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How do I wipe my laptop to factory settings/totally clean without XP C

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I know this is usually a last resort - and it is. I've been on another forum for a few days trying to fix multiple problems, breakages etc etc & nothing seems to be working or getting anywhere.

No valuble files at all on the laptop, so I'd like to be told how to wipe it 100% clean to when I bought it if possible! It is a Acer laptop, however I dont have any CDs...

Any help would be appriciated!

Thanks :)
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Sometimes laptops have recovery partitions that will recover the laptop to factory specs. You may need to just hit ESC, F1, F10, F12... or whatevers, to bring up the recovery application for your laptop. If you have the manual for your laptop, read it, as there should be something about how to recover to factory specs. If you don't have the manual, search google for it using the laptop model number.
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Major Payne

Major Payne

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Acer Recovery Media Purchase Program

Think Alt + F10 initiates the Recovery Services.That should work as long as you haven't wiped it.

How to Restore an Acer Computer to Factory Settings
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