Was it smart to remove the start button in Windows 8 Consumer Preview?

windows-8-logoIt’s painfully obvious Windows 8 new Metro apps are not designed for multi-monitors, or large monitors. However, it’s a necessary evil for a unified operating system designed to work on 10-11” touch enabled tablets, as well as desktops.

What’s not so obvious, is the reason for killing the start button on the desktop. Building Windows 8 blog attempts to explain the reasoning. After some tweaking, the new Metro styled start screen can be attractive and functional. It just shouldn’t be so hard to find. Even after you’ve found it in the bottom left corner, try finding any corner on the center screen of a triple monitor setup. While they may make you more efficient, you shouldn’t be forced to learn a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to do basic Windows tasks.

Chris Pirillo captured the video below of his father attempting to use Windows 8 for the first time. As many others, he struggles to get back to the Metro desktop, and is lost without the start button. It’s obvious Microsoft needs to make some UI changes before the final release.

Struggling to find the Start menu

This video is sure to spawn a rash of copycats. Microsoft also operates its own usability labs, where they are sure to learn the same lesson taught above. The Start button needs to return to the Windows 8 desktop. If you’re using the consumer preview and can’t wait, there’s an app for that; Start8 from Startdock. Need help with Windows 8, check out our new Windows 8 forum.