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Anti-Virus Software

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Please let me know if I am in the wrong forum.

Do only the naive pay for anti-virus software?

I am up for renewal on my Norton Internet Security program.

I guess it's working because I haven't had any problems.

On the other hand I avoid sites that could cause problems: porn, pirate, foreign forums, etc.

Are there different schools of thought among the experts?

Whenever I see AV software reviewed, there are frequently remarks about how the AV software slows things down, interferes with other programs, etc., yet I've never noticed this with any AV software I've used.

My #1 priority is avoiding a virus in my Dell Studio 16 with 64-bit Windows 7

Any comments? Can I just run MS Security Essentials and Malware Removal, AVG, etc?

Thank you for any comments. Please let me know if I have ignored a large topic that covers AV software already.
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Hi Ted128,

Whenever I see AV software reviewed, there are frequently remarks about how the AV software slows things down, interferes with other programs, etc., yet I've never noticed this with any AV software I've used.

Each computer is different, some can be affected by larger Security programs such as Norton, McAfee and others.

Really an Anti Virus program becomes a personal choice. What works for you is fine. An Anti Virus program is only an insurance policy not a brick wall. The best Anti Virus program is between your shoulders. Practicing safe surfing as you indicated you do is one of the best things you can do.

Only run 1 Anti Virus program on your computer.
The real-time protection of two antivirus programs may conflict with each other and cause the following:
* False Alarms: When the anti virus software tells you that your PC has a virus when it actually doesn't.
* Conflicts: Your system may lock up due to both products attempting to access the same file at the same time.
* Performance: More that one antivirus will cause your PC to become slow and it may even crash or blue screen.
* Less protection: Two antivirus trying to scan the same file may interfere with the process and allow a malicious file onto the computer without notice to you.

I run Microsoft Security Essentials because it's free, light on resources, and works for me. It's a very simple interface too. If you were considering getting rid of Norton I would recommend Microsoft Security Essentials.

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I agree with everything my colleague zep516 has said.

Additionally I would offer you this for your consideration

It is from our site GeekstoGo and will provide you with more information.

I would NOT go so far as to say only the naive pay for anti-virus protection, although I like zep516 use MSE on Windows 7 Professional.
I also use it on Vista and XP.

I have the free edition of Malwarebytes and SAS (SuperAntiSpyware) BUT they DO NOT provide real time protection. I use them as a scan periodically,

Of importance as well is JAVA and Flash Player - Adobe updates as these when not on the latest updates are a readily exploited security weakness.

Also frequently overlooked is the ability to scan a download before accepting it, particularly if you are in any way unsure of the source, by right clicking on it and then click SCAN with - whatever you have.

I place importance on knowing the reputation of the website you are going to open and in this regard Web of Trust is very useful. It uses hardly any resources and places a small,icon on your browser menu bar which is green OK, yellow - caution, red - considered dangerous.
It will present its own window if you try to open a site marked red.

Finally, whichever you choose and it is a matter of your choice, I would NOT recommend you stay with Norton.
That is not to criticise its effectiveness of protection, but it has a history of causing problems.

Norton did NOT score well on Virus Bulletin an independant accessment


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Do only the naive pay for anti-virus software?

The word "naive" suggests a simple, child-like mind that lacks experience for good judgment. There are probably millions of people who think the same of people who pay to have their car's oil changed. I would call the user who uses no anti-virus (or never changes the oil) is the naive one.

By far, most of the big name pay-type anti-malware solutions are excellent at what they do, and provide no problems for the vast majority of their users. And you noted yourself that you have not had any problems. Users who are "security aware" and comfortable with their security defenses are (correctly) concerned about changing to something new. Either they are (rightly) afraid of getting infected, or they heard all the (real) stories about really bad problems people have had trying to switch.

Isn't that why you ask the question? Note there are many, if not most computer users, who simply see their computer as another appliance in the house, an appliance that should just work.

There have been problems with every anti-malware solution - paid and free. None are (nor should ever be assumed) perfect. I dumped McAfee, Norton, ZoneAlarm, AVG, Comodo, Avira, and few more in between over the years because of bloat, hogging resources, or other problems. But for over 2 years I have been using MSE, Windows Firewall and IE9 on all my Windows 7 64-bit systems with no problems. I occasionally run a supplemental scan with MBAM for a double check - but it has never found anything. I also have adblockIE and I use MailWasher Pro for my spamblocker/primary email handler.

On the other hand I avoid sites that could cause problems: porn, pirate, foreign forums, etc.

And that's great, I hope you don't participate in filesharing via torrents or P2P sites either. Are you the only user of that computer? If not, are all users that disciplined?
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