the copied lines should appear.
Hit Enter if notepad does not open.  Copy and paste the text from notepad into a reply.

Get the free version of Speccy:


(Look in the upper right for the Download
Latest Version button  - Do NOT press the large Start Download button on the upper left!)  
Download, Save and Install it.  Tell it you do not need CCLEANER.    Run Speccy.  When it finishes (the little icon in the bottom left will stop moving),
File, Save as Text File,  (to your desktop) note the name it gives. OK.  Open the file in notepad and delete the line that gives the serial number of your Operating System.  
(It will be near the top,  10-20  lines down.) Save the file.  Attach the file to your next post.  Attaching the log is the best option as it is too big for the forum.  Attaching is a multi step process.

First click on More Reply Options
Then scroll down to where you see
Choose File and click on it.  Point it at the file and hit Open.
Now click on Attach this file.


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Okay, now I'm confused. For some reason my memory usage went down from almost 99% to a little less than 50% as I was doing your instructions?


EDIT: Never mind, the memory usage spiked up again. It would spike up to almost 99%, then it would lower down back to 50% in minutes. Then after a while it spikes up again. Then it repeats. And I was barely running any memory-heavy tasks.


Anyways, here are the text that I copied:


System Idle Processes:


Process CPU Private Bytes Working Set PID Description Company Name Verified Signer
System Idle Process 88.76 0 K 24 K 0
procexp64.exe 6.91 28,452 K 48,300 K 6304 Sysinternals Process Explorer Sysinternals - www.sysinternals.com
aswidsagent.exe 0.90 21,384 K 16,156 K 3012 Avast Behavior Shield AVAST Software
dllhost.exe 0.68 2,516 K 5,976 K 4584 COM Surrogate Microsoft Corporation
Interrupts 0.61 0 K 0 K n/a Hardware Interrupts and DPCs
dwm.exe 0.57 54,052 K 23,864 K 3544 Desktop Window Manager Microsoft Corporation
AvastUI.exe 0.42 24,624 K 36,980 K 3928 Avast Antivirus AVAST Software
NVIDIA Share.exe 0.24 17,908 K 15,240 K 4700 NVIDIA Share NVIDIA Corporation
csrss.exe 0.22 2,580 K 3,556 K 564 Client Server Runtime Process Microsoft Corporation
lsass.exe 0.14 5,244 K 5,752 K 660 Local Security Authority Process Microsoft Corporation
System 0.13 160 K 332 K 4
svchost.exe 0.07 4,064 K 4,036 K 908 Host Process for Windows Services Microsoft Corporation
svchost.exe 0.06 4,812 K 3,576 K 772 Host Process for Windows Services Microsoft Corporation
AvastSvc.exe 0.05 106,228 K 41,672 K 1376 Avast Service AVAST Software
NVIDIA Share.exe 0.05 46,092 K 22,256 K 5856 NVIDIA Share NVIDIA Corporation
explorer.exe 0.05 35,876 K 43,388 K 3456 Windows Explorer Microsoft Corporation
nvsphelper64.exe 0.04 3,176 K 1,204 K 4780 NVIDIA ShadowPlay Helper NVIDIA Corporation
svchost.exe 0.03 190,952 K 181,984 K 340 Host Process for Windows Services Microsoft Corporation
nvcontainer.exe 0.03 10,840 K 5,368 K 1940 NVIDIA Container NVIDIA Corporation
nvcontainer.exe 0.01 13,004 K 1,956 K 2100 NVIDIA Container NVIDIA Corporation
csrss.exe 0.01 2,496 K 2,196 K 496 Client Server Runtime Process Microsoft Corporation
TrustedInstaller.exe < 0.01 5,188 K 8,284 K 5560 Windows Modules Installer Microsoft Corporation
svchost.exe < 0.01 33,132 K 36,840 K 620 Host Process for Windows Services Microsoft Corporation
taskhost.exe < 0.01 8,524 K 5,016 K 1332 Host Process for Windows Tasks Microsoft Corporation
NVIDIA Share.exe < 0.01 36,948 K 2,284 K 5724 NVIDIA Share NVIDIA Corporation
chrome.exe < 0.01 75,164 K 125,636 K 3996 Google Chrome Google LLC
NVIDIA Web Helper.exe < 0.01 27,464 K 11,908 K 4648 NVIDIA Web Helper Service Node.js
chrome.exe < 0.01 26,012 K 45,256 K 1128 Google Chrome Google LLC
svchost.exe < 0.01 9,340 K 5,368 K 1116 Host Process for Windows Services Microsoft Corporation
svchost.exe < 0.01 10,888 K 6,752 K 4160 Host Process for Windows Services Microsoft Corporation
SearchIndexer.exe < 0.01 19,860 K 8,612 K 3428 Microsoft Windows Search Indexer Microsoft Corporation
NVDisplay.Container.exe < 0.01 28,080 K 9,604 K 1304 NVIDIA Container NVIDIA Corporation
NvTelemetryContainer.exe < 0.01 6,400 K 2,532 K 2020 NVIDIA Container NVIDIA Corporation
svchost.exe < 0.01 14,880 K 7,240 K 1244 Host Process for Windows Services Microsoft Corporation
svchost.exe < 0.01 7,732 K 5,572 K 3948 Host Process for Windows Services Microsoft Corporation
wmpnetwk.exe 11,840 K 11,124 K 2384 Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service Microsoft Corporation
WmiPrvSE.exe 17,740 K 21,876 K 5812 WMI Provider Host Microsoft Corporation
winlogon.exe 3,364 K 1,768 K 608 Windows Logon Application Microsoft Corporation
wininit.exe 1,672 K 480 K 536 Windows Start-Up Application Microsoft Corporation
unsecapp.exe 1,852 K 1,576 K 3660 Sink to receive asynchronous callbacks for WMI client application Microsoft Corporation
taskeng.exe 2,068 K 2,400 K 1696 Task Scheduler Engine Microsoft Corporation
svchost.exe 20,116 K 10,180 K 1004 Host Process for Windows Services Microsoft Corporation
svchost.exe 15,040 K 8,032 K 1816 Host Process for Windows Services Microsoft Corporation
spoolsv.exe 6,488 K 2,320 K 1748 Spooler SubSystem App Microsoft Corporation
smss.exe 556 K 500 K 316 Windows Session Manager Microsoft Corporation
services.exe 6,616 K 4,580 K 636 Services and Controller app Microsoft Corporation
rundll32.exe 1,968 K 1,000 K 2232 Windows host process (Rundll32) Microsoft Corporation
RtkNGUI64.exe 13,456 K 1,624 K 1640 Realtek HD Audio Manager Realtek Semiconductor
procexp.exe 2,720 K 7,220 K 2116 Sysinternals Process Explorer Sysinternals - www.sysinternals.com
NVDisplay.Container.exe 5,324 K 3,760 K 856 NVIDIA Container NVIDIA Corporation
nvcontainer.exe 34,200 K 17,048 K 1788 NVIDIA Container NVIDIA Corporation
lsm.exe 2,864 K 1,916 K 672 Local Session Manager Service Microsoft Corporation
GoogleUpdate.exe 2,224 K 904 K 3752 Google Installer Google LLC
GoogleCrashHandler64.exe 1,840 K 620 K 3932 Google Crash Handler Google LLC
GoogleCrashHandler.exe 1,720 K 744 K 1828 Google Crash Handler Google LLC
DTShellHlp.exe 5,052 K 4,384 K 3608 DAEMON Tools Shell Extensions Helper Disc Soft Ltd
conhost.exe 1,572 K 808 K 4668 Console Window Host Microsoft Corporation
chrome.exe 50,816 K 99,844 K 5360 Google Chrome Google LLC
chrome.exe 16,860 K 32,072 K 5392 Google Chrome Google LLC
chrome.exe 23,196 K 38,836 K 4372 Google Chrome Google LLC
chrome.exe 63,452 K 60,400 K 5300 Google Chrome Google LLC
chrome.exe 14,204 K 22,080 K 6756 Google Chrome Google LLC
chrome.exe 29,820 K 57,108 K 5408 Google Chrome Google LLC
chrome.exe 34,356 K 49,312 K 4992 Google Chrome Google LLC
chrome.exe 21,788 K 38,332 K 4756 Google Chrome Google LLC
chrome.exe 2,836 K 6,380 K 5296 Google Chrome Google LLC
chrome.exe 2,996 K 6,988 K 5680 Google Chrome Google LLC
audiodg.exe 18,432 K 17,928 K 6100 Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation Microsoft Corporation
aswEngSrv.exe 25,292 K 40,196 K 2292 Antivirus engine server AVAST Software
Image Name                     PID Services                                    
========================= ======== ============================================
System Idle Process              0 N/A                                         
System                           4 N/A                                         
smss.exe                       316 N/A                                         
csrss.exe                      496 N/A                                         
wininit.exe                    536 N/A                                         
csrss.exe                      564 N/A                                         
winlogon.exe                   608 N/A                                         
services.exe                   636 N/A                                         
lsass.exe                      660 KeyIso, SamSs                               
lsm.exe                        672 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                    772 DcomLaunch, PlugPlay, Power                 
NVDisplay.Container.exe        856 NVDisplay.ContainerLocalSystem              
svchost.exe                    908 RpcEptMapper, RpcSs                         
svchost.exe                   1004 AudioSrv, Dhcp, eventlog,                   
                                   HomeGroupProvider, lmhosts, wscsvc          
svchost.exe                    340 AudioEndpointBuilder, CscService, hidserv,  
                                   HomeGroupListener, Netman, PcaSvc, SysMain, 
                                   TrkWks, UxSms, WdiSystemHost, wudfsvc       
svchost.exe                    620 AeLookupSvc, Appinfo, BITS, Browser, gpsvc, 
                                   iphlpsvc, LanmanServer, MMCSS, ProfSvc,     
                                   Schedule, SENS, ShellHWDetection, Themes,   
                                   Winmgmt, wuauserv                           
svchost.exe                   1116 EventSystem, fdPHost, netprofm, nsi,        
                                   WdiServiceHost, WinHttpAutoProxySvc         
svchost.exe                   1244 CryptSvc, Dnscache, LanmanWorkstation,      
NVDisplay.Container.exe       1304 N/A                                         
AvastSvc.exe                  1376 avast! Antivirus                            
taskeng.exe                   1696 N/A                                         
spoolsv.exe                   1748 Spooler                                     
svchost.exe                   1816 BFE, DPS, MpsSvc                            
nvcontainer.exe               1940 NvContainerLocalSystem                      
NvTelemetryContainer.exe      2020 NvTelemetryContainer                        
rundll32.exe                  2232 N/A                                         
aswEngSrv.exe                 2292 N/A                                         
aswidsagent.exe               3012 aswbIDSAgent                                
unsecapp.exe                  3660 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   3948 FDResPub, FontCache, SSDPSRV, upnphost      
nvcontainer.exe               2100 N/A                                         
nvcontainer.exe               1788 N/A                                         
taskhost.exe                  1332 N/A                                         
dwm.exe                       3544 N/A                                         
GoogleUpdate.exe              3752 N/A                                         
explorer.exe                  3456 N/A                                         
GoogleCrashHandler.exe        1828 N/A                                         
RtkNGUI64.exe                 1640 N/A                                         
DTShellHlp.exe                3608 N/A                                         
GoogleCrashHandler64.exe      3932 N/A                                         
SearchIndexer.exe             3428 WSearch                                     
wmpnetwk.exe                  2384 WMPNetworkSvc                               
AvastUI.exe                   3928 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   4160 p2pimsvc, p2psvc, PNRPsvc                   
NVIDIA Web Helper.exe         4648 N/A                                         
conhost.exe                   4668 N/A                                         
nvsphelper64.exe              4780 N/A                                         
NVIDIA Share.exe              4700 N/A                                         
TrustedInstaller.exe          5560 TrustedInstaller                            
NVIDIA Share.exe              5724 N/A                                         
NVIDIA Share.exe              5856 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    3996 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    5296 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    5680 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    5408 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    5392 N/A                                         
WmiPrvSE.exe                  5812 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    5300 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    4992 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    5360 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    4756 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    1128 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    4372 N/A                                         
audiodg.exe                   6100 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    6756 N/A                                         
SearchProtocolHost.exe        2528 N/A                                         
SearchFilterHost.exe          4708 N/A                                         
WmiPrvSE.exe                  6016 N/A                                         
cmd.exe                       4076 N/A                                         
conhost.exe                   3944 N/A                                         
tasklist.exe                  5188 N/A                                         


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