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Malware and Spyware Cleaning Guide

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Welcome to Geeks to Go's Virus, Spyware, Malware Removal forum

Over 100,000 topics have been posted in this forum, and most have reached a successful conclusion. View our feedback forum to see what others are saying. Don't worry; you don't have to be a geek to receive help removing malware. We do the technical work, and provide step-by-step instructions that require only basic computer skills. Also, our help is always free. The experts who help you are all volunteers. Some have been at this a long time, others are just reaching the end of their training (we teach malware removal too). Regardless of who helps, you'll receive some of the highest quality malware removal help available anywhere, or at any price.

Before we get started, here are some links you may find helpful:
Malware Removal Guides »
How to fix Google redirects »
Computer won't boot »
Malware removal tools won't download or run »

Step 1. Create a free Geeks to Go account

Click here to join Geeks to Go and create a free account. Before you can create a new malware removal topic, you must join. It's an easy process that involves creating a unique username, password, and submitting your email address. Your email address is only used to notify you when your topic receives replies, or if you forget your password. Alternatively, you can also join by using your existing Facebook or Twitter account.


Step 2. Download and Run OTL

OTL by OldTimer is a modern, more powerful replacement for HijackThis. Please do not post a HijackThis, Combofix, GMER, MBAM or any other logs until requested.

1. Download OTL, save to Desktop or other convenient location.
2. OTL does not need to be installed, simply click the OTL icon to run.

3. Click the Quick Scan Button.

OTL will take a few minutes to generate a log, and then open it using Notepad.
Note: If OTL.exe will not run, it may be blocked by malware. Try these alternate versions: OTL.scr, or OTL.com. If OTL still won't run, see this topic.

Step 3. Create a new topic, describe your issue(s)

Click here to start a new topic in the Virus Spyware, and Malware removal forum.
1. Be descriptive. Ask clearly. Be precise and informative about your problem. Describe any symptoms fully. Often with modern malware, diagnostic logs do not tell the whole story. Including infection names, file names, or error messages will aid the person helping. Also, include any removal tools or steps you've that you've used to try and remove the infection (if any). If known, it would be helpful to know how the infection was acquired. The answers to your malware removal questions depend as much on the way you ask the question, as on the difficulty of developing an answer. Offer a thorough, detailed description, and you'll get a fast, accurate reply.


Step 4. Copy and paste the OTL log from step 2

How to copy and paste:

a. Go to the notepad window containing OTL.txt
b. Right click with your mouse or touchpad.
c. Choose Select All from the shortcut menu.
d. Right click again, then choose Copy from the shortcut menu.
e. Go the window where you are typing your new topic. Select an area after the text.
f. Right click and select Paste from the shortcut menu.

The OTL.txt log will be pasted after your text.



Step 5. Review and submit your post

If you're satisfied with your new topic, click the Post New Topic button. Or, to preview what your topic will look like before posting it, click the Preview Post button. You will still have an opportunity to edit your topic after posting it. Now sit back and relax. You'll receive an email topic reply notification whenever your topic receives a reply.

Tips to improve everyone's experience

1. Please remember, everyone here volunteers their time. Be patient, kind, and don't forget to say thanks. We understand it's stressful to have an infected computer and wish we could help everyone immediately. However, depending on the complexity of your infection, when it was posted, and other factors, it may take a couple of days for your topic to receive an initial reply.
2. Please follow your thread to a conclusion. When finished, we will post instructions and advice on preventing future infections. If you fail to follow your topic to conclusion, your system may not be completely clean, and it will be more vulnerable to future infections.
3. If known, the "Topic Title" should contain the name of the infection. Your first, and best opportunity to attract a qualified expert is a quality title.
4. Please stay with your original topic when posting follow ups. Only post your topic once.
5. Do not create topics at multiple forums. It will confuse you, and create extra work for us. If you do this your topic will be closed.
6. If you enjoyed your experience, and would like to learn more about removing malware and spyware, join GeekU our malware removal training program (free).

Watch a three minute video walkthrough of this guide

Last Updated: Jan 7, 2015

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