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Antivirus and email issues for Windows XP and certain browsers

Anti Virus Email Win XP Browsers

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I was unsure where I should post this , as I think it could relate to more than one topic area..

Which could be under Email, Anti Virus , Windows XP, or Malware problems /or  possible removal.


I wonder if anyone could advise me.

I still use Windows XP even though updates for it stopped some years ago. and as time went on.. I was not longer able to find any Antivirus program

that would still work on Win XP.


Although that has been the case, I have still  managed to generally use Win XP OK for general average easy type browsing for what I need my computer for..


I also use Firefox and Chrome browsers... (which as far as I know had been updated to its last usable version)

I have been ok for some years using this.. and tried to be reasonably careful on what websites that I would visit and used quite limited video usage with it.

as well as using it for emails.


I did get one patch not to long ago when, my computer did not seem to be running too well... and I suspected it may have had a virus...

In the Past I have had some help on this forum in helping me check for viruses upto a few years after Win XP stopped their updates.


But last time  I asked if anyone could help me...I was told that the forum no longer would help in checking for viruses for XP users.

In the past again, upto a few years after XP updates ended... I was still able to use some AntiVirus programs and they often found and removed malware for me if any problems were found.


BUT then a few years later... IT seemed that all the AV programs that I tried, no longer would work on Win XP at all..even the long term well known ones at the time....

so I went some time without being able to have my system checked... which I did find frustrating...


But Laptop computer seems to have reasonably rectified itself over time and still runs ok...

UPTO about 2 to 3  or upto  6 months ago... I was able to use two EMAIL services OK....


and then one of them about 6 months ago or so... PROTONMAIL... STOPPED working for me altogether where I was unable to log in ok..

I made enquiries with Protonmail and they informed me that they had made changes where it would only work on newer Windows versions...

Maybe from  windows 7 or 10 or more...BUT for a short while they offered me a older version url that continued to allow me to  use

their service... BUT that only lasted for a few months... Upon asking them again... They did not really explain why it would no longer work..

and seemed to think it should have done...


So I wondered if it may had been down to my computer having a malware spyware / AV problem..


I then also had started using... Mail com   email which I had used prior that was still working ok for me...

BUT I am sorry to say that a month or two after... THEY did the same thing as Protonmail and made changes where I was no longer able to access

their services./ system.  Upon querying them.... THEY then again offered me another option that was offered or shown somewhere on their email log page

so I was able to use another of their URLs to log into my email account...But I am sorry to say that only lasted a short time of a few months.


BUT in the last 3 to 4 weeks... I can NO longer log into any of their email log in  websites...

I can now only only check my proton or mail .com  emails on a mobile phone...using safari...


Again I questioned Could it be a malware or AV problem that I may have on my laptop....


SO I then did a online  search to see if I could find any sort Antivirus that may still work on Windows XP...

and to  my surprise I found a couple of wesbites that offered AV programs for Win XP...

That seemed to suggest that they had been specially created for OLD XP users... which I think has been created quite recently..

BUT I had been unable to find any such service for or over  a few  years prior..


I tried a couple and they seemed to work..or at least did appear to function ok... (That were from services whos other older versions under their names that I had used in the past some years ago and had usually worked ok in finding malware etc). BUT they did NOT find any viruses when I ran their present new versions, that I ref to....


However one did find a series of other issues on  that it found on my system...and one seemed to suggest.it could do like a form of clean up to remove or rectify certain files etc.BUT I only used them to do initial checks to see if it found or located any viruses,  and I was was NOT willing to risk using it  for anything else , such as removing certain files etc... 


So I ended up uninstalling thesoftware.

I cant recall which one found the extra problems... BUT the ones I tried or used from this websites list was ....


AVG and AVAST...


I would have to reinstall and run them again to remind myself and double check which one did what ever. !.. or found the  faulty files etc...


This was wrote or created in Nov 2022.



The 5 Best Antivirus Softwares for Windows XP How to Stay Protected When Using Windows XP



Five years since Microsoft officially retired Windows XP, the OS is still very much in use. Which is not really surprising considering how popular it was. But still, we cannot ignore the risks that come with using this Operating System. Without any patches being installed, It can be really easy for attackers to hack into your system. And we have already seen how hackers can utilize system vulnerabilities to cause huge damages. This is why my first advice to anyone using Windows XP is always to upgrade their OS.

However, I understand that for some this may not be a viable option. This could be due to lack of upgrade costs, hardware limitations or Work environment limitation. There are still several institutions like schools and hospitals that still rely on Windows XP. In such cases then you will have to resort to different methods to ensure that you are protected. And my best recommendation is the installation of an Antivirus software.

It is the first program I install on any new machine and considering that I am always using the latest version of Windows then it should say a lot to you whose Operating system has not seen an update since 2014. Unfortunately, some of the Antivirus Software that may be considered as the best overall may not be necessarily the best for Windows XP because there is always the chance that they too have stopped supporting the OS. Which makes the process of choosing the ideal Antivirus for your XP system a task in itself.

Fortunately, we have rounded up a list of 5 of the best Antivirus software that still receive updates from their developers. We will highlight the major features of each so that you can make an informed decision on which is the most ideal.

But even before that, there are some other measures you can take to improve the overall security of your XP machine. First, ensure that you have upgraded to the latest service pack 3. Also, ensure that you have installed all the patches released by Microsoft before they ceased support for the OS. Additionally, using a supported browser can help you maintain some level of security when surfing the net. You can check out our post for the best browsers for Windows XP.

But now to the matters at hand, which are the best Antivirus programs for Windows XP.













I later have since tried to find another suitable email service that could work ok on Windows XP...

I found one websites listing suggested the best email options..


BUT I cannot find one that I am happy with, as they seem maybe either Cloud based or Russian / foreign

that I think may only work on newer windows versions or I just dont want to use any cloud based one or that may require me to agree to certain things..

in ref to things like their data protection..or maybe certain cookies that I dont like the look of.




CAN I ask if anyone maybe able to advise me as to a best option Without suggesting to  me  to having to update to a newer Windows software version.

or can anyone recommend another good email service...


I have tried and used yahoo and gmail  in the past , but no longer will use them after they brought in their data protection laws..


With the email companies... Could it maybe be down to them now becoming clould based rather than them running on older type servers..

where they may no longer function on older windows versions at all anymore..


OR should they normally also be able to offer an older prior alternative...


Thank you in advance...

Edited by dowsp, 17 January 2023 - 10:56 AM.

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    The Grecian Geek

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CAN I ask if anyone maybe able to advise me as to a best option Without suggesting to  me  to having to update to a newer Windows software version.


Hi, sowsp.


You have already been advised, and the advice included/includes the recommendation to update to a supported Windows version. There is really nothing to be added here... :no:




Windows XP has not been supported since 8th April 2014.

XP cannot be secured against infection, if you go online with it, you are going to get infected, over, and over, and over again. It is an exercise in futility removing an infection from a machine that cannot be secured. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but it's the truth, and few helpers will be willing to waste their time in cleaning up an XP machine.

XP is obsolete, and increasingly you will not be able to find programs, apps, and drivers for it.

You need to update to an OS that is supported. With a machine that's old enough to be running XP, it is unlikely that your hardware will support Windows 10, however there are a number of Linux distros that are still able to run on old hardware, and I suggest you try out one of those.



The fact that you didn't appear to be having problems is somewhat irrelevant, as many infections can lie "quiet" on your machine, so you may be infected without you knowing it, and being used as a means to spread infection to others.

Your data is also a valuable resource, especially if you were foolish enough to undertake any kind of financial transactions using your XP machine, and that includes making online purchases using it.  Also your free disk space is a valuable commodity, which can be used for a number of different illicit purposes, including hosting porn, hosting spam, hosting infection spreading software.

None of the above would  necessarily be observable by you.

Unless you are able to patch your system, which with an unsupported OS you are not, then any exploits on your machine, will remain permanently exploitable, so even if you detect and clean your current infection, there is nothing whatsoever to prevent the same exploit being used against you again. Doesn't matter what AV you have installed, or what Firewall you use, as it is not the purpose of either to patch vulnerabilities.

I know this is not what you want to hear, but I cannot put it any clearer ...... XP is not fit for going online with ..... period.

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Hi Dr M,

Thank you for your reply.


I have got well behind on being aware of various updates and changes thats occuring in the Computer / Virus world / related issues & topics..

Esp since Covid...


I am initially trying to see if I was able to HOPEFULY obtain certain information or answers to my queries

IF possible without having to do a lot more research or study,  IF that was something that someone was able  offer some further

related more detailed answers reasonbly easy  to some of my other further queries. if such a thing is possible.

In ref to the comments you have made and information you posted within your quotes.
As to the vaious ability and understanding of persons who may read this...
IMO... there MAYBE still things that some of them may still want to ask...

Some initial thoughts are.

Some people may have various reaons as to why they are unable to update to Windows 10..
and that only have access to computers with the XP software on and for what ever reason do not have the money

(IF they say had illness probems unable to work and have had benefits stoppedor what ever..)

or they lack  abilities to update.  (Say they had had some mental issues)... there could be other varied reasons...

So its NOT an issue with me, if your thinking that... I would not think..

(Also Unfortunately I dont think Windows 10 is something offered for free)

and far as I am aware... there is NO law being enforced to insist that no one uses obsolete software.

Just How many users maybe aware or inaware... in ref to the amount of  Win XP users.. I dont know !

Then many people are still likely to use it.


DO YOU THINK THAT THE GOVT OR WHOEVER.... MAY ATTEMPT to try to find a way to prevent Old software users.

or is it being done gradually by all the various companies making relavent changes...


SUCH as Would it be say something like moving their systems onto the Cloud ...


CAN you explain what its likely to be  ?  AS IT IS ONLY seeming to have been occuring in the last year or two that I

have found I have problems when trying to visits various websites that I can no longer access.. that I did think was a

browser problem... BUT I think now its a software update or related cloud issue...


BUT having said that... I can still access lots of other websites OK..

IF one TRYS to be careful in how they use it.... Is such a thing is possible !.   are you saying that any  one who posts

just any  message on a forum... (even these msgs on  the forum now) or visits certain websites..that they could then

infect (or may become infected from ) another website or any one who may read a posters msgs...

(I suspect ONLY if the website that one may visit was un/protected with valid updated security software....
Which I would had thought most valid websites will be highly protected with such updated software..

Are you saying that such simple things could infect others ?  I thought that would be only on things like sending and

opening attachments on say like on forum posts or from sending or clicking on links in emails...

IF someone posted the sort of information for you , that you ask for when you take a look at someones details....
such as FRST and Addition Notepad txts that shows ones certain Computer information...

Would that / or Does that allow you or whoever understands such things...to know if someone was using ones computer 

for hosting things like Porn ?   or is such information even undetectable to you ?   I assume you would know or  askf or

other further information that would allow you to tell or not if someone was hosting on a persons computer / or system.

and if one did make any financial transaction...  (Would that mean that say... someone could had put  spyware on ones system
(say even if I just clciked on someones website OR would that only be if they had sent me an email link and opened it...)
 that would then alert them or automatically copy ones details / or act like a Key logger to note say ones credit card details)

Other queries are :  

In ref to the AV websites / links that I posted..

THEN the Persons who created those websites links that I posted , had made out that they had created some software that

now acts as an Antivirus for Win XP...who seemed to be someone who knew what they were doing..along with what seemed

to be well known AV companies. ir AVG / Avast  (OR are they scammers)




The 5 Best Antivirus Softwares for Windows XP

How to Stay Protected When Using Windows XP



For anyone who knows what they are doing... Would it be possible to check if this person was say the person who created the website and if they were

honest or trustwortthy or not ?  OR if those related websites AV software (AVG / Avast ) was legit or not ?


By Kevin Arrows November 21, 2022

5 minutes read
Kevin is a certified Network Engineer

or could they be scammers creating false websites to appear legit... who may then allow their visitors /user to download any spyware onto a users website..

So are you saying people who may not know any better should  NOT put any trust in them or their websites ...

SO Would know if they could possibly be valid or NOT....So IF NOT can try to clarify that to myself or any other readers.
Obviously some of yourselves are much cleverer than most of us and highly knowledable as you may specilises in such things.

In Ref to my Email problem, can you try to clarify a few other details..

Then... As I was able to access my email service at MAIL DOT COM ( mail. com ) some weeks ago ok..

Why can I not now ?... or do you think its likely It may be a virus issue that I have obtained in the last month ?..

OR HAVE most of the email services NOW... say made changes in that older windows systems such as XP or Older

Windows versions will no longer be allowed to work...


as they aware of it being such a huge problem..and If that is the case...

HAVE THEY INFORMED the Public on a big enough scale ? or even suggested that OLD systems are now banned...
OR is it some PLOY for the GOVT to make us conform with something that they want us to use that monitor us more.


There has been suggestions of Govts wanting to enforce further ways to make us use certain new technology that

keeps further track of us all... whether anymore than older systems like Win XP , If it was possible to use them carefully

for limited use only , I dont know ?


Like they want to make us use electric updated cars in the future that will definately further monitor us all...

where as the older cars at the moment may not be as trackable...


That maybe a similar comparison as to why I may want to stay with Win XP, but I am being forced to alter if the systems newer

technology evolves to prevent older systems from working...

As I mentioned I have noted 1st Protonmail made such alterations then some months later... :mail dot com "   also did similar ! ...

CAN SOME one please clarify some of these points  that... as I am sure it could be of some of interest to some  other readers as well as me.

Thank you


Edited by dowsp, 18 January 2023 - 01:00 PM.

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    The Grecian Geek

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Many questions, and for sure I'm not the proper person to reply to many of them. I do not represent Microsoft or any government. Also, I am not get paid either from the forums I offer my assistance or from my blog. 


What I can say, as a malware analyst is:


1. You can never be safe if you continue using an XP computer online. Your machine is vulnerable to attackers, irrespective of what anti-virus and/or anti-malware programs you have installed.  NOT WISE at all to make online payments with this operating system installed. That said, I doubt if your computer is clean. And I don't imply that it got infected the last month. Even if someone cleans it, or even if you make a clean install of XP (not from Microsoft anyway, it's not offered anymore), it is a matter of time to get infected again. 


2. Many applications do not support Windows XP anymore. You said before that you were not having issues. Now you have.




Obviously some of yourselves are much cleverer than most of us and highly knowledable as you may specilises in such things.



THEN the Persons who created those websites links that I posted


Why this ... irony? I really don't get it. Plus, you are always free to contact those persons you refer to. Here, you got replies from different experts and you can't accept them because it's not what you would like to hear. I really am sorry about that. But I can't give a casual reply "install AVG" or "install Avast" and you will be OK. YOU WON'T. 


As you said, many people may read this topic. Since I would like to give the right message (see my 2 posts) I'm closing this topic.


Take care. 





You can't upgrade an XP system to Windows 10. 


Windows 10 is free if you upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1. 

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