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Advanced Uninstaller PRO: review

A user in the forums recently asked for a review of Advanced Uninstaller PRO. It’s currently ranked as the number one uninstaller on

After a weighty 22.2MB download, the installation screen contained the first unpleasant surprise. AVG Security Toolbar was preselected for installation, as was a change to the default homepage. Even after selecting “custom installation”, the same options were preselected. Unfortunately, installing toolbars, and preselecting their installation has become all too common with “free” applications.


After installation was complete — with the toolbar and homepage options unselected, Advanced Uninstaller PRO starts quickly. Another unpleasant surprise was the interface. Some polite reviewers might call it unique. I’ll stick with ugly. Functional, but definitely not a clean or modern graphical user interface.

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PStart Review

PStart UISince I am a great user of my USB drive and a huge lover of portable applications that I carry around I have been looking for some launchers that I can add to my USB drive so that I can boot my portable applications more easily. And since it took me quite a while before I found the right launcher I thought I would write up a review for all you portable geeks out there that are looking for a portable launcher. My favorite is PStart, and that is what I will be writing about.

I will be judging PStart on a few factors which I deem very important for a launcher for all my portable apps. A few of those are an easy to understand User Interface, Simplicity (Who would want a launcher that is more complicated than looking up the app on your USB drive?) and most importantly (in my opinion) Customization.

A quick quote from the PStart Website;

PStart is a simple tray tool to start user defined applications. Designed to run portable applications (like portable Firefox & Thunderbird), you can start anything runnable from USB key devices or removable disks.

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Go outside and play – Garmin Colorado 400t Review

_MG_0027 The benefits of owning a GPS unit are still something that remain a mystery to many. The cost of a unit can be prohibitive for a device that many people would consider a luxury. I spend a considerable amount of time hunting and fishing in the great outdoors. A GPS could be quite beneficial to someone like me. If you spend a good amount of time outside hunting, fishing, jogging, hiking, boating, camping, or any other outdoor activity, a GPS will likely add to your outdoor experience.

This year the US Government is dispersing extra funding to a large chunk of the US population. I had an epiphany with this extra money coming in – beyond paying off bills and buying beer, why not get that GPS that I’ve long been wanting? To that end I decided to contact Garmin to see if I could get a look at one of their products for review here. Like Christmas in early March, the Colorado 400t arrived at my doorstep just begging to be tested.

The Colorado 400t has a very “you can’t break me” look to it. When I first laid paws on it I had this urge to throw it down a flight of stairs. Fortunately, common sense prevailed when I remembered that Garmin has my Credit Card number. Nevertheless the unit certainly looks rugged. It has good heft, a large screen and a control layout that’s both simple, yet effective. Even for those wearing gloves.

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