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Protect Against Malware With Your Brain

brainEarlier this evening, I received an email from my sister. It was a forwarded email, with her words of “warning and caution” at the beginning. She went so far as to say something along the line of how everyone better be extra vigilant. She stated that people need to “be fearful” these days when it comes to malware.

The email detailed a supposedly horrible “new” piece of malware, which had been classified by Microsoft as the “worst ever”. I knew, before checking into it, that this was absolutely false. However, being the person that I am, I did my research. I did a “reply all” on the email and explained to everyone what my credentials are. I then gave them several REAL links that describe this virus in detail. The email discussed the “postcard virus”, which is actually quite old – and not as harmful as the email would have you believe.

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