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Apple iPad is Now a Reality

It’s finally official: Apple is releasing their very own tablet computer. The sleek little iPad boasts a 9.7 inch display that is a fully-functional multi-touch screen. It’s only half of an inch thick, and weighs just over a pound. You can purchase one of these with anywhere from 16 GB to 64 GB of storage. The device will support WiFi, and some models will allow 3G connections – via AT&T, of course. There’s a built-in speaker and mic, much like the iPhone has. The battery life is purported to be about ten hours! All of this sounds fantastic on the surface, doesn’t it? However, there are a few very large drawbacks that I have to point out.

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Do Desktop Touch Screens Work?

touchsmartI have had my HP TouchSmart for just about a year now. I’ll never forget the day it arrived at my house. You’ve never seen a more excited Geek! From the day I won it in a contest until the UPS driver showed up on my doorstep, I read everything I could find about how best to use my new machine. After I unboxed it and set it all up, I “trained” myself to properly use all of the various features, and even steeled myself to having to use Vista instead of XP.

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