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Laptop Charging Circuit

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I've come to the conclusion that my Laptop charging Circuit is duff. The unit performs perfectly while running off the battery, however when plugged in, it has been over heating for some time, and has now got to the stage where it is crashing and failing to start up correctly due to heat-issues. I have also recently started getting a new issue; the laptop will not start up or shut down while plugged in. On start up (when plugged in) it shuts itself down just after the Acer splash screen, and crashes on the Logging out stage of shut down. However these issues are eliminated when the laptop is unplugged.

From this I gather there is something wrong with the charging circuit; any ideas? And is it something that can be fixed/replaced?

EDIT: Acer Aspire 5536

Edited by tiroshii, 18 July 2011 - 04:16 PM.

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