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Slow computer with high pings.

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Your system appears to be suitable for handling real-time audio and other tasks without dropouts. 
LatencyMon has been analyzing your system for  0:00:20  (h:mm:ss) on all processors.
Computer name:                                        AT
OS version:                                           Windows 10 , 10.0, build: 19041 (x64)
Hardware:                                             ASRock, H110M-HDV
CPU:                                                  GenuineIntel Intel® Core™ i3-6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz
Logical processors:                                   4
Processor groups:                                     1
RAM:                                                  8154 MB total
Reported CPU speed:                                   3696 MHz
Note: reported execution times may be calculated based on a fixed reported CPU speed. Disable variable speed settings like Intel Speed Step and AMD Cool N Quiet in the BIOS setup for more accurate results.
WARNING: the CPU speed that was measured is only a fraction of the CPU speed reported. Your CPUs may be throttled back due to variable speed settings and thermal issues. It is suggested that you run a utility which reports your actual CPU frequency and temperature. 
The interrupt to process latency reflects the measured interval that a usermode process needed to respond to a hardware request from the moment the interrupt service routine started execution. This includes the scheduling and execution of a DPC routine, the signaling of an event and the waking up of a usermode thread from an idle wait state in response to that event.
Highest measured interrupt to process latency (µs):   91.70
Average measured interrupt to process latency (µs):   3.354841
Highest measured interrupt to DPC latency (µs):       82.40
Average measured interrupt to DPC latency (µs):       0.867996
Interrupt service routines are routines installed by the OS and device drivers that execute in response to a hardware interrupt signal.
Highest ISR routine execution time (µs):              88.048160
Driver with highest ISR routine execution time:       dxgkrnl.sys - DirectX Graphics Kernel, Microsoft Corporation
Highest reported total ISR routine time (%):          0.050348
Driver with highest ISR total time:                   dxgkrnl.sys - DirectX Graphics Kernel, Microsoft Corporation
Total time spent in ISRs (%)                          0.061042
ISR count (execution time <250 µs):                   2875
ISR count (execution time 250-500 µs):                0
ISR count (execution time 500-999 µs):                0
ISR count (execution time 1000-1999 µs):              0
ISR count (execution time 2000-3999 µs):              0
ISR count (execution time >=4000 µs):                 0
DPC routines are part of the interrupt servicing dispatch mechanism and disable the possibility for a process to utilize the CPU while it is interrupted until the DPC has finished execution.
Highest DPC routine execution time (µs):              329.662879
Driver with highest DPC routine execution time:       nvlddmkm.sys - NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 391.35 , NVIDIA Corporation
Highest reported total DPC routine time (%):          0.029799
Driver with highest DPC total execution time:         nvlddmkm.sys - NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 391.35 , NVIDIA Corporation
Total time spent in DPCs (%)                          0.065403
DPC count (execution time <250 µs):                   10459
DPC count (execution time 250-500 µs):                0
DPC count (execution time 500-999 µs):                9
DPC count (execution time 1000-1999 µs):              0
DPC count (execution time 2000-3999 µs):              0
DPC count (execution time >=4000 µs):                 0
Hard pagefaults are events that get triggered by making use of virtual memory that is not resident in RAM but backed by a memory mapped file on disk. The process of resolving the hard pagefault requires reading in the memory from disk while the process is interrupted and blocked from execution.
Process with highest pagefault count:                 none
Total number of hard pagefaults                       0
Hard pagefault count of hardest hit process:          0
Number of processes hit:                              0
CPU 0 Interrupt cycle time (s):                       0.132121
CPU 0 ISR highest execution time (µs):                88.048160
CPU 0 ISR total execution time (s):                   0.049174
CPU 0 ISR count:                                      2873
CPU 0 DPC highest execution time (µs):                329.662879
CPU 0 DPC total execution time (s):                   0.052101
CPU 0 DPC count:                                      10316
CPU 1 Interrupt cycle time (s):                       0.033074
CPU 1 ISR highest execution time (µs):                0.723485
CPU 1 ISR total execution time (s):                   0.000001
CPU 1 ISR count:                                      2
CPU 1 DPC highest execution time (µs):                23.700758
CPU 1 DPC total execution time (s):                   0.000354
CPU 1 DPC count:                                      128
CPU 2 Interrupt cycle time (s):                       0.012228
CPU 2 ISR highest execution time (µs):                0.0
CPU 2 ISR total execution time (s):                   0.0
CPU 2 ISR count:                                      0
CPU 2 DPC highest execution time (µs):                44.137987
CPU 2 DPC total execution time (s):                   0.000234
CPU 2 DPC count:                                      24
CPU 3 Interrupt cycle time (s):                       0.018109
CPU 3 ISR highest execution time (µs):                0.0
CPU 3 ISR total execution time (s):                   0.0
CPU 3 ISR count:                                      0
CPU 3 DPC highest execution time (µs):                0.0
CPU 3 DPC total execution time (s):                   0.0
CPU 3 DPC count:                                      0

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processes and drivers .literally zero (i checked windows update-it was paused somehow,i guess it was the avast thingy,also,i disabled the sysmain)


Attached Thumbnails

  • processes.png
  • drivers.png

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Image Name                     PID Services                                    
========================= ======== ============================================
System Idle Process              0 N/A                                         
System                           4 N/A                                         
Registry                       100 N/A                                         
smss.exe                       560 N/A                                         
csrss.exe                      760 N/A                                         
csrss.exe                      852 N/A                                         
wininit.exe                    872 N/A                                         
winlogon.exe                   956 N/A                                         
services.exe                   996 N/A                                         
lsass.exe                     1008 KeyIso, SamSs, VaultSvc                     
svchost.exe                   1032 PlugPlay                                    
svchost.exe                   1052 BrokerInfrastructure, DcomLaunch, Power,    
fontdrvhost.exe               1072 N/A                                         
fontdrvhost.exe               1080 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   1164 RpcEptMapper, RpcSs                         
svchost.exe                   1220 LSM                                         
dwm.exe                       1288 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   1420 NcbService                                  
svchost.exe                   1484 TimeBrokerSvc                               
svchost.exe                   1504 CoreMessagingRegistrar                      
svchost.exe                   1584 SEMgrSvc                                    
svchost.exe                   1608 hidserv                                     
svchost.exe                   1616 EventSystem                                 
svchost.exe                   1776 ProfSvc                                     
svchost.exe                   1784 SENS                                        
svchost.exe                   1920 EventLog                                    
PresentationFontCache.exe     1948 FontCache3.0.0.0                            
svchost.exe                   1972 UserManager                                 
svchost.exe                   1992 Schedule                                    
svchost.exe                   1004 DispBrokerDesktopSvc                        
svchost.exe                   1276 nsi                                         
WUDFHost.exe                  1532 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   2060 Dhcp                                        
svchost.exe                   2156 NlaSvc                                      
NVDisplay.Container.exe       2380 NVDisplay.ContainerLocalSystem              
svchost.exe                   2432 netprofm                                    
svchost.exe                   2512 SysMain                                     
svchost.exe                   2520 Themes                                      
Memory Compression            2560 N/A                                         
NVDisplay.Container.exe       2632 N/A                                         
wsc_proxy.exe                 2652 AvastWscReporter                            
svchost.exe                   2812 WinHttpAutoProxySvc                         
svchost.exe                   2884 Dnscache                                    
svchost.exe                   1268 FontCache                                   
svchost.exe                   3096 AudioEndpointBuilder                        
svchost.exe                   3152 Audiosrv                                    
svchost.exe                   3244 StateRepository                             
svchost.exe                   3304 Wcmsvc                                      
svchost.exe                   3312 DusmSvc                                     
svchost.exe                   3396 ShellHWDetection                            
AvastSvc.exe                  3516 avast! Antivirus                            
spoolsv.exe                   3772 Spooler                                     
svchost.exe                   3808 BFE, mpssvc                                 
svchost.exe                   3856 LanmanWorkstation                           
nvcontainer.exe               3968 NvContainerLocalSystem                      
OneApp.IGCC.WinService.ex     3976 igccservice                                 
ICEsoundService64.exe         3984 ICEsoundService                             
armsvc.exe                    3992 AdobeARMservice                             
svchost.exe                   4000 CryptSvc                                    
PnkBstrA.exe                  4008 PnkBstrA                                    
svchost.exe                   4016 Winmgmt                                     
svchost.exe                   4024 DPS                                         
svchost.exe                   4040 SstpSvc                                     
svchost.exe                   4088 TrkWks                                      
svchost.exe                   3292 W32Time                                     
svchost.exe                   3388 WpnService                                  
svchost.exe                   2996 iphlpsvc                                    
svchost.exe                    696 WdiServiceHost                              
svchost.exe                   4248 LanmanServer                                
svchost.exe                   4344 RasMan                                      
rundll32.exe                  4568 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   4860 lfsvc                                       
svchost.exe                   3948 RmSvc                                       
svchost.exe                   5188 NgcSvc                                      
svchost.exe                   5220 NgcCtnrSvc                                  
nvcontainer.exe               5388 N/A                                         
sihost.exe                    5416 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   5444 CDPUserSvc_5143a                            
taskhostw.exe                 5588 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   5688 TabletInputService                          
ctfmon.exe                    5736 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   5876 TokenBroker                                 
explorer.exe                  6056 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   6088 CDPSvc                                      
SearchIndexer.exe             6396 WSearch                                     
StartMenuExperienceHost.e     6652 N/A                                         
RuntimeBroker.exe             7108 N/A                                         
SearchApp.exe                 6704 N/A                                         
RuntimeBroker.exe             7064 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   3328 LicenseManager                              
YourPhone.exe                 7284 N/A                                         
TextInputHost.exe             7536 N/A                                         
RuntimeBroker.exe             7696 N/A                                         
RuntimeBroker.exe             7956 N/A                                         
AvastUI.exe                   5168 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   2444 SSDPSRV                                     
svchost.exe                   3164 cbdhsvc_5143a                               
dllhost.exe                   7616 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   8808 Appinfo                                     
aswEngSrv.exe                 5672 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   7100 wscsvc                                      
aswidsagent.exe               2960 aswbIDSAgent                                
unsecapp.exe                  7880 N/A                                         
IAStorDataMgrSvc.exe          7244 IAStorDataMgrSvc                            
YourPhoneServer.exe           7240 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   8696 OneSyncSvc_5143a,                           
                                   UnistoreSvc_5143a, UserDataSvc_5143a        
SecurityHealthService.exe     4500 SecurityHealthService                       
AvastUI.exe                   8756 N/A                                         
SgrmBroker.exe                1304 SgrmBroker                                  
svchost.exe                   4496 StorSvc                                     
NVIDIA Web Helper.exe         9176 N/A                                         
conhost.exe                   3344 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   8752 UsoSvc                                      
IGCC.exe                      1632 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   2756 PcaSvc                                      
ShellExperienceHost.exe       9140 N/A                                         
RuntimeBroker.exe             9796 N/A                                         
ApplicationFrameHost.exe      8428 N/A                                         
WinStore.App.exe              9480 N/A                                         
RuntimeBroker.exe             8612 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                  10004 InstallService                              
SettingSyncHost.exe           1392 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   2808 DsSvc                                       
svchost.exe                   3444 QWAVE                                       
svchost.exe                   7784 BthAvctpSvc                                 
svchost.exe                   3372 WpnUserService_5143a                        
smartscreen.exe               4276 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   9916 wuauserv                                    
svchost.exe                   7408 WdiSystemHost                               
SystemSettings.exe            6004 N/A                                         
commsapps.exe                10880 N/A                                         
RuntimeBroker.exe             7576 N/A                                         
HxTsr.exe                     9828 N/A                                         
LatMon.exe                    8464 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    8204 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    7016 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    5180 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    7280 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    2852 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    8396 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    7388 N/A                                         
svchost.exe                   5908 DeviceAssociationService                    
SearchProtocolHost.exe        6156 N/A                                         
SearchFilterHost.exe          6076 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                   10940 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    8108 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    8888 N/A                                         
chrome.exe                    5200 N/A                                         
audiodg.exe                   7316 N/A                                         
cmd.exe                       6956 N/A                                         
conhost.exe                   7368 N/A                                         
tasklist.exe                  4484 N/A                                         
WmiPrvSE.exe                  4996 N/A                                         

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Your PC looks better than mine now.  This is my drivers page:


Annotation 2020-08-20 072950.jpg


I think things are about as good as we can get it.  Time to clean up:


Time to clean up:
If we used FRST to clean your PC:

right click on FRST.exe or FRST64.exe (whichever you used) and rename it to uninstall.exe.  Then right click on uninstall.exe and Run as Admin.

If we installed Speccy it needs to be uninstalled.  Process Explorer, VEW, AdwCleaner, JRT  and their logs and Speccy's log can just be deleted.

Also make sure you have the latest versions of any adobe.com products you use like Shockwave, Flash or Acrobat.  Flash is now the most malware targeted program so it must be kept up to date.  Be careful with Adobe.  They are fond of offering optional downloads like yahoo or Ask toolbars or that worthless McAfee Security Scan.  Go slow and uncheck the optional stuff.

Whether you use adobe reader, acrobat or fox-it to read pdf files you need to disable Javascript in the program.  There is an exploit out there now that can use it to get on your PC.  For Adobe Reader:  Start, All Programs, Adobe Reader, Edit, Preferences, Click on Javascript in the left column and uncheck Enable Acrobat Javascript.  OK Close program.  It's the same for Foxit reader except you uncheck Enable Javascript Actions.

If you use Chrome/Firefox/Edge then get the Ublock Origin extension.  For IE go to adblockplus.org  and get the program.
If Chrome/Firefox is slow loading make sure it only has the current Java add-on.  Then download and run Speedy Fox.
http://www.crystalidea.com/speedyfox. Close Chrome/Firefox/Skpe. Hit Optimize.   You can run it any time that Chrome/Firefox seems slow starting..
(If it complains about Chrome still running you can stop it with Task Manager or go into Chrome then go to:


Hit Advanced at the bottom of the page then scroll down to near the bottom where it says System.

Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed
to Off (slide the blue thing to the left and it turns brown)
Close Chrome.

If the browser is still slow then go in and disable all of your extensions, close the browser and Optimize with SpeedyFox then restart the browser.  If that helps then one or more of your extensions is at fault.  Go back in and turn them on one at a time and see if you can figure out which ones slow things down the most.

If you are a Facebook user get the FB Purity extension for your browser:
This will stop all of the suggested pages and ads so that Facebook loads much quicker.

Be warned:  If you use Limewire, utorrent or any of the other P2P programs you will probably be coming back to the Malware Removal forum.  If you must use P2P then submit any files you get to http://virustotal.combeforeyou open them.

Due to a recent rise in the number of Crytolocker infections I am now recommending you install:

It's currently a free version.

If you have a router, log on to it today and change the default password!  If using a Wireless router you really should be using encryption on the link.  Use the strongest (newest) encryption method that your router and PC wireless adapter support especially if you own a business.
If you don't know how, visit the router maker's website.  They all have detailed step by step instructions or a wizard you can download.

Special note on Java.  Old Java versions should be removed after first clearing the Java Cache by following the instructions in:
Then remove the old versions by going to Control Panel, Programs and Features and Uninstall all Java programs which are not the latest.  If in doubt uninstall all.  These may call themselves: Java Runtime, Runtime Environment, Runtime, JRE, Java Virtual Machine, Virtual Machine, Java VM, JVM, VM, J2RE, J2SE.  Get the latest version from Java.com.  They will usually attempt to foist some garbage like the Ask toolbar, Yahoo toolbar or McAfee Security Scan on you as part of the download.  Just uncheck the garbage before the download (or install) starts.  If you use a 64-bit browser and want the 64-bit version of Java you need to use it to visit java.com.
Due to multiple security problems with Java we are now recommending that it not be installed unless you absolutely know you need it.  IF that is the case then go to Control Panel, Java, Security and slide it up to the highest level.  OK.

If you are running Win 10 you probably want OpenShell:


  This program will make Win 10 act like Win 7 with the same controls you are used to.
Download Link:

Recommended software: (I'm not saying you should download these just that if you have a need for a new program these are safe and work)  
Compression:  7-zip.  Avoid WinRar and WinZip as the free versions have adware.
Video Player:  VLC  Unlike Windows Media Player it never seems to need extra files to work.
Office like free program:  Open Office: https://www.openoffice.org/download/
LibreOffice: https://www.libreoffice.org/
Free Anti-Virus:  Avast
Free Malware prevention:  MBAM: Free version at https://www.malwareb...m/mwb-download/
Can run with your anti-virus.
Paid Anti-Virus:  Kaspersky or BitDefender
Root Kit Detector:  MBAR: https://www.malwareb...om/antirootkit/
Process Explorer:  Show you what is running on the PC.  Like Task manager but better:  http://live.sysinter...com/procexp.exe
WhoCrashed: Why did your system crash?
Then click on Download free home edition
where it says:
WhoCrashed 5.51
Comprehensible crash dump analysis tool
for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2012/2008/2003 (x86 and x64)
System Health:
http://www.filehippo.com/download_speccy (Look in the upper right for the Download
Latest Version button  - Do NOT press the large Start Download button on the upper left!)  Decline CCleaner if offered.  Pay attention to SMART info on your hard drives and to temps.  If in doubt about temps try:
SpeedFan:  Try speedfan
Download, save and Install it (Win 7 or Vista right click and Run As Admin.) then run it.
Video Downloader Professional  To save online video.   This extension (available for Chrome or Firefox)  allows you to start a recording and then switch to a different window and record another video.
Download YouTube Videos:  4K Video Downloader (Separate Program) https://www.4kdownlo...videodownloader
You have to copy the URL then hit the + button on the program.  Then select quality. There is a license activate window but you just close it.

With Win 10 only there is a new Game recorder program.  It's supposed to only work for games but it works nicely to record any video you watch.  Hit the Win key + Alt + r to start the recorder.  The first time it asks you if it is looking at a game.  Just tell it yes.  After that it starts recording whenever you bring it up.  Videos are saved to the Captures folder under Videos.  You can only record what you watch so limited to only one video at a time.  Best to go to full screen before starting the recorder.

Advanced System Care
Spybot S&D
Any P2P software especially if it comes from Conduit.
Registry Cleaners
Driver updating software.
PC fixing or Speed up software.
Running more than one anti-virus.
Seagate hard drives.  If you have one it's going to fail on you so backup your data now!


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RKinner,Thank you so much!you are a true savior.

have a great day sir!

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