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Windows 7 Family Pack – Redux

Windows 7 Family PackWhat is a Windows 7 Family Pack? It’s a discounted 3-user pack of Windows 7 Home Premium (upgrade versions). Available for $150 from Microsoft (or $140 from Amazon), you’ll save $200+ if you’re upgrading 3 PCs!

Already running Windows XP or Vista? Then you’re eligible for this upgrade offer (Vista can be upgraded using Windows 7, but XP will require a clean install).

Is Home Premium the right version for you? Unless you need to join a domain (mostly corporate networks), or require XP mode, then yes it probably is. Do you need 32-bit or 64-bit? Don’t worry, they are both included.

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Windows 7 Security

securityIt seems as though the entire world is abuzz with talk of Windows 7 being released today. Everywhere you look online, someone is discussing it. They talk about how fast it is, how cool some of the features are. However, you only really read about the security side of the new operating system if you look on the various tech sites. It’s as though the general population has forgotten about that important component… or have they simply written Microsoft off when it comes to security?

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