Interview with GoDawgs

It’s been about a year since I last did an interview with one of Geeks to Go’s members, and I thought that had to change. We’ve had an interview with our very own ‘Head Geek‘ and a staff member of the tech crew. This time I picked out a promising student of our very own Geek University (GeekU). GoDawgs is a Senior in the GeekU training program and we wanted to know a little bit more about him. Enjoy! :)

Your screen name on Geeks to Go is ‘godawgs’. What is your real name and how did you come up with the name?
My real name is J.C. McFarland. I live in the Great State of Georgia and I’m a huge fan of the Georgia Bulldogs. But instead of the Bulldogs they are known simply as the dawgs.

So your name is actually a cheer for your favorite baseball team? (Assuming it’s a baseball team)
It’s a college team, so they engage in all sports. But mainly I watch the football.

Could you tell us a little about yourself? What you like to do in your free time, for example.
What’s free time? I’m retired but that doesn’t mean anything. I have a huge (for me ) yard to cut, my house, my mother-in-law’s house, my kid’s house and sometime my neighbor’s house to take care of. 

I like working in the yard, woodworking, cooking and drinking toddys out by the cement pond. (That’s what we call a pool biggrin.gif)

I’m not as old as dirt, but it was still under warranty when I arrived.
I’m a relative newlywed… bride and I have been married for a mere 36 years. And I have a grown kid.

Sounds like a very busy schedule! How do you manage to find time for Geeks to Go and your  (GeekU) studies?
It’s a trade off. In the summer months something has to go and since woodworking and toddys don’t mix real well, woodworking takes a back seat. And even with that GeeksToGo doesn’t get the time I would like to give it.

In the winter it’s a different thing. You’re pretty much confined to the house and sitting in front of the computer is a natural. You’re still a couch potato but the studies and forums help keep your mind from atrophying along with your body.

GeekU certainly is a challenge! What would you say to people that are thinking about joining GeekU?
I would say that deciding to join GeekU is something that should be taken seriously. GeekU is a serious thing. The staff and administrators and instructors here are serious people. In the computing and malware removal world they are some of the most intelligent people you will encounter.

That’s not to say that we don’t have a good time. We’re like a family. But serious people commit their time and knowledge to the students. So potential students should know that the part in the GeekU application page that says you should be willing to make a committment to the program is very true.

You’re a GeekU Senior in Geeks to Go’s malware training program, how do you experience GeekU?
The training program here is rewarding. But like any course of continuing study it can be frustraing too. It depends on what the student is willing to put into the program. When I applied to the program I thought that once accepted I would be given a magical solution for dealing with viruses and malware. I tohught I would do my 6 months of course time and I would know everything there was to know. If everybody isn’t rolling on the floor laughing they should be. Malware removal is just like any other endeavor in continuing education, it’s always changing and growing. And it never ends. The GeekU training program is just the introduction.

There’s a lot of information. And since viruses and malware are always changing there will always be additional information to keep up with. And the instructors know who’s doing the work, or in my case trying to do the work. I don’t have anything to compare it to but the training program is extensive. As an example of that I understand that the instruction you get in the Windows registry is more thorough here than a lot of places.

As for the instructors, they treat the student as a potential colleague instead of someone not deserving their time. They freely share their time and knowledge. And take the student’s real life committments and concerns, as they relate to the training, into consideration. And this needs to be said. If I can do it, anybody can do it. I know it’s a cliche, but it’s true. GeekU lets you work at your own pace because they know different people have different levels of knowledge and experience. A lot, if not all, of the instructors do the same thing at other boards. So it really is a community thing.
OK, that’s enough kissing up.

The admins and instructors have put a training system in place that will assure that students who are given staff positions here will be able to handle any virus or malware situation they are confronted with. And that members who come here for help can be confident that their problems will be addressed in a way that protects the safety of their system and the future security of the computer. And if you ever find something you’re not familiar with the entire staff is here to help, along with the entire malware removal community.

That sounds like a great experience to me. Talking about great experiences, what would be your most memorable event that you’ve had with Geeks to Go?
That’s a tough one. My whole experience with the teachers, staff, moderators, administrators and fellow students has been memorable so far. I’m sure there are some teachers, moderators and administrators who would tell you that letting me slip past them and “infect” the hallowed halls of GeekU has been memorable… the plague!

But the most memorable to date would be a toss up between getting promoted to Senior and the first time some thanked me / us for helping them fix their computer.

Thank you for the interview! Are there any last wise words that you would like to share with the readers? :)
How about slobberknocker and juxtapose? Oh….you said wise words. I’m afraid that’s a dry hole…except for this pearl of wisdom that was made necessary because of a mishap with 10 inch saw blade attached to an electric motor. I even got a tee shirt out of it.

Don’t drink and saw!