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Modem Problem

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I'm having a problem with a modem. Its connected properly, its recognized by the computer, in the device manager it says device is working properly but i'm not getting a dial tone. I've recreated the internet connection, checked it out but nothing work. The phone line works because when i plug it into the phone you hear the dial tone, but when I plug it into the modem, the modem dials the number but detects no dial tone. I had just installed windows on this computer. What do you guys think???
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Modem has no dial tone
28th Nov-2005

1st – Need more info on Modem :
1- Manufacturer
2- Model Number
3- Type – [Internal to Motherboard] – [PCI Card] – [External USB]
4- Com Port Connection
5- Is this Original or Replacement Modem
6- Do you have the [Modem Installation CD]

2nd – Open [Control Panel] – Click on [Phone & Modem] :
1- What is in [Dialing Rules] Tab
2- What is in [Modem] Tab
3- What is in [Advance] Tab

3rd – Verify that – [Phone IN] – [Phone OUT] – Jacks – are correctly made – either/both at [Modem] and at [Computer] – Also is there another Modem being replaced – That needs to be [Uninstalled] –

4th – You said that you just loaded [Windows] on this Computer – Does this mean Modem worked on this Computer with different OS – Is Modem compatible to/with [Windows]

5th – Reviewed your earlier Posts/Topics – What/how is this [Computer] & [Modem Issue] related to [Computer/s] with earlier Issues [??] – [USB Issue] – [Slow Computer] – [Hardware Problem] – [Boot Issue] –
[Just need to know if this is a [New Issue] or Remnants of an [Old Issue] -

6th – Is or was this Computer upgraded from Win 98 -

7th – Download the Free Home Edition of [EVEREST] & Attach the 4 Reports to next Post per following Instructions – http://www.lavalys.c...p?pid=1&lang=en

Run [EVEREST] & do the following steps to obtain 4 [REPORTS] – This is a good Tool/Application to Analyze your PC -

Report-1: [ernso705-CPU-1]

1 – Expand [COMPUTER] Folder
2 – Click on [SUMMARY] Folder
3 – On Main Menu – Click on [REPORT] >On pop down menu – Highlight [Quick Report-Summary] >Click on [HTML]
4 – Save to File as [ernso705-CPU-1] & attach to POST

Report –2: [ernso705-Mobo-1]

1 – Expand [MOTHERBOARD] Folder
2 – Click on [MOTHERBOARD] Folder (MAIN)
3 – Click [REPORT] >[Quick Report-Motherboard] > [HTML]
4 – Save to File as [ernso705 -Mobo-1] & attach to POST

Report –3: [ernso705-CPU-1]

1 – Expand [MOTHERBOARD] Folder
2 – Click on [CPU] SubFolder
3 – Click [REPORT] >[Quick Report-CPU] > [HTML]
4 – Save to File as [ernso705 -CPU-1] & attach to POST

Report –4 : [ernso705 -Devices-1]

1 – Expand [DEVICES] Folder
2 – Click on [DEVICES] Folder
3 – Click [REPORT]>[Quick Report-Devices]> [HTML]
4 – Save as File [ernso705-Devices-1] & attach to Post

Thanks -
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Many modems have two phone line connections, one to connect to the incoming phone line, the other to connect to a phone. If you modem has two connections, make sure that the line is in the correct one and then plug a phone in the other one and see if you get a dial tone.

When the modem dials, do you hear the tones? I assume you don't hear the dial tone, correct?

Try picking up a phone and then let the computer dial and see if you can hear anything on the phone, like the modem picking up the line, tones, etc.

You can use a program like hyperterminal to talk directly to the modem and see if it picks up the phone line (atdtNUMBER will dial a number, ath will hang up the phone, atm2 will turn on the speaker when dialing, but make sure that the volume is turned up).
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I have a lucent modem. It doesn't have two phone lines.
I actually had the modem working already. I had to re-install windows because something was wrong with the hard drive. I erased the hard drive and re-installed windows xp. The previous OS was XP and the modem was working fine then.
After I saw the problem, I tried re-installing windows again, by deleting the current OS and trying again, thinking it was probably something gone wrong in the installation.
The computer detects the modem, when I go to device manager, it says the device is working properly, when I plug the phone line into the telephone, I hear a dial tone. But when I plug it into the modem, i get nothing. I'm thinking its something within the computer that is not turned on.
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This might be a silly question, but are you sure that there is only one modem in the machine?

I can not think of anything which would not allow the modem to work if it sees it. It could be a problem with the connector to the modem, which would give the symptoms you mention.

Did you try picking up another phone on the line to see if you can hear if the modem is doing anything on the line?
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Yes, there's only one modem on the PC, and i've event tried moving it to another slot on the motherboard, but if the PC recognizes it, then the problem can't be with the slot.
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it still could be a problem within the modem

try opening up hyperterminal (start > programs > accessories > communications)

when you open the program..it will come up with a screen for youto name the connection....just name it something

on the next screen it will ask you for your country, area code and then the phone number you want to dial....under that your modem should be listed....enter all that info and make sure the modem is selected... then press ok..on the next screen..press the dial button....yo ushould hear the modem pick up the line through your computer speakers...in which case..you should also hear a dial tone...
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Modem has no dial tone-(2)
29th Nov-2005

Attach the [Everest Reports] – [Device Manager] may have installed Modem – but did Plug & Play give message – [New Device Installed Correctly] – Probably not -

What Com Port does [Device Manager] indicate is being used for Modem – You may have to Enable the COM Port in [BIOS] – Usually not all COM Ports are Enabled – [To conserve Computer Resources] for the [Automation Installation Process] of [Plug & Play]

Another factor is [Device Manager] does show everything - Do the following [Prep Procedure] to permit [Device Manager] to show [Non Present Devices] – You probably have Modem Installed – by [Device Manager] but in a [Not Present] Status – And Plug & Play did not have permission/Not Enabled to [Install] –

You have to [Uninstall] the Modem in [Device Manager] 1st – But to to this [Device Manager] must be able to display the [Non Present Instance] of the Modem- Then [PnP] will be [Enabled] to Install Modem –

All the [Installation/s] of OS & Modem & Reinstallation/s – [Overloading] – [Device Manager] and the [Installation Process] is Disabled –

Preparation Process for [DEVICE MANAGER] to View [Non Present Devices] – This is a 2 Step process that
needs to be done only once –

Step – 1 Set [Folder Options] to [Show Hidden Files & Folders]
Step – 2 Set [Device Manager] to [Show Non Present Devices]

Step – 1 Open [Control Panel] and set [Folder Options] to show [Hidden Files & Folders] – (1 time process)

(1) – Click [Start] Button
(2) – Scroll up to [SETTINGS] > Click on [CONTROL PANEL]
(3) – Open [Folder Options]
(4) – Click on [VIEW] Tab
(5) – Scroll down to [Hidden Files & Folders]
(6) – Click the [SHOW HIDDEN FILES & FOLDER] Option
(7) – Deselect OPTION – [Hide Protected OS Files – Recommended]
(8) – Click [OK]
(9) – Close [Control Panel]

Step – 2 Prep [DEVICE MANAGER] to view [Non Present Devices] –( 1 time process)

(1) – Right Click [MY COMPUTER] > Click [PROPERTIES] on Drop Down Menu –
(2) – Click [ADVANCED] Tab – (on System Properties)
(4) – Under [SYSTEM VARIABLES] Section – Click [NEW] Tab –
(5) – In [NAME] Section – Type – devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices
(6) – In [VALUE] Section – Type the number 1
(7) – Close out by Clicking [OK] Tabs – 3 Times – (3 levels/panels to close)
(8) – Click on [START] Button > Then click on [RUN] –
(9) – Type – devmgmt.msc – and then Click [OK] – This will open [DEVICE MANAGER]
(10)– Click [VIEW] on Menu > Click [Show Hidden Devices] on Pop Down Menu –
(11) – View [Hidden Devices] – Indicated by Faded Gray Print – (Close when completed) –
(12) – Restart Computer – (To ensure a good [Initial] beginning -

Now Open [Device Manager] in Normal manner & Set [VIEW] options to [SHOW HIDDEN DEVICES]

Standard Process to Open [DEVICE MANAGER] with [Show Hidden Devices] Option set -

(1) – Right Click [MY COMPUTER]
(2) – Browse down [Menu] to [Properties] > Double Click to Open Properties Page
(3) – Click on [HARDWARE] Tab
(4) – Click on [Device Manager] Tab
(5) – Click on [View} on Menu Bar
(6) – **Click on [Show Hidden Files]**
(7) – Expand Folders as reqyired
(8) – You need to double left click or right click each line to reveal additional info
(9) – [Non Present Devices] will be denoted by –(Light/faded gray print)

** Step 6 will have to be set to [Show Hidden Files] on each opening of [Device Manager] **

Now Browse [Device Manager] for [Modem] – [COM PORTS] – and see how many times Modem was attempted to Install -

PS- Attach the [Everest Reports] so I can see for myself - answers to my questions -

Thank you -
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Here are the files, attached.

Everything I've tried so far hasn't worked. I don't know what else to try.

Attached Files

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Modem has no dial tone –(3)
28th Nov-2005

From your Report – Your Motherboard Temp – is rather High – [87 °C] –Check your Chassis Fan for Connection & Proper Rotation – I would expect that PC should shut down if Motherboard was that hot –

Motherboard 87 °C (189 °F)
CPU 35 °C (95 °F)


Modem Looks like [Device Manager] has it installed – Not sure about Plug & Play – I have listed several things to try or verify –

(1)- Is there a Modem setup that needs to be [Ran] – That you can :
1- Select Option – [Wait for –[Dial Tone] – before Dialing ]–
2- Select [Com Port 1] or [Com Port 3]

(2)- Another thing to try :
1- Disconnect the phone line from Modem – while PC is Off –
2- Restart PC –
3- After Windows is loaded & started
4- Connect Phone Line to Modem –
5- See if Plug n Play detects – [New Hardware]

Device Description AT&T/Lucent LT WinModem
Bus Type PCI Bus /
Device / Function 1 / 10 / 0
Device ID 11C1-044C Subsystem
ID 11C1-044C
Device Class 0780 (Communications Controller)
Revision 02
Fast Back-to-Back Transactions Supported, Disabled
Device Features:
66 MHz Operation Not Supported
Bus Mastering Enabled

Device Properties:

Driver Description Lucent Win Modem
Driver Date 3/9/2000
Driver Version
Driver Provider Microsoft
INF File mdmlt3.inf
Hardware ID PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_044C&SUBSYS_044C11C1&REV_02
Location Information PCI bus 1, device 10, function 0
PCI Device AT&T/Lucent LT WinModem

Device Resources:

IRQ 22
Port FF00-FFFF


I am not sure about this entry – I would think IRQ 3 or IRQ 4 would have been selected by PnP – I did not see a PCI Motherboard Slot # identified in the Motherboard Report – Depends what slot it is in – as to what IRQ Resource & Port Resource is assigned –

Maybe PnP is not enabled in Bios -

(3)- Check your BIOS setting – That [Plug n Play] is [Enabled] or set for [AUTO Detect] – This would be in the
[PnP / PCI Configurations] section of BIOS

(4)- Also check [Integrated Peripherals] Section of Bios to:

1-[Enable] the [Onboard Serial Ports] Com1 & Com2

2- [Disable] the [AC97 Modem] – just by chance if Motherboard has an internal onboard modem – I could not find your Motherboard Model Number on Website – [Special Order] ?? - To verify – whether another Modem exists – or not

(5)- Did you Prepare [Device Manager] to show [Non Present Devices] – Make sure that you check [Show Hidden Devices] – whenever you open [Device Manager] – in order to see [Non Present Devices] after Prep Routine –

Post back if you see any [Faded/Muted Grey] Instances of Modem Entries – or Unknown Devices in PnP Items – Do not concern about [Non PnP] –


Edited by Jack123, 30 November 2005 - 11:46 PM.

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