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Display drivers failing (probably) after loading to login screen

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It's been ages since I've had a PC problem that I couldn't fix myself.. But this time I've got a problem I have no idea about...

I'm currently writing this in Safe-Mode on the pc that is having the following problem:
Windows loads up, i hear the distinct sound of it being at the login screen (password protected account).
Screen tells me "no signal".

As to what happend and what i've done until now, the story below should help out a bit with that.

Yesterday I was online and played some games before I left the house. As per usual I has shut off all programs and then did the routine Start > Shut down..
The pc turned off properly, no hickups nothing.

When I came back home I had my screen tell me there was no signal when I started up the Pc and heard the distinct windows loading sound effect.

I have a password on my PC so i couldn't get passed the login screen (well yeah i could've blind typed the password..) anyhow,
I figured the cable was being screwy or something since that had happend before... So i checked and fiddled a bit with it and it didn't help. Usualy about half a second later it would work...

The cable is a default HDMI with a mini HDMI to HDMI converter in between the port on the graphics card (if that makes any sense)
Noticed the converter being a bit strange and when i pulled it out i saw that some1 messed with it and that it was coming apart...

So today I went to the store and bought me a mini HDMI to HDMI cable to eliminate the converter piece..

As such that works because I'm now in safe mode on the pc.. But heres the kicker to the fun story, the normal mode login goes black on me after the windows loading screen pops up, leaving me with a "No signal" on my screen.

On top of that, I used to run on a resolution of 1980 by 1600 or something ( not sure bout the 1600) anyways, its now stuck on 1260 by 1024...

As per usual I've followed the default process of elimination:
[x] Get a new cable
[x] Revert windows to previously known working config.
[x] Get rid of graphics drivers all together
[x] Re-install all graphics related drivers

What happend was that after i got rid of the drivers, i could log back on in normal mode and have a normal screen (aside from it being the wrong resolution)
Then windows decided to install the drivers back onto the machine and proceeding to restart... and then I'm back in safe mode because windows is a [bleep]...

This is my setup:

Windows 7 64 bit
Nvidia GTX 560 TI (Mini HDMI and 2x DVI ports)
Ram : 4gb (still need 2 upgrade it, poor student is poor)
Motherboard : MSI Military class 2
Core i7 processor

Hope any1 can help me out ^.^; Meanwhile i'm going 2 get rid of the graphics drivers again and start hopefully working in Normal mode again..
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... and then I'm back in safe mode because windows is a [bleep]...

I'd like to quickly remind you that this is a family friendly site, so try to keep the foul language to yourself/off the site (not saying you were being that bad, just a reminder). If you'd like to review the Terms of Use, you can find them here: Geeks To Go Terms of Use (TOU).
Now about your issue, it definitely sounds like a driver issue mixed with a possible resolution issue. Do you have the original CD/DVD that came with your graphics card? If so, were you using this to install it or not? Anyway here are a few steps for you to go through, in Safe Mode.
STEP ONE: Temp File Cleaner
As a good rule of thumb, I like to get rid of temp/junk files off any and all systems I work on. Reason being that I've seen some build up of caches and junk files cause all sorts of chaos on multiple occasions, so why not just take a few minutes to clean the PC up.However before you download and run the program, please make sure you save all work and close out of all programs accept your browser (which also will need to be closed down after the download, before running the program).

Now that we've saved and closed out of all your applications/programs, please download Temp File Cleaner (TFC). Once that is done, close out of all your open applications/programs and then please 'Right Click' and select Run As Administrator from the Context Menu. Please let this run, uninterrupted. Once it's finished, it may ask you to reboot your machine - If it does, please allow it to reboot at this time and after Windows loads back up move on to the next step. If it does not require a reboot, please move on to the next step now. However please take note of the red number, displaying amount of removals, and post it in a reply. STEP TWO: Removing & Reinstalling Driver
Please follow the guide on removing the NVidia driver(s), which you can find HERE. Once done, please reboot into Safe Mode once again. This time use your driver disk your card came with to reinstall, if you do not have that then grab the latest driver off NVidia's site that is NOT a beta driver. Please post back with the results for this.

Edited by PhrantiQ, 30 September 2013 - 05:58 AM.

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I'm very sorry about the profanity, didn't realize it as I was raging while I was posting that... My excuses for that ^.^;;

And as for the issue, ty for replying <3

In the meantime I've done some calling with a friend that works at Mycom, hes the poor guy that has to research fault reports and so on. He told me to do the exact same things as you stated (except for TFC), and most likely because I didn't run TFC it didnt work at all at that point in time.

However, he asked me what the serial was of my graphics card as I didn't remember which vendor it came from (Asus it seems ^.^;; )
Because it was tucked away nicely I removed the graphics card from the machine and then placed it back in. Upon which I started my machine up to check if I had put the cables back properly and so on.
The pc somehow managed to bring up the boot screen and told me that the overclocking had failed (even though the machine never was told to overclock anything[I totally forgot I could overclock >.>]).
Anyways, I gave it the default values that it had stored from the factory settings and saved and exited. It loaded on to windows login screen and I crossed my fingers. The screen magically appeared 10 seconds after I thought that it would go the wrong way again. (As such I squeeled in joy and logged in to see if anything was going to go wrong and so on, had updates done and then restarted to see if anything at all would go wrong but now everything is perfect (even the resolution is back to 1920 x 1080).

For some odd miracle everything is working properly now.. I somehow figure that after the full on failure of the card to get a decent hold on the drivers combined with some faulty software glitch for the booting was the problem.. Reinstalling the drivers helped I think.. but for some weird reason I think that pulling the card out and putting it back in had something to do with it as well.. Will run TFC in a few minutes ^.^

Thank you dearly for replying, I really appreciate it **hugs**

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Not a problem, glad it's working at this point. I'd recommend you to run TFC and maybe a Malwarebytes scan just for grins. Best to check the system out while it's working than after, haha. Anyway let me know if I can help further with anything!

PS: If Malwarebytes were to detect anything, do not just remove it! Post a new log in our malware removal section of the forums and have a trained professional assist you with properly handling all the removals.

Edited by PhrantiQ, 30 September 2013 - 12:35 PM.

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