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My Internet's Not Working... But Why?

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Okay I've been using Netscape High Speed internet for about 6-8 months now and I have never experienced problems using my internet. Now yesterday I woke up for another business at home day, and fired up my pc. I clicked on my internet shorcut icon that I made with windows xp (not with the disk they provided me 8 months ago). & out of nowhere my internet was dragging itself, it was very slow and downloads where terrible. It kept getting slower, and slower, and slower. and slower as the day went by...

Now I'm thinking to myself "What The *^$%&#" is going on here?". I unplugged my modem and even took the power plug off the wall in order to reset it, and tried to see if that would help... Hmmm it didn't, and so I ended up going around the house checking the filters they gave me to use on my house phones. Everyone was fine on the phones I had put them on, except for one... There was one in my bedroom that was not on the jack. So basically the phone was plugged right to the wall and not using the filter! The filter was on it before though from what I remember (& I have a perfect memory).

The phone that was plugged straight to the wall without a filter is a cordless phone that needs to be plugged into an ac outlet in order to work. It was not plugged in. I asked my wife what was going on and she said "I was cleaning one day, and I guess I took off the filter and plugged the phone straight in, but I never put the phone on the ac outlet so what would it matter?".

I unplugged the phone and reset my modem by taking it's ac off the wall, tried getting my speed back on the net like normal, and was unsuccessful. The only way I could describe the speed I was having is like using internet that is worse than 56k dial up. After clicking my internet shortcut icon on my desktop, it would still connect but it would take about 10-15 seconds to connect. Usually it connects in 1-2 seconds, and the webpages loaded so slow. It usually takes the webpages 1-2 seconds to load but yesterday it was taking 30-40 seconds on any page. Sometimes it would show about half of a page and sometimes it wouldn't show anything at all. & yes this happened gradually during the day as it just kept getting worse and worse. It was kind of fine when I woke up and first used it, than it went slower, and slower during the day...

I scanned with Spybot, Adaware, & AVG but found nothing at all. So this time I got bent and called Netscape. I waited on hold for 40 minutes (this is why I'm writing this thread just in case something like this happens again so I can diagnose myself instead of being put on hold), they had me on hold for so long I was even shaving my beard from boredom. The guy told me to reset my modem, which I had already done before. It didn't work so than he told me to turn off my firewall which didn't work. Than he told me to reset all of the internet explorer internet options which didn't work either. Than he told me to go to run>type: winsock reset or something like that and that didn't work. So than he told me he didn't know what to do...

I told him look I'm going to unplug all the phones and filters in my home and only have my modem plugged in and see if it's a faulty filter. That didn't work either like sheppard tending to pirahanas. I told him that I have another computer downstairs that is brand new and uses no internet. I brought it up here (which was my idea), and set up a connection for the internet through windows control panel. Voila! It didn't work on the other pc either, oh yes it would still connect to the net but webpages would take 3 minutes if at all they loaded even half way. So basically the same as the pc I had first encountered the problems with. So now we both knew that it was either the modem, or as he said "a problem or noise in the phone lines"...

He made a ticket so the phone company could come here and check the lines within 3-4 days. I went to bed angry like a sheppard who couldn't tend to pirahanas, woke up this morning, tested my net just out of curiosity... & BAM NOW IT WORKS AGAIN LIKE NORMAL!

1. What the [bleep] could have been the issue? I thought I was possibly under attack by some hacker stealing my internet or something... What could this have been so I know for next time... Or was this just a freak occurance?

By the way as we all know high speed works with the phone lines. My internet company is Netscape and my phone company is a different company. Believe it or not but the building where all the technichians park and leave to go to work from is right across the street from me. So yes my phone company is right across the street. I mention this because they have started construction there. All they are doing is roofing though and I've seen them up there for weeks now. So I dunno if that has anything to do with this... The guy on the phone at netscape kept saying something about bandwidth and bottle necking and i dunno what the heck kind of chinese he was speaking of.


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