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Which browser uses the least amount of system resources?

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I often have a lot of things running at once, and I'm tired of everything always freezing and saying my browser is taking up like 80% of my resources, or whatever that's called.

I don't like IE, because it messes up far too often.
I'm not too fond of Firefox either ... but I'm willing to try anything at this point.
Of all the web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Flock, Safari, etc. etc. can someone please make a list of most-resource-hoggish to least? Thanks. ^^
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I use firefox and it works fine for me and I use IE on occasion.

It appears you are having problems with your browser hogging resources because of malware. I dsee that Kahdah was helping you last week. You should let him continue assisting you so any browser you choose will work more efficiently. :whistling:
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Malware aside (in other words, once you are clear of malware, as coachwife6 has said), I find that Firefox and Opera are the quickest and safest browsers. If you are using lots of programs at once, then it may pay to upgrade your computer's hardware components also.
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