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USB 2.0 Trouble!

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Hello I have been having trouble with my SD card reader for the past couple months I even went to ExpertsExchange and paid to have them help me but they were worthless.

First off My SD reader quit working when I installed my ipod. I thought it was either iTunes that messed it up or the new USB 2.0 driver I installed. I am almost sure its the USB 2.0 Driver. So i want somone to tell me step by step how to get a new fixed driver for my computer. Tell me what you need as far as motherboard and other info. Here is my story coppied from the experts exchange website.


Hello about a month ago i installed my ipod onto my computer. Ever since then I have been having trouble with my card reader.

To start off with I think there are two reasons why my card reader is not working right. One is that the itunes software has messed up my computer and messes with mass storage devices, or that when installing my ipod I tried installing usb 2.0. A month ago when i tried it i used the disc that came with my motherboard for the 2.0 drivers. My computer did not seem to work with the 2.0, i have a wireless keyboard that is hooked up through usb and it stopped working. So luckily i was able to unstall it and my keyboard worked again. Ever since then my enternal card reader which was hooked up to the enternal usb pins stopped working like it used to. Even though i used to have it working off of usb 1.0 it was way faster than it was after i installed itunes and messed with usb 2.0. After that i would pop in my sd card and i could go through the folders just fine on the card but the minute i opened one with pictures in it that would load up as thumbnails the window would freeze up and the card reader would reset.

I got tired of that so i suscribed to this site, the help i got was thoughtfull but didn't fix it. (by the way i tried the card in another computer, and it worked perfectly and fast) So i bought a new enternal card reader and hooked it up, it works with pictures better, i can tell that it is struggling not to freeze up though. When I try to move movies that i recorded on my digital camera to my hard drive it feezes and resets just like my old card reader. It is really weird because i can go though folders and folders and it dosnt struggle but its like the minute i open a folder with lots of pictures it is almost like it overloads the reader and makes it feeze up and just turn off and right back on (restart).

So today i popped in the card and it said "do you want to open as a folder, play in windows media player, copy pictures from a device to your computer using the camera and scanner wizard" and some other options so i clicked to copy pictures.
The pictures on my new enteral drive when i chose that option it will let me make a new folder to dump all of my pictures and avi files into. It goes really slow, 100kb pictures take about 5 seconds to go, everynow and then the card resets and the program says "cannot copy file, do you want to skip, try again, cancle" So when the card reader turns right back on 3 seconds after it shuts off i click try again. This mostly happens when it gets avi files, sometimes in the middle of jpgs, but it always happens on movie files. I click try again and it will get like 20 % more copyed to my computer then it will shut off and on again and i have to click try again and it will get another 20% of the video untill finally its done with that one.

So TODAY I decied to go buy an EXTERNAL USB drive, and wow, the same thing happens. One thing i do notice is that it seems to work faster when useing the camera and scanner wizard, but it still restarts. Pictures load in about 2 seconds and it seems to run so smooth untill it reaches avi files, then it does the same restart thing.

Today I also installed USB 2.0 Successfully and it seemd to make avi files go faster, but didn't keep it from restarting while copying files.

And when I just go browse though the folders of my SD card when its hooked into my external reader everytime i open a folder with pictures it freezes and restarts, on my enternal one it atlest lets me look at pictures with out feezing.

From what i see, it seems like the readers are not broken, infact when they do copy, esspecially the external card reader, they seem to work very fast and well. but something on my computer is not letting them do it all the way with out restarting them. Its almost like there is a snag that is holding them back. I have no idea, what to do, anyone have any ideas. I can promise you its got to be a software problem. It may be that some how every usb input/output on my compter is somehow fried or maybe the driver is wrong? I dont know please if you need more information ask me, like what i have under my device manager for mass storage and usb devices. I dunno, pplease help i have already spent 70 dollars on trying to fix this problem.

New info since then is that I also found out today that a USB flash drive that works on other computers wont copy files on my computer. When i try to copy an mp3 from the drive to my c drive it says "cannot copy files" If you need more details just ask me. I am pretty sure its the usb 2.0 drivers, they seem like they arn't working too well.
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Topic-USB 2.0 Problem greggmuz-
Date: 24th Oct-2005

Ok – Give me some time to analyze your Post & [Previous Posts] – Post back the answers to these questions

Additional info needed –
1- How old is PC
2- This is an UPGRADE from WIN 98
3- Make & Model of PC
4- Type – [Laptop] – [Desktop] – [Tower]
5- OS & SP installed
6- Overclocking ?
7- List all USB Devices Installed
8- How many USB Ports on PC
9- Do you have an expansion USB Card

Post these answers back 1st - & – then do the Following [To Do List] & Attach Reports in your 2nd Post -


1st - Here is a good tool – to analyze your PC with -

Download the Free Home Edition of [EVEREST] so we can analyze your PC – USB Capabilities -

Download & Run [EVEREST] & do the following steps to obtain 4 [REPORTS] – from these – will be able to answer USB update/upgrade suggestions better -


1 – Expand [COMPUTER] Folder
2 – Click on [SUMMARY] Folder
3 – On Main Menu – Click on [REPORT] >On pop down menu – Highlight [Quick Report-Summary] >Click on [HTML]
4 – Save to File as [greggumz-CPU-1] & attach to POST

Report –2:

1 – Expand [MOTHERBOARD] Folder
2 – Click on [MOTHERBOARD] Folder
3 – Click [REPORT] >[Quick Report-Motherboard] > [HTML]
4 – Save to File as [greggumz-Mobo-1] & attach to POST

Report –3 :

1 – Expand [DEVICES] Folder
2 – Click on [DEVICES] Folder
3 – Click [REPORT]>[Quick Report-Devices]> [HTML]
4 – Save as File [greggumz -Devices-1] & attach to Post

Report – 4:

1- Expand [Computer] Folder
2- Click on [SENSORS] Folder
3- Click [REPORT] > [QUICK Report – Sensors] > [HTML]
4- Save as File [greggumz -Sensors-1] & attach to Post

[EVEREST] will assist you in evaluating your PC of motherboard -

Attach the 4 Reports to your reply Post – I do not know how well [EVEREST] works with Laptops – may be limited CPU & Motherboard info (?)


2nd – Prepare [Disk Manager] to View [Non Present Devices] – so that we can clean the [DRIVER CLUTTER]

Preparation Process for [DEVICE MANAGER] to View [Non Present Devices] – This is a 2 Step process that
needs to be done only once –

Step – 1 Set [Folder Options] to [Show Hidden Files & Folders]
Step – 2 Set [Device Manager] to [Show Non Present Devices]

Step – 1 Open [Control Panel] and set [Folder Options] to show [Hidden Files & Folders] – (1 time process)

(1) – Click [Start] Button
(2) – Scroll up to [SETTINGS] > Click on [CONTROL PANEL]
(3) – Open [Folder Options]
(4) – Click on [VIEW] Tab
(5) – Scroll down to [Hidden Files & Folders]
(6) – Click the [SHOW HIDDEN FILES & FOLDER] Option
(7) – Deselect OPTION – [Hide Protected OS Files – Recommended]
(8) – Click [OK]
(9) – Close [Control Panel]

Step – 2 Prep [DEVICE MANAGER] to view [Non Present Devices] –( 1 time process)

(1) – Right Click [MY COMPUTER] > Click [PROPERTIES] on Drop Down Menu –
(2) – Click [ADVANCED] Tab – (on System Properties)
(4) – Under [SYSTEM VARIABLES] Section – Click [NEW] Tab –
(5) – In [NAME] Section – Type – devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices
(6) – In [VALUE] Section – Type the number 1
(7) – Close out by Clicking [OK] Tabs – 3 Times – (3 levels/panels to close)
(8) – Click on [START] Button > Then click on [RUN] –
(9) – Type – devmgmt.msc – and then Click [OK] – This will open [DEVICE MANAGER]
(10)– Click [VIEW] on Menu > Click [Show Hidden Devices] on Pop Down Menu –
(11) – View [Hidden Devices] – Indicated by Faded Gray Print – (Close when completed) –
(12) – Restart Computer – (To ensure a good [Initial] beginning -

I will give you instructions on [Device Manager] & the [Non Present Devices] later –


Edited by Jack123, 24 October 2005 - 07:25 AM.

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    Trusted Tech

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  • 944 posts
Topic- USB 2.0 Problem-Greggmuz –(2)
Date: 24th Oct-2005

This may take awhile for me to sort out – From reviewing your [Posts] – It appears as if you have quite an assortment of USB Devices installed:

1- [Secure Digital Card Reader]
2- iPod + iTunes
3- Digital Camera
4- USB Wireless Keyboard
5- External USB Card
6- New Card Reader (?)
7- USB Flash Drive
8- USB Mouse

You go into some details with some of your problems – But it just describes the results – It is the items that you did not mention that I need to know – When you post the [Everest Reports] – This will reveal some of the info that I am looking for –

My first/initial thoughts are that you probably have had this PC for awhile & originally had WIN 98 Operating System & then Updated to WIN 2000 XP – Then you added an USB 2.0 External/Expansion Card – Then you may have added a Digital Camera & a SD Card Reader – Sounds as if this was functioning OK until you added the iPod –

Then this when things went downhill – rather quickly – Now I need an explanation of your meaning of [PC Freezing] – Important to know to set my Direction of Troubleshooting –
1- [Mouse Pointer] is Frozen at a screen location & cannot move + No Keyboard – This requires a PC [Restart] to recover -
2- CPU is at 100% Performance & is [Busy] in a [Wait Status] – Requires Closing of Application or Folder to recover – This can be verified by opening [Task Manager] > [Performance] Tab

If it is Item 2 – then it is probably a combination of errors – Which is a result of 1 or combination of following events:
1- Loading/installing wrong drivers
2- Failed Driver Installation
3- IRQ Resources sharing conflicts
4- Running out of PC Resources
5- Audio – Video Driver Conflicts
6- Need to update Audio – Video Drivers
7- Driver Clutter as a result of [Reinstallation Attempts]
8- Auto Download & Installation of [Recent Windows Update]

Now since your iPod appears to be the main cause/reason or the origin of problem – We probably need to uninstall those items 1st – But this needs to be accomplished in a certain order – Then we need to examine your [USB 2.0 Host Controller Interface] & USB 2.0 Driver installation

Right now I believe that you probably have a WIN 98 USB Driver installed – This has to be Uninstalled also – if that is the case – I need to know if you updated from WIN 98 to Win 2000 XP –

You said that your motherboard [Installation CD] contained the USB 2.0 Driver – The proper Drivers should be contained in Win 2000 XP – [Service Pack 1 & 2] –

Also you need to verify if you have an USB Expansion Card – and if you have an Installation CD with it – Usually the CD also contains WIN 98 Drivers – which do not function with WIN 2000 XP – You usually obtain your USB Drivers from the [Service Pack Installation] – Win 2000 XP did not contain USB Support –

USB Support came with the [Service Pack 1] Installation -

Now when you add other factors – you start compounding USB errors -

(Audio Video Interleaved) A Windows multimedia video format from Microsoft. It interleaves standard waveform audio and digital video frames (bitmaps) to provide reduced animation at 15 fps at 160x120x8 resolution. Audio is 11,025Hz, 8-bit samples.

Video Card & Driver will be a factor and Audio/sound device & drivers are factors also- You start adding USB devices – you use more of your PC Resources Up – And begin/start sharing these resources – And then conflicts start showing up under certain conditions –

Another factor that can cause faulty USB Driver Installation – You need to DISABLE [ANTI VIRUS] applications during the [Installation Process] – This is to keep/prevent the Installing Process from being interrupted during [Virus Scan] –

I need to know if you have more than 1 Anti Virus Application running - This will consume CPU Resources and [Hang PC ] in [Busy State] for long periods – [Usually affects Mass Storage Devices]

Another factor is the MFG of Chipset on Motherboard & on USB PC Card – [Ali] – [VIA] – [SiS] –have known/recorded USB issues – that require some workaround schemes

So it is important to Analyze the problem/s correctly and set up a [Correction Plan] – Not sure if I can give you a [Detailed Step-by-Step Procedure] that can handle a [Complex Multi-problem Solution] – I will give you my ideas & an Outline to follow – And some Web sites to review – and suggest using some Utilities that may be Free or may not –

If you Installed all the USB Devices & are able to use/operate them – Then we should be able to [Technically Communicate] effectively – It is hard to do over a Forum Media – It is not a real time activity – and takes several days to read - return these Posts – and to keep focused on the GUIDELINES – without jumping off on a tangent or getting sidetracked –

The most effective tool that you now have is – [Device Manager] that will reveal [Non Present Devices] – I will Post the significance of these devices – probably in next Post – along with some USB information –

I consider myself a [Hardware Person] – and try to find [Root Cause] of failures – I ask a lot of questions and analyze the answers – Then set up an Plan Outline – and give my thoughts/direction – Try not accomplish too much at one time – I have installed all the USB Items that you have except the iPod but I do have a USB Palm PDA Device & Docking Station – and several External USB Drives – I have encountered – studied – self taught – solved & documented my own USB problems along the way – This is what I can share with you – [My USB Experience] – There is a lot that I do not know about USB – But I try to learn more each day –

This is how I operate – You can decide if you want to continue with my USB consulting or if you want to pursue other avenues – My goals are to provide you with the information – knowledge & guidelines – So that you fix/repair & understand your own USB problems – And I learn another aspect of USB Devices -

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I did your todo lists heres what I got from your first post, I am going to kind of wait for you to post again jack because you were guessing on my computer info i am sure now you can make a better guess on what the problem is with all of this info

Additional info needed –
1- How old is PC: Half a year old
2- This is an UPGRADE from WIN 98 : No installed Win XP pro on the harddrive first never win 98
3- Make & Model of PC : Made by me, AMD 64 3400+, GeForce 6600 GT, 1 gig of ddr memory, 120 gig hard drive. I think all of that is accurate
4- Type – [Laptop] – [Desktop] – [Tower]: Desktop
5- OS & SP installed: XP SP2 installed
6- Overclocking ?: NO
7- List all USB Devices Installed :
Wireless Mouse and keyboard “Logitech Dinovo”
USB hooked up to HP printer
USB Hub with Card Reader “Iogear USB 2.0 Hub and card reader”
Internal card reader, so I have two card readers

8- How many USB Ports on PC I have 5 then the hub has 6 more, so 11, I think that’s about accurate
9- Do you have an expansion USB Card: No expansion card, just a hub hooked up.

I am attachtching the files you asked for also

Attached Files

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I was reading around on the net and I found this post from somone else having a similar problem. I consider his problem and mine almost exactly the same, the difference is when using USB to transfer files from my SD card or Jump Drive, they are just smaller versions of a 300 gb hard drive. So me and this guy have teh same problem. Somone who seems to know a lot about computers posted a possible way to fix it, so i wanted you to read it cause i dont understand it, but he mentions a bugged usb 2.0 drive.

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I fixed my problem, all i had to do was go to device manager and disable my "Enhanced" Usb, so easy,
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Topic- USB 2.0 Problem-Greggmuz –(3)
Date: 26th Oct-2005

The [Enhanced USB Controller] is your USB2.0 Host Controller –

There are anomalies with certain USB Chipsets & the USB 2.0 Host Controllers – that can cause problems with USB Devices – [Ali] – [VIA] – [SiS] – and often the only solution to obtain USB 2.0 Host Controllers – is to purchase & install – Tested & Proven USB 2.0 PCI Card – that contains NEC USB Chipset –

In your case – You have [VIA] USB Chipset -


Edited by Jack123, 26 October 2005 - 11:47 PM.

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