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Best Tech of the Decade

With 2009 coming to a close this week, many blogs and tech sites are taking a look back at technology over the past decade. I’ve read several of these articles, and each one of them list Cloud computing in their top three. That doesn’t surprise me in any way… computing in the Cloud is a huge development, one that makes life a lot easier for us all.

What does surprise me is the fact that none of the bloggers can agree on anything else. Sure, there have been a lot of innovative, useful gadgets released in the past ten years. And, of course, each has been important in its own right. But did nothing other than the Cloud cause an impact on the World? Was there not a single other product worthy of making everyone’s lists? I happen to think there were.

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What Exactly is Cloud Computing?

cloud_computingThe term Cloud Computing is thrown about all over the place, it seems. Everywhere you turn, someone is talking about it. It’s a hot concept, and a hot conversation topic. The problem, though, lies in trying to even define what exactly Cloud Computing is!

To some people, the definition is very narrow. They define it as an updated version of utility computing: basically virtual servers available over the Internet. To many others, Cloud Computing is a term used for virtually anything you’re doing on the Internet… or “in the Cloud”. To my way of thinking, the definition falls with the latter. To me, anytime you see an entire “program” within a web browser, you’re computing in the Cloud.

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