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startup/log on/"new" firewall installed

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Just digging my hole deeper!!! :) Win98 problems.

First I was becoming bothered by the fact Win98 would not go to sleep. I don't remember if I even have a Sleep option offered anymore! Other times I was getting frustrated that it would say it was Shutting Down but would lockup while Shutting Down. THEN I decided to look around online about some problem that kept coming up - discovered that I should have an older version (V5.5, build 2577) of Sygate firewall to get past that problem. Downloaded - and somewhere about then is when I could no longer get online!!

Tried "Allow All" with Sygate, Restarted and - same old problem. I turned of Sygate Firewall and AVG but still can't get online. Heck, Windows says it can't find anything -,,, Google - it always says - "Internet Explorer could not open the search page." This is the same response I've been getting. Before and after I let Registry Mechanic do it's thing!

BellSouth/ATT is my ISP. I use their Westell modem and a Linksys Router. I think tonight (with my work computer home) we are running a Mac, Win2000, WinXP and if it would work, Win98. I did use the the FastAccess DSL Help program offered thru BellSouth. In the test mode it always stops with "Failed" while testing computer.

Hmmm - found this . . .
* * * *
I opened up the Router properties by typing in the browser window via my XP PC which works.

Then I got the
LAN IP Address:

THen I got the DNS configuration.

Then I went to my 98 machine. Control Panel ->Networks

Then under TCP/IP I unchecked obtain IP address automatically and changed the IP address to: the Lan IP address

Then under DNS gateway (I think it was) I entered the DNS configuration numbers I got from the XP machine.
* * * *
-*SIGH*- I never learn! I'll try the above - although I'm not sure which is the LAN or DNS numbers I need. (I don't have anything listed as LAN IP Address!) I'll restart and see what happens. . . .

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hmm - Wow - Big surprise!! Didn't do any good! Any help in using Win98 to get online? I'm using WinXP right now.
In that last little change I made - when I used the FastAccess program, the computer passed the test but then the Network failed. Now that I've put the computer back like it was -with the FastAccess test program - the Computer failed.
This leads me to believe I just need to input correct information on the Win98 and it will work again. Any help?

Any help?

Edited by bamakodaker, 06 November 2007 - 10:51 AM.

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OK, Ok - short version - I can't get online. Other computers going through Linksys router and Westell DSL modem are having no problems. It's only the Win98. Something got changed on it. What should I check for?

In FastAccess test (part of BellSouth DSL program) it shows the computer to have failed in test report -
Adapter Count = 2 - OK
Adapter#1 VIA VT6105 Rhine III Fast Ethernet Adapter
DHCP enabled
IP Addresses ip= mask= gateway= fail
Adapter#2 VIA VT6105 Rhine III Fast Ethernet Adapter
DHCP enabled
IP Addresses ip= mask= gateway= fail

Does that reveal anything?

Edited by bamakodaker, 06 November 2007 - 10:53 PM.

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OK here is how it went -
I kept having an error showing. Somewhere online I saw that Win 98 kept having issues with a certain version of Sygate firewall. They said I should get an older version. I deleted my first version of Sygate and got the older version installed. That may have been what started my problems.


I need a firewall for my Win 98. Yes, plain 98, not SE. Old computer is maxed out. I can not make it better. Just trying to work with what I have.

I've spent hours last night. Back trying this AM. Gonna be late to work and still can't get old computer going.

Turned off Sygate. No difference.

Somewhere I saw to check IP. Start>Run>CMD - my computer said it couldn't find file. So I did Start>Run>ipconfig - DOS window with info comes up VERY briefly before it closes out. Rebooted and it still just flashes onto screen briefly.

Start>Control Panel>Network

Client for Microsoft Network>Properties - only selected - Logon and restore network connections.

VIA VT6105 Rhine III Fast Ethernet Adapter>Properties -
Driver type -Enhanced mode (32 bit and 16 bit) NDIS driver
Bindings - 2 TCP/IP's listed, both selected
Connection type - Auto-Negotiation
Flow Control - Hardware Default
Network Address - Not Present selected
Receive Buffers - value of 64
Transmit Buffers - 64
Wake on LAN event - OS Default Event

TCP/IP>Properties (both TCP/IP's are the same settings)
IP Address - obtain IP adress automatically
WINS Configuration - Use DHCP for WINS Resolution
Gateway - all blank
Bindings - Client for Microsoft Networks (only thing listed and is selected)
Advanced - Property has None listed
selected at bottom, Set this protocol to be the default protocol
NetBIOS - ?? looks like I want to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP has been selected but it
is "greyed" out and I can not select nor deselect.
DNS Configuration - Disable DNS is selected.

I'm way over my head but I have to keep trying. Any assistance would be EXTREMELY appreciated.
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Hello bama,

I might be able to offer you some limited assistance.

Try uninstalling Sygate and using the Jetico Personal Firewall v.1.0 or Safety.Net:

To get to the command prompt in Windows 98, you use command rather than cmd. Try running the ipconfig command from there.


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