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Computer Build Configurations

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Hey, i was fooling around and came up with these computer configurations.

Most are geared towards extreme gaming machines. It was actually designed for another project. But hope somebody will enjoy!!

OK, this is what I pulled off of Newegg.com

For the processor, AMD Sempron 3300+ Palermo 800MHZ FSB, Socket 754 - Retail ($137)
For the mobo, ABIT NV8 Socket 754 - Retail ($85);this is actually NF8
For the video card, ATI X800 XT, 256MB GDDR3 AGP 4x/8x - Retail ($383)
For the memory,Corsair 1GB, PC 3200 Dual-Channel (Retail - $83.99)
For the HDD, Maxtor DiamondMax 200GB 7200rpm SATA150 - ($93)
For the case, FOXCONN Stell MicroATX, w/ PS 350W - Retail ($32)
For the Monitor, SCANPORT JB 1770 17" Monitor capable of 1600x1200 - Retail ($89)
For some speakers, Altec Lansing XA2021 17 Watts RMS 2.1 Speakers - Retail ($39.99)
For your OS, Microsoft Windows XP Home w/ SP2 - OEM ($91.95)
plus some cables (credited )
for a dvd-writer, LITE-ON Beige IDE DVD Burner Model SOHW-1673S BGE OEM ($42)
All in all, it came to $1076.93
+ 66.79 Shipping and Handling
= $1,143.72
from your source, Newegg.com.

NOTES This doesn't include a single rebate or discount (except they threw in some free cables with my HDD). If you have a discount of some kind (e.g. percentage wise) this would definitely help you as well.
NOTES on this, I usually don't go with Dual-channel. It's usually more expensive, but in this case, it was the best deal for 1GB.. There was some MUKSHIN memory for less as well for 1GB, but I had never heard of this so I didn't include it. Likely faster, after I checked on that brand..
NOTES: There was a link for the X800XT, the one I posted was an ALL-IN-Wonder, don't know if that matters, But that would take an extra $200 off the price..
NOTES: to get XP Media Center, more designed around gamers, it is just an extra $20
SUMMARY: All in all, it is a pretty kick-[bleep] configuration for a lot less than what you would pay for that exact system in the stores or online.

These are low prices I received from searching on NexTag.com for the exact same system

Processor, from MWave - Retail ($132.50 with Shipping )
Mobo, from newegg ($85 with shipping)
The video card, ($348.23 with Shipping)
For memory, Zipzoomfly ($92.30 w/s&h) Newegg (93.08 w/s&h)
http://tinyurl.com/c82dv - zipzoomfly
http://tinyurl.com/bguy8 - newegg
for the hdd, (-Retail $86.00 free s&h)
for case w/ 350 W power supply, (with shipping $45.75)
for monitor, ($150, free shipping)
for speakers, same brand ($43.56, with tax and S&H)
For OS, Win XP Home with SP2, (free shipping $81.79)
for DVD writer, found at Newegg ($42)
Total: $1107 with tax and shipping and handling TOTAL

Not a great deal of money saved, but I really stuck to buying the same exact type that I found on Newegg

On another tangent, here is just the best price I can find for a comparable, still VERY UBER, AMD computer setup from Nextag.com

processor, sempron 3000 instead of 3300, ($84.00 w/ shipping)
mobo, an Asus A7N8X-X 400MHz FSB, 8x agp ($63.00 w/ shipping)
ATI X800 XT, not all in wonder though, much better price ($284.98 w/ shipping)
For memory, 512MB Crucial, non-ECC ($62.75)
for hdd, WD Caviar 80GB 7200rpm, ($54.70 w/ shipping)
for the case, Athenatech 350W black/gray ($42 w/ shipping
for your monitor, Scanport 17" flat crt monitor, max res 1600x1200 (128.60 w/ shipping)
for speakers, Cyber Acoustic, 3-piece black (22.98 w/ shipping)
Fos OS, winxp home w/ sp2 (81.79 w/ shipping)
for dvd writer, ($42 w/ shipping)

Grand total, $866.8

the only real difference between this computer and the previous two is:
CPU, not a real big difference
Memory, 512MB instead of 1GB, not really noticeable, even in high performance games. In games, a good graphics card is more important
HDD, 80GB instead of 160 or 200, also, not mission critical. It isn't going to make the computer any slower
But, we do have a real UBER computer that would cost shitloads more money retail, brought to you at the low low price of $866. Good gaming PC. Good anything PC.

OK, now for people who are thinking of upgrading a computer. I am going to assume that you can salvage the following things, your monitor, your CD/DVD rom/writer, your case, your sound card (not mission critical in the least bit.. hehe, I am using almost an 5-8 year old sound card that I cuold hardly find a driver for.. your floppy, your power supply (will include a separate price though), and your hdd (also will provide a separate price). Also, if you have a newer OS, you can just use that instead, if you are not going to use the other computer (since you are scrapping it, your probably are)

Just using the last list, you have a grand total of $493

Just for the people who were saying asking that I couldn't get a good gaming system for around $500, take the above configuration (the one totalling $866) and just get a ATI 9800 Pro (real, real good vpu) for about $100, get a smaller HDD (around 20 or 40GB) and voila
processor, sempron 3000 ($84.00 w/ shipping
MOBO, asus A7NBX-X 400MHz (63.00 w/ shipping)
Video CardATI Radeon 9800 ($82.49 w/ shipping)
Memroy, 512MB ($62.75)
HDD, Maxtor 20GB 7200 rpm, ($42.22 w/ shipping)
case,, Athenatech ($42 w/ shipping)
monitor, Scanport 17" ($128.60 w/ shipping)
speakers, Cyber acoustic, 3-piece ($22.98w/ shipping)
OS, Win XP Sp2 ($81.79 w/ shipping
DVD Writer ($42w/ shipping)
STILL, a REAL good computer and a GREAT game machine, would cost $651.. And this would cost you a lot more buying in store or even online, rather, the computer whole.

Moreover with these systems, if you want an absolutely UBER gaming machine (like the first two), if you even try to buy something as good, it is going to cost you around $2000 to $3000 or more. Beyond the pocket of most gamers out there.

just for note, a site called page computers comes up with more buyers for most of these products than most. and is uslaly close to the lowest price. I haven't checked out why, but there might be a GOOD reason.
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sempron 3000

I dont think that is considered a "VERY UBER" AMD processor ;) :tazz:
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Yeah.. The processor isn't uber or anything. But it is up to par.. And enough up to par that the X800 isn't wasted at all. All in all, it's just the configurations...

More of a project than anything.. Too see how much it would cost to make a really nice system. And not just upgrade..

What do you think of the configuration overall
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Well apart from the sempron which with an x800 is a waste as it lacks the multimedia features from the athlons as it is a more purely business cpu, looks good.
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Well, A Sempron actually classes fairly well for gaming apps. All AMD's fair well in gaming venues.. I did have a link, but i lost.. Firefox crapped out and deleted all my bookmarks :tazz: So.. just google for benchmark comparisons and sempron.. You should pull something up fairly quickly.

I think the system is probably in the top 10 configurations possible today (with an ATI and an AMD) for gaming rigs. Just my thoughts.. Anyways,

I would like to see other people's specs and see if they compare well.. Plus, I am runnning a little project for a friend who is looking at some good configs and the prices for a Gaming Center.

Anyways, glad you liked
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Oh it will fair will becauese it still has the power of alot of amds it just lacks the multimedia features that give the athlons there edge.
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Not to mention a Sempron has no L2 cache (only 256) wich games utilize ALOT!

Plus its a Socket 754 and that means no dual channel ram (there goes your bandwidth)

Last but not least he tring to put it in a Socket A motherboard ;) break out the Hammer :tazz:

edit : That X800XT will bottleneck alot :)

Edited by OneCool, 06 August 2005 - 02:11 PM.

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