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Sophos Answers Required


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1. Which of the following policies can be configured with Device Control? (select all that apply)

Block Bluetooth

Block wireless bridging

Allow hardware encrypted devices that are supported by Sophos

Block Optical Drives

Block all encrypted files


2. What is the default Bootstrap location for the Endpoint Protection client software?

\\Management server\SUMInstallSet

\\Management server\SophosUpdate\CIDs\SAVSCFXP

\\Management server\SophosUpdate\CIDs\S000\SAVSCFXP

\\Management server\SophosUpdate\Warehouse


3. Which of the following are the main criteria used by SophosLabs to determine the patch rating? (select all that apply)

Vulnerability severity

Threat prevalence

Patch date

Software popularity


4. How would you convert a trial into a full product?

Upload a new license file in the Sophos Enterprise Console

Reinstall the full version

Change the username and password in SUM


5. Which of the following deployment mechanisms can ONLY be used for Windows endpoint clients ? (select all that apply)

Sophos Enterprise Console's Protect Computers Wizard

Manual installation

Sophos Enterprise Console's Synchronization with Active Directory

Sophos Deployment Packager


6. Which of the following are settings applied to the user that is automatcally created on WORKSTATION? (select all that apply)

User cannot change password

Member of the Users group

Password never expires

Member of the SophosUsers group


7. What are the default Live Protection settings for Enable Live Protection and Automatically send sample files to Sophos?

Enabled / Enabled

Enabled / Disabled

Disabled / Enabled

Disabled / Disabled


8. Data Control will scan files in which of the following scenarios? (select all that apply)

Files opened during scheduled scans

Files saved to a monitored device from Microsoft Word

Files sent using an email client

Files uploaded using a web browser

Files copied onto monitored devices using Windows Explorer

Files copied onto monitored devices using the command prompt


9. A Sophos administrator has discovered computers on the network and created / modified policies? What are the minimum additional steps required to protect computers? (select all that apply)

Place computers in groups

Deploy Sophos Enduser Protection to the computers

Apply the policies to the Unassigned group

Create groups


10. What are the default Behavior monitoring settings for Detect malicious behavior and Detect suspicious behavior? (Lab 4, Task 2)

Disabled / Disabled

Enabled / Disabled

Disabled / Enabled

Enabled / Enabled


11. Which of the following actions are performed by Patch Assessment? (select all that apply)

Identification of patches for multiple vendors including Adobe and Google

Reporting of computers missing patches

Automated deployment of patches to managed endpoints

Comparison of patches installed on endpoints with the SophosLabs list for the operating system and installed applications

Rating of patches for criticality


12. Which of the following statements are true regarding support for full disk encryption? (select all that apply)

It is no longer possible to manage full disk encryption from Sophos Enterprise Console.

The endpoint full disk encryption component has been replaced by Sophos Safeguard Enterprise Encryption

The version of full disk encryption that is managed from Enterprise Console now integrates with Microsoft’s BitLocker and Apple’s FileVault encryption technologies

Customers who have the licenses for full disk encryption can continue to use this component


13. Which of the following are benefits of deploying a Web CID? (select all that apply)

It uses less network bandwidth and is more scalable

It is required when more than one Update Manager is deployed

HTTP is a convenient way to update Sophos Antivirus on Macintosh, Linux and UNIX

It does not require Windows authentication

It is required to support local client updates for a branch office


14. Which of the following IIS virtual directory settings did you view or configure in preparation for creating a Web CID? (select all that apply)

MIME types


Directory browsing




15. Which of the following commands was used to create a backup?

DataBackuprestore.exe -Backup

DataBackuprestore.exe –action=Backup

DataBackuprestore.exe /action=Backup

DataBackup.exe /action=Backup


16. In the Sophos Update Manager's configuration what are the default logging settings?

Keep total log size under 500 MB, Remove log files older than 365 days

Keep total log size under 700 MB, Remove log files older than 7 days

Keep total log size under 500 MB, Remove log files older than 20 days

Keep total log size under 1000 MB, Remove log files older than 30 days


17. In the Active Directory, which groups is the SophosDBUser user a member of? (select all that apply)

Sophos DB Admins

Domain Administrators

Sophos Console Service Users

Domain users


18. Which of the following anti-virus and HIPS settings are grayed out when Tamper Protection is enabled?

On-demand extensions and exclusions

Web Protection

Sophos Live Protection

Right-click scanning

Behavior monitoring

On access scanning



19. What changes did you make to the Browser HTTP connection rule? (select all that apply)

Remove HTTP-83

Add HTTPS 443 Secure connection

Add HTTP 80 Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Turn off Stateful TCP

Change Direction to Inbound and Outbound


20. If the default settings are used which of the following file types will be included in on-access scanning? (select all that apply)

Adware and PUAs

Suspicious files

Executable and other vulnerable files

Files with no extension


21. Which of the following are features of web protection? (select all that apply)

Blocking access to sites that are known to host malware

Content scanning

Blocking access to sites that contain adult content

Live URL filtering


22. Which of the following users and groups are default members of the SophosAdministrator group located on the WORKSTATION, which is a member of the SOPHOS domain?

SOPHOS\Domain Admins

SOPHOS\Domain Users






23. A user that has the HelpDesk role also needs to be able to configure reports. Which of the following solutions is the best to enable them to do this?

Assign them the Report Configuration sub-estate

Add Report Configuration to their Assigned Rights

Assign them the Administrator role

Ask them to login as a different user, that has the Administrator role, when they want to configure reports


24. What settings are initially contained in the Firewall rule for Browser HTTP connection?

Where the direction is Outbound and the remote port is HTTP-83 Allow it

Where the protocol is Stateful TCP and the direction is Outbound and the remote port is HTTP Allow it

Where the protocol is Stateful TCP and the direction is Outbound and the remote port is HTTP-83 Allow it

Where the direction is Outbound and the remote port is HTTP Allow it


25. Which of the following ICMP firewall settings are applied by default ? (select all that apply)

Echo Reply IN : Allow

Echo Request OUT : Allow

Echo Reply OUT : Allow

Echo Request IN : Allow


26. Which Sophos Knowledge Base article lists the Secure Removable Devices that are supported? (Lab 5, Task 3)






27. You have selected a group in Enterprise Console but are unable to see all the computers that it should contain. What is the most likely reason for this?

You are logged in to the wrong sub-estate

Some of the computers are offline

The View is not set to All Computers

Firewall configuration is blocking communication with the computers


28. Which of the following statements about Sophos Tamper Protection are true? (select all that apply)

It prevents unauthorized users from uninstalling the software

It prevents unauthorized users from uninstalling the software in Windows safe mode

It records tamper attempts in the Sophos Enterprise Console

It prevents unauthorized users from disabling security features


29. Which of the following platforms are supported by the Sophos Client Firewall? (select all that apply)

Windows 2008

Windows 8 and 8.1

Windows 2000

Windows 7

Windows Vista 32 bit


Mac OS


30. Sophos Enterprise Console requires entry of usernames and passwords when configuring which of the following ? (select all that apply)

Protect Computers Wizard

Database access

Component Communication

Sophos Update Manager Credentials


31. Which of the following platforms support anti-virus policies managed by Sophos Enterprise Console? (select all that apply)



Windows 7

Mac OS

Windows 8


32. What setting was used in Device Control to ensure that files could not be copied to a removable device?

Enable device control scanning / Removable storage: Read only

Enable device control scanning / Detect but do not block devices

Detect but do not block devices / Removable storage: Read only

Detect but do not block devices / Removable storage: Blocked


33. Which of the following methods can be used to create firewall rules based on enduser activity? (select all that apply)

Allow all traffic and use Firewall Event Viewer to monitor activity and create the required rules

Monitor traffic and use Firewall Event Viewer to create the required rules

Block traffic and user Firewall Event Viewer to create the required rules

Use the Create Rule button in Sophos Client Firewall Log Viewer


34. Which protocol is used by the Patch Agent to communicate with the Patch Server?




Sophos RMS


35. What View/Filter is automatically applied when you click Computers with alerts in the Dashboard? (live)

Computer with potential problems

Managed computers with outstanding Sophos product errors

Managed computers with outstanding virus/malware alerts

Managed computers with outstanding alerts


36. Which of the following statements about role-based administration are true? (select all that apply)

Sub-estates define the list of Sophos groups that users can manage

System administrators have more rights than administrators

Enterprise Console users will only be able to see the Active Sub-estate

When a user has rights to multiple sub-estates, computers from all of these will be shown automatically when they open Enterprise Console


37. Which folder path is used by the default SUMInstallSet share?

ProgramData\Sophos\Update Manager\Update Manager

Program Files\Sophos\Update Manager\SUMInstaller

Program Files (x86)\Sophos\Enterprise Console\SUMInstaller

ProgramData\Sophos\Enterprise Console\SUMInstaller


38. What command was used to test connectivity from WORKSTATION to the Message Router on the SERVER?



telnet server 8192

telnet workstation 8192


39. In the Sophos Update Manager's configuration where can you change the Username used to connect to Sophos for updates?







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Hi Amit_0223k and welcome to our forums.




In order that we can help you as far as possible, please do the following:


1 Advise us of the purpose of the questions and what you are trying to achieve


2 Provide your own answers to the questions and post them back here so we can see your current level of knowledge and understanding.


On receipt of the above, one of our members here, may be in a better position to help you.




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