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FBI Security Warnings – Too Little, Too Late?

Earlier tonight, I ran across a press release from the FBI. As I read it, I nearly screamed out loud at my computer. In short, the release is warning computer users of the dangers of a malware infection commonly referred to as Zlob. This infection will cause popups on your desktop, warning you that you are infected, and should download such-and-such software to cure this problem. Welcome to our world, FBI folks… a tad late.

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DataJack Launching Unlimited Mobile Broadband for $39 a Month!

People on the go often need to rely on mobile broadband. However, it usually carries a high price – and a long-term contract. Those days are soon to be over, though. DataJack will be announcing their new plan next month at CES, one which already has Geeky travelers drooling.

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Best Tech of the Decade

With 2009 coming to a close this week, many blogs and tech sites are taking a look back at technology over the past decade. I’ve read several of these articles, and each one of them list Cloud computing in their top three. That doesn’t surprise me in any way… computing in the Cloud is a huge development, one that makes life a lot easier for us all.

What does surprise me is the fact that none of the bloggers can agree on anything else. Sure, there have been a lot of innovative, useful gadgets released in the past ten years. And, of course, each has been important in its own right. But did nothing other than the Cloud cause an impact on the World? Was there not a single other product worthy of making everyone’s lists? I happen to think there were.

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Firefox Mobile to Launch Soon

Finally, the browser that holds about a 25% share of the market is ready to launch their mobile version. This has been a long-anticipated announcement for some die-hard Firefox users. The developers are currently in the final testing phase, and hint that the offering may be released by the end of the year!

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Microsoft Ordered to Stop Selling Word and Office?

Back in August, a court sided with a small Canadian company named i4i, which holds a patent from 1998. That patent deals with the way the XML language is implemented, and Microsoft was found to be in violation with its Word program. Microsoft was ordered to license the code from the i4i team, or reprogram it. Otherwise… Word would have to be removed from sale in the marketplace.

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Snowball Fight – or Police Standoff?

Earlier today, one prolific Twitter user in Washington, DC decided to take advantage of the recent snowfall to organize a giant snowball fight. Yousef Ali posted a Twitter message (as well as one to his blog), asking people in the area to join him at the corner of 14th Street and U Street for a snowball fight of epic proportions. Over 200 people showed up to the event, which was even publicized by the city’s department of transportation.

Passing motorists were getting involved by rolling down their windows and taunting the crowd until they would toss a snowball their way. Things were going well, with everyone having a fantastic time. No one was hurting anyone. No insults were thrown around. No one was in any type of danger… until a police officer charged the crowd with his gun drawn!

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Google CEO Claims You Shouldn’t be Worried about Privacy

Firefox-logoGoogle CEO Eric Schmidt has set the Internet on fire with his latest speech. During his talk, he touched on privacy concerns of everyday users. Apparently, Google has grown so big that they have forgotten exactly what it was they set out to DO in the first place. Mr. Schmidt claims that only those who have done something wrong – or have something to hide – should ever be concerned about their privacy.

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360 IT Advice: Real Challenges, Expert Solutions


Microsoft is sponsoring an innovative new site, where top tech sites, along with their experts and readers can partner, and offer advice to your challenging IT questions: What keeps you up at night? Ask for advice. is participating, along with a group of impressive sites that  you’ve likely read, or even received advice from before:,,,,, and

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Google Adds Real-Time Search to the Mix

1998_googleAs if we ever doubted the power of Google, they have proven once again why they are the king. On their official blog yesterday, they announced the advent of the new real-time search functionality. When you do any type of search on Google, your results page will immediately update with real-time updates from places such as Twitter, MySpace, Jaiku and more. Whether it’s an eyewitness tweet, a breaking news story or a fresh blog post, you can find it on Google right after it’s published on the web.

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Comcast Buys NBC

nbc-logo1On Thursday, it was announced that Comcast will be buying a controlling share of NBC television. Bloggers around the world are speculating as to what this will mean for the future of television – both online and offline. Consumer Right’s groups are protesting to this deal quite loudly. They feel combining Comcast’s power over cable and Internet connections with NBCUs television stations and movie studio will give the conglomerate entirely too much control. Other encampments, meanwhile, applaud this move – hoping that the merger will bring even better programming to already strong NBC.

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