iPhone or Droid – What is Your Phone of Choice?

androidUp until now, the iPhone has undeniably been the most sought-after phone on the market. It seems like nearly everyone has one these days. I get teased quite often by my boss and friends because I neither have – nor want – an iPhone. What the heck do I “need” one for? I’m happy with my normal run-of-the-mill cell phone. It calls people. It texts people. It even takes pictures and plays music! I work from home, and I don’t travel often. I don’t need a phone that does a million things other than what I already have… or do I?

Enter the Droid. I have to admit it… I want one. I’ve talked to several people who already have this device in their hands, and they’re more than happy with it. Several of them are even saying that they like it far better than they did their iPhones!! There’s buzz all over Twitter and the Blogosphere from people who are extolling the many virtues (and few pitfalls) of the new Droid.

I’m not even sure why it is I want one so much. I still don’t “need” a device that can do this much. But man oh man do I hope Santa puts one of these babies in my stocking! I would even happily post an extensive review here!

As I advance even more in my career, I know I will be traveling more and more often. I’ll get to attend conferences. I’ll be hanging out in Seattle with my boss. During times like this, the Droid would definitely come in handy. Also… well… geesh. Must I admit it? The Droid is just a sexy-looking device. I’m a Geek. And, I’m a girl. Can I help it if I’m attracted to gadgets and gizmos that are awesome to look at?

What phone are you currently using? Are you an iPhone fanatic, or are you grabbing a Droid as soon as you possibly can? What are your thoughts on either of these devices… or any other phones on the market? Our readers want to be well-informed as to which phones they should buy.