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Can anyone advise me about replacing a DVD Drive on a Dell Inpiron 150

DVD Drive on a Dell Inpiron 1

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I recently was attempting to install a Linux Boot disc on my Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop and the dvd disc drive was having a problem completing loading the Dvd disc... and not really being  aware of any sensitivities of DVD drives... (I tried a few things to see if I could get the install on the dvd to complete) and I have ended up breaking the  dvd drive...


such looking and messing around  with the disc drive (and taking some of it apart and trying to put it  back as it was ) and also having tried to slightly squeeze the laptop during a  attempted Slowed up  load ,when it had almost completed the install , but it ended up seeming to freeze  up and go no further to complete the full  installation sucessfully (b4 I squeezed).


I think its to do with the lens  of /or  laser that I may had touched  (which after the even I found out I should not had done)


When I look in My Computer , system info ,  and look in Device manager


I can see the info about the drive.. which is described as


Dvd / cd rom  drive  DELL   HL - DT-ST CDRW / DVD GCC4244


Unfortunately The DVD / CD Rom disc drive  on the Dell Inspiron 1501 does NOT easily come out of the computer like some other similar models...where they can be removed without having to open the casings on the laptop.


It seems that in order   to remove it... Id have to unscrew several screws and I am NOT sure what else inside I may have to further deal with.


I HAVE tried to find some info or youtube videos online to see if one will show me how to remove and replace a dvd drvive for my Dell Inspiron 1501,...BUT I cannot find an exact matching one....


I can only find a couple or so videos on dvd disc drive  replacemmnt for other  Dell models..


the 1st one shows how a dvd drive can be removed for the Dell  model  it  refers to,  BUT ITS NOT the same as a DELL Insp 1501

it also shows how to add a 2nd  dvd disc drive


How to Install 2nd Hard Drive in Laptop - Dell Inspiron 15





How to replace a Laptop DVD  Drive with Hard Drive on Dell Inspiron 15 3000





I did think I found one video at one time that indicated how to open a dell inspiron by removing several screws. but I cannot seem to find it again.


ONE MAIN Concern I have IF I was to be able to unscrew and open the laptop.. is issues with,  If I should touch the wrong part or things within the circuit boards or was to have a electric type static problem.   IF I recall Computer engineers wear a special static thing on the hands  or wrists to earth out any electric issues.. OR maybe they may now wear rubber gloves...


Is this likely to be something that I would have  to consider..if I was to try to fully unscrew  the casing and take it apart   ???


I just wondered if anyone may be able to offer any further  guidence ?



For what ever reason... I have some financial issues at the moment  and cannot afford to obtain a new dvd drive and or pay for a repair or replacemnt.


In many a local Computer shop where I live, many a relativiely simple type repair can cost about 60 GBP plus parts and I only paid 40 GBP for my laptop that I obtained from ebay some years ago.



But I can afford a Low cost drive that I have found on ebay... BUT It maybe a different model, but it says its compatable with a series of Dell Models inc the 1501 model.


This is one of the Ebay options that I found for about 6 GBPs   

Dell Inspiron 1525 1526 1520 1521 1501 6000 6400 1720 IDE DVD-RW Drive #D1




Seller refurbished: The item has been restored to working order by the eBay seller or a third party. This means the item was inspected, cleaned and repaired to full working order and is in excellent condition. This item may or may not be in original packaging. See seller's listing for full details.
Compatible Brand
Compatible Product Line
Does not apply





Thank you in advance..

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Hi Freebooter


I appreciate your reply.


In ref to me installing a  LINUX  DVD Boot Disc / operating system ... via the DVD / CD Rom Disc drive.  


Someone on another forum had advised me what to do to find a way to allow me to use linux on my Lapop that was previously

on Windows XP.  ....(In which  windows XP unfortunately certainly within the last 12 months , will no longer operate or work on more and more websites or what now seems ALL email services..)


I was told by a prior Computer expert  adviser  that the ONLY way to install it on my particular model of Dell Inspiron was via DVD Disc drive....The adviser had ruled out using a Thumb USB flash drive for some reason he had concluded ..


I dont fully Understand exactly what the DVD really contains... (I am still a bit confused between what maybe a FULL Operating system dvd and a Boot disc dvd)  


At the Moment I can only access the Internet using a MOBILE network system using 3G,  4G or 5 G... I dont have broad band or any direct wifi to my location.


I have managed to install the Linux disc ok on another Desk top computer.... BUT I can not connect to the internet until I obtain a special Linux wireless network adaptor  (WNA )to be able to use a Mobile Networks system Via an I Phone where I can use a  HOTSPOT function to send signals to my Desk top to use the Internet.. I also need such a WNA to recieve a signal from my mobile I phone to my  laptop.


At the moment I have got a bit of a problem taking photos... (But I maybe able to do so in the next day or two) and will IF I cant cannot find any other solution.


As regards to the  correct Actual Part..


My Impression on when I looked at the ebay DVD drives that indicated it was compatable for what seems a few different Dell Inspiron laptop models... even it its NOT the exact same dvd drive as the original that I think I have in my present  Laptop.


So in other words , is it likely that other brand or dvd disc drive makes, (That may differ from the one I have got) may still work ok on the actual Dell  Inspiron Laptop/s



Best regards

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Hi Freebooter,


Forgive me if I seem a bit confused. or if My comments are rather a bit confusing....





I am adding this short edit that I am posting after I had wrote the original reply as seen from further  below.


I just rechecked some of the things that my prior Computer advisor had said to me... They did suggest I could use either a DVD disc drive or USB Flash drive option. They gave me this link if I considered using the flash drive.



BUT one of the reasons they suggested I use the DVD disc drive approach was to avoid me having to remove my Windows XP system...which I did not really want to have to remove.... SO I could the Linux  boot disc  WITHOUT having to remove any files on my existing laptop..


I Am NOT sure if a similar thing would apply to a Fash drive approach or if it required me to had to remove some files of my WIN XP op system of my machine.


BUT ALSO basically I have limited space at the moment on machine that I did NOT want to remove..So .Unless  I increased my hard drive size which had initially suggested that I then informed them I could not afford or wanted to really have to do if it could be avoided.... So using a boot disc  approach still allowed me to use Linux with limited space on my laptop ... As I may have said my situation is rather complicated  maybe due to me trying to avoid having to do other certain things if I was able to find an alternative solution.







I may not fully  understand the 1st  part  of what you have said..or maybe you did not fully grasp or fully understand some of my prior comments.


IF I recall correctly... I think initially when I was being advised by an suggested Computer expert who was familiar with Linux.

They did give a Linux website that I think did contain various downloads.... and I THINK.... I was told to either download or copy or use a DVD writer that had to go onto a DVD disc.     (I am not sure without trying to recheck exactly what was said or I need to reread the Linux website installation guide)  BUT for some reason, It ended up we did  NOT get involved in dealing with a flash drive.


It may had been as my laptop was say 32 bit  or 64 Bit and maybe was not compable for using the Fash drive with it. or It may had been that there was an issue on having to make the download from the Linux installation guide that refered to use of or concersn over ISO images...


It turns out that my laptop is 32 bit, BUT my other adviser also could use a 32 bit laptop on a 64 bit dvd disc (or I assume also flash drive) as I think they said my chip was 64 bit...BUT Information shown online suggested it should only be a 32 bit for the make of my machine if bought new at the time...



Linux Mint comes in the form of an ISO image (an .iso file) which can be used to make a bootable DVD or a bootable USB stick.

This guide will help you download the right ISO image, create your bootable media and install Linux Mint on your computer.




On taking a quick look at whats described as the Verify your ISO image,


this seems somewhat complex to me as I have never seen anything like it before and Im not sure I want to consider it until I fully understand whats involved and how it may effect any dealing on various other forms of websites etc...


Is this to help avoid dealing with any website order  banking verification issues by any chance ?


If it is, this does seem hard for me to grasp at the moment...to consider trying this option.





Whether or not it was , or I did not have one at the time or maybe they are more expensive than Dvds  (Due to the fact of pathetic financial situation at the moment where I struggle to even buy small low cost items.)


when you say "Connect the flash drive to a new device"    This  May still confuse me..or at the moment I have not as yet worked out what you mean.


WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHEN YOU SAY CONNECT THE FLASH DRIVE TO A "NEW DEVICE"    (My Present Laptop computer is an Old device )


What would be the " NEW device".... is that  connect it to another New Computer ?  or something else ? or is it to a USB Flash Writer or something ?


UNLESS you mean I need to obtain a NEW  suitable sized flash drive and insert it into my computer and then attempt to connect to the internet, which at the moment I can do using my mobile network / hotspot / Wireless network adapter...BUT its still on Windows XP. op system.


I was able to connect to the Linux Installation and downloads website.... SO MAYBE it is possible to download  a suitable linux bootdisc option from that website onto my computer or onto a blank flash drive....




The Linux Boot disc dvd if I recall  was 1.8 GBs and Im not sure How large flash drives can be to operate on my Laptop (Until I recheck) I JUST SINCE HAVE NOTED That Flash drive sizes vary upto many GBs of potential data size  space... The only one I had was only 1 GB... but I can see now some are over 100 GBs, into other  varied size   butlarger flash drives can vary in price and can be cheaper also  if ordered on ebay...


and Im also NOT sure  how much disc space I may need actually also left on my laptops  hardrive if I can  manage to download the Linux bootdisc onto  a suiatable flash drive.... and then attempt to load that into my laptop computer .


IS that what you mean ?


I am partally aware of the Bios part of the process in selecting F2 or F12 and selecting Boot and checking for the drives and positioning it at the top of the list..


when I was trying the DVD approach installation....It contained some basic instructions.. and  IT said NOT to insert the disc until I had done the bios process selections...BUT this did not seem to work when I tried it...


But My brother had said to me, It  needed to install the dvd disc into the drive before dealing with the bios selctions.


I am Not sure if this would also be a similar situation when trying to use a Flash drive that contained the Linux bootdisc download.


I mentioned that I had some guidence from another seemingly knowledgable Computer expert and they told me that I could install boot disc via a DVD Drive... and Initially I was told to download a copy onto a DVD disc if I also had a what I think they suggested was if my systems dvd rom  drive was also a rewriterable one  or something like that...or that basis..I was told to obtain  either a suitable copied download  or an existing a suitable Linux bootdisc  Dvd ,  which I obtained from Ebay. and thats the disc I tried to install.



I cant recall exactly what happened at the moment but it maybe that I dont have a suitable dvd drive writer on my system... I think my brother does have one on his computer system but it may had not been suitable for some reason or  we  just could not find a way to download Linux boot  onto a writable dvd via a disc writer that I think was required.


I MAY need to reread both the linux website install guide and the prior info that was written to me by the other Computer person who tried to guide me if I dont short click to work out what I think you are trying to explain to me..


THAT MAY come to  make sense to me shortly after i post this,  if I can get my head around it ,or if you are able to confirm some things that I have said.


But It could be VERY good  for me if it does on a flash drive or IF I can work exactly how to do it..., NO DOUBT !


It could seem promising.... BUT as I have mentioned there may had been some reason that I was advised to use the Dvd approach.

As I say I just need to recheck some details or attempt what I THINK you are advisng me as a 2nd option to by pass any need for a dvd drive.. that can still then load the linux boot program into my laptop...


then I dont to buy or obtain a new disc drive or pay to get it repaired... or for me to attempt to open up my laptop to take out and replace a dvd disc drive..


All I then need to do is obtain a suitable Linux wireless netwrk adapter.


ONE Other last big issue I have at the moment if IF I try to order anything on the likes of ebay or many websites... is these websites now in the UK where I live..... require visitors to use a Banking verification process as a form of security for even any low cost  or any items.... and it reuires that you offer them ones mobile phone number or home number.... and if you dont have any of these you can no longer order anything from these websites.... ALSO as I was using Win XP, I myself could not access them.


So I had to ask my brother if he would order the linux dvd boot disc for me, which at the time he was good enoght to do so.

That was a few weeks ago...BUT at the moment we are in a bit of a dispute over something and have fallen out and he says he says he wont order anything else for me...But  sometimes we fall out and make up like the changes in the weather, so if Im lucky he may change his mind...


I wanted to order a low cost Linux  Wireless network adaptor  or at the time a 2nd hand dvd drive  from ebay again that I found betwen 5 to 10 GBPs.each..., that I had been considering until you made you last post to me...


I may now have to try to find a shop that sells a cheap one if I can, But I think if you buy new they seem to be expensive.

and at one time there used tobe regular Computer Fairs where you could buy all sorts of 2nd hand computers or parts.

But they no longer seem to be in operation any more like they used to be some years ago...


and there is Not many smaller computer shops that sell cheap or 2nd hand items ....


so it maybe ackward for me to find one that suits my finances...


I will just have to see what happens







Many thanks.!

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After I just wrote my last reply,


There is one Computer related  shop in my area and I was able to phone them...


and I asked if they have any Linux compatable  Wireless network adaptors and what was their lowest price and they have one in stock for 10 GBPs

thats also compatable with some varied Windows Ops systems..


ALSo I asked them about my Dvd disc drive and they said they maybe able to offer me one for about 10 GBP and only charge 10 to 15 to fit it rather than

what had prior often seemed a std  60 GBP fee just to do some other various  basic or simple types of  repair  jobs.


I would prefer if possible to see if I was able to do such a thing myself If I was able to find out how to do it with more certainly before I attempt it,

IF say I was to try to open up the laptop and remove and replace its dvd disc drive.


BUT if I was Not able to do it, then those costs maybe seem quite reasonable under the circumstances...


IF I WAS to TRY to Open my Laptop by removing what seems about 7 to 10 small screws to open it,...

Providing if I can open it.... and NOT find any sort of connected internal  cables  or wires that prevent one easily opening it up ..

and IF I can see the DVD disc drive and maybe an easy removal wire cable that I can unplug , ideally without touch any of the various

elecronics or boards...  Then it maybe quite easy to remove....


As Long as I can avold any sort of possible electrical or static issues in which I may have to wear rubber gloves or use a special wrist band

to earth out any electric touching mishaps...


IF someone  is aware of such things.... I just hoping that they may be able to offer certain bits of advice I may need to be more aware of if I both attempt to

remove and also replace a DVD disc drive . !



The other thing is at least Now I seem to be able to buy or obtain a Suitable Linux  Wireless Network adaptor  for 10 GBP that will  then allow me

to use my existing ebay Linux bootdisc on my DESK TOP computer  and enable me to access the Internet....


That will then allow me to order anything on various websites .... (BUT ONLY IF I am willing to give my bank one of my phone numbers to allow the banking verification process)


The Bank Verification is OK for security reasons.... BUT also some may suggest it causes awkwardness and further breaches of our privacy...


Considering there is so much said about Data protection issues these days.


I assume Data Protection works in at least two ways...  ONE for Business / Banking uses etc and One for Individuals Privacy being broken.

by being almost forced to offer a phone number in to be able to order things from websites online... !

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No need to open the computer up.


Backwards compatible with USB 2.0, 1.0 ports Windows XP and Linux USB DVD drive

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Thk you for your comments/ info.


Surprisingly also today someone has given me some info about how to remove my DVD disc drive.


In the end it just required the removal of one small screw on the rear casing just above the battery.


It just says to remove the laptop battery and then to Remove the JIS #1 8mm screw from above the upper right corner of where the battery was


I tried to post an image direct  but the system wont allow it...



It seems that the local PC repair shop would had charged me 15 GBP for their labour just to more or less do that..

Unless there are other things that they need to do on the replacement of a new or another dvd  disc drive... (Maybe also install some software possibly)


But I can now remove the dvd drive myself...


If I obtain another replacement drive...(IF it also comes with software...or I need to download it)  I would hope that I can  also do that if needed.


I maybe able to obtain the DVD drive for about 10 GBPs



The Linux Wireless network adaptor (LWNA) link you posted makes a ref to both linux and it mentions Some various Windows versions and thankfully also Win XP.

Plus its seems cheaper .


IF The shop I enquired about  also claims to sell Linux based wireless adaptor thats also Windows / Win Xp compatable... I may just purchase that as its saves me

having to order online....BUT if they dont offer one with the same options / functions /features..


I may see if I can find a way to order it online..



Best regards










Phillpower2  :        No need to open the computer up.


Backwards compatible with USB 2.0, 1.0 ports Windows XP and Linux USB DVD drive

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You are welcome and glad to hear that you have sorted removing the drive yourself  :thumbsup:

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Post separately so that the OP gets a notification DELL INSPIRON 1501 LAPTOP CDRW DVD ROM DRIVE 0KP258 SONY CRX880A BLACK BEZEL

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Hi PhillPower2,


Thank you very much for your further post and finding what seems such a possible great offer to allow me to obtain what maybe the

lowest cost item I yet come across for my dvd disc drive requirement for my Dell Inspireon 1501 Laptop...


I Note the link and am amazed to see the Ebay Listing for a DVD disc drive at just 1 GBP Plus 2.50 GBP postage = 3.50 GBP in total


As It happens I have not as yet took any actions to make any purchase so far...!


But Forgive me if I seem a bit unsure exactly some of  what your comment means.

Can you clarify more specifically what you mean by this... ie Post seperately.... Op gets a notification ?



Post separately so that the OP gets a notification



Could I also ask, IF I obtain another DVD disc Drive .... IF it was NOT exactly the same model,  would I also need to have obtained some software for it,

from either a dvd or cd or a Hopefully Free obtained Download on some website that I have to install to activate the device...


OR if it was exactly the same model.... I assume that the device once reinstalled should work OK and I wont have to do anything else to make it work.



It will be a case now if I can find a way to order it online that I am OK with....


(The reason Im saying that is because I still Dont want to be foreced to have to give my bank my mobile phone number to allow their Banking Verification process to work to allow myself using my credit or debit card to be allowed to be accepted....AS I say the or MY UK bank has only enforced this in the last 6 to 12 months...as far as I am led to believe)


I DID try to order something online via a mobile phone and I do get the Bank Verfication page show up demanding to confirm a phone number before

I can order.


BUT last Time I did Order a Mobile nnetwork Sim VIA ONLINE using a LAPTOP.... I WAS Allowed to order a Sim without the Bank Verification showing up

which was about 12 months ago.


I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO OR TRIED SINCE... BECAUSE ALSO...I was using WINDOWs XP and that stopped working on severl websites within

the last 6 months inc ebay some Moble phone comparision websites where I used to be able to order mobile sims a much lower cost...to enable to me

then to use a Mobile I Phone hot spot to send a wireless 4G signal to my laptop that much cheaper than using broadband at a fraction of a cost


I Could obtain 10 to 20 GBs of data and unlimited phone calls for sometimes as low as 2 GBP a Month for upto  between 3 (to 6 monthson some occasions as the offers can still vary ) ...thats possibly as low as 12 GBP for 6 months in some cases...as in some cases thats at  20 GBs a month-


Where as some yrs ago I was paying  (as prices started to reduce over some yrs) 20, or 15 or 10  GBP a Month for broad band each month.


IT MAY still be possible ON Some Mobile sim websites to still order without bank verification... BUT My impression is after speaking to my bank about it ..is..  THEY said the FCA  (Thu the UK Govt have insisted that the UK banks have now got to use this)


I am NOT 100 % clear as to, does this effect ones right to privacy or are they making that they have got someones phone details related to a purchase connected to

either ones home phone number or Mobile Phone number.


And Yet the purchase  is or would be recorded by a bank to ones own bank details related to ones purchases which I am sure that the Govt Police or whoever

could get access to anyway, thru the bank,  if they were doing some investigation unless someone was using someone elses phone as a form of fraud of something.

Or someone who was a criminal was trying to use someone bank details or bank cards to order something.


I DO accept there is a positive side to them using some form of security such as a mobile number so that if someone stole ones credit or debit card..

and Knew a persons certain details like age and address... that may had been able to order something using a persons credit debit cards.


BUT IF they had to then pass thru a security check and did not know a persons phone number they would not be able to succeed in making a purchase

as they would NOT be able to answer the bank verification process when it asked to conform the phone number.


Then from what I understand IF they did know your number, IF they dont also have your phone, THE BANK WOULD either send a TXT or Diectly CALL a persons phone to pass on a secret pass code or ref number  that then needs to be acknowledged or entered  further during the purchase process to pass the process and to be allowed to complete the order.

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You are welcome  :)


Can you clarify more specifically what you mean by this... ie Post seperately.... Op gets a notification ?



If I had edited my reply #9 to insert the ebay link you may have missed it because you do not get an email notification from the forum when a previous post gets edited, you only get such a notification for a new post.


If you order the exact same device it should be a straightforward swap but if you use a different drive you may well have to start looking for firmware updates and for such an old drive you may come unstuck.


Sorry but can`t help with online purchase information other than to suggest that you ask among family or friends if anyone uses Paypal and if they can order it for you.

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I note and appreciate your explanations Phillpower2.


I  Think that I now have a better idea of what your explaining.


Since I started this thread, I only tend to check the Forums posts...


IF I recall maybe on some other various topic types of forums ive been on (Not just Computer related ones)

I still tend to mainly note posts directly on the forum, but I am Not sure if all forums tend to send emails to ones own email account

either for each post made or any edits.... (Some forums I am on no longer allow edits or they may alter whether they do or not depending on certain things or moderator decisions)


Knowing now that if I manage to order another type or make or model for the DVD disc drive... Yes it maybe a concern as to whether or not I am able to also obtain any required

software or download/ firmware for it.  I will have to try to be sure about that before I make my decision what to do or order.


Everything that I have now looked into presently seems to mostly have a reasonable solution... such as having now become aware Linux and of being able to be aware of how

to over come the problems that I have had... be obtaining a Linux Wireless netwk adaptor .... and also finding out options for obtaining an alternative Dvd disc drive, which I can now either obtain from a local Computer shop or online if I can find a way to have one ordered to my acceptance.



I need to double when I can how the various optional dvd disc drives will compare to my broken dvd disc drive as well as to check availability of any required software.


In ref to the last ebay link you gave me for that specific drive.... (Until I double or do a further detailed more indepth check, Im not quite sure at the moment how they compare.)

As good as that offer seems.... I also have to ask why would someone sell  something like that so cheap ?  You would not think it was worth their while.


I could maybe understand it if they were selling it for parts only,


But from my perception is at the moment without further rechecking again....It appears to be a working drive ! and too good to be true.


The seller seems to have a good record, so Hopefully there has not been many if any issues with past sales or any negative feedback.


One thing that some people may question, could be for eg if one may have some concerns about security is whether you could trust such a thing..

and some people have told me not to order certain things online of the likes of ebay ... I can only assume that if it came with software is,,  could it be possible

that any software may also include spyware.


I know some people who definately would not trust ordering anything that is shown as on ebay as a items that come from China.


BUT having said all that... Spyware could probably hidden in any type of purchase and we would not probably get to know.


BUT I am tempted under my poor financial situation...


Thank you again.







On trying to do a quick compare of my broken Dvd drive against the ebay Dell Sony Dvd drive.


It seems that they are different drives.


My Broken drive is described as this


Dvd / cd rom  drive  DELL   HL - DT-ST CDRW / DVD GCC4244


The Ebay description is descibed as ....IN which I am NOT sure if it maybe a better drive or it offers more functions etc that my present one may not have.

I am not sure what its means in ref to where it refers to the word Bezel... ie Black Bezel (assume colour) then it also says NO Bezel IDE  ! ???

I assume also if something is classed as a combo drive, that its both CD and DVD and Writable. but is that just for CD only or both CD and DVD ?



Seller notes
Product Line
Writable Format
Internal Laptop Drive
Write Speed
Compatible With
Readable Format
Form Factor
5.25 in

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The drive is so cheap because very few people are looking fo one + the seller most likely got the drive for nothing, many people recycle and sell stuff that they got for nothing from say out of a refuse skip or rubbish removal.


Regarding any purchase, still the same advice, never do anything that you are unsure of and if only for your peace of mind pay more at the local computer shop that you mention in your reply #6. 


Dell used more than one brand of drive, they used not only Sony but also brands like Hitachi and Lite- On as well.


Take your drive out and compare it to the pictures at the ebay link that was provided. 

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I again appreciate your comments and advice Phillpower2.


They seem wise words esp in ref to deciding which option to consider if making a purchase, ie Ebay V Computer shop..


Also thks for explaining about how Dells uses differing brands / models.


Could I ask also...IF you are aware.


IF I manage to sort my Dvd disc drive out ok on my Dell Inspirion 1501 laptop.

when I insert the LINUX bootdisc to load it into my Laptop so I can use its operating system.


HOW Much extra disc space do you think I would need to make a successful installation.


I may not had mentioned, but when I tried initially install the Linux bootdisc which started to load so far and then froze.

and when I stsrated messing about with  my laptop and the Dvd disc drive...and ended up damaging it..


I later also then messed trying to install it in another old poor laptop that does not run very well that failed to also load..

(That I dont intend to use other than rare occasions for certain things)


With the main laptop I want to use with the broken drive... I found that my disc space had been quite close to being full up..


I think had about 2 GBs free space initially (BEFORE I broke the Dvd drive as I had earlier tried on a couple of earlier occasions when the dvd drive was still working)


SO I ended up deleting some files on my hardrive to make another 1 GBs of free space. to give a total of 3 Gbs free space in total on my machine.


The Linux Boot disc is 1.8 Gbs as far as I was aware.




As I am only using the Linux disc as bootdisc just for some basic use..and to get online.... and NOT to install linux as a full operating system which I believe is 15 GBs...





Can you advise me if I may need to create more free disc space on my harddrive before I try to try to reinstall it again if I manage to obtain and reinstall another dvd disc drive ?


Many thanks in advance.




Just one other point, IF I do manage to both obtain and replace another working Dvd disc drive and also also obtain a suitable linux based Wireless network adaptor.

Even initially I dont obtain another suitable Mobile network for home online use.


I should hopefully at least be able to use my laptop again using Linux Bootdisc and be able to get online within a Wifi zone..


and that will certainly be very useful to me as to when I need to do certain things online at certain times for important reasons.



In ref to Wireless network adaptors.(WNAs)


Ive Noted that some  WNAs are classed as 300 MBPS and some are 150 MBPS that appear to overall be cheaper.

Even thou I dont want to order from China, I noted that they offer some cheap ones on ebay for the 150 MBPs ones...


although this one appears from the UK but i note its manufactured in China.





I dont fully understand  what it means , but I assume its to do with signal range or obtaining a stronger and better wireless or wifi signal.

I assume you would Not recommend I try the 150 MBPs one..


Would that be correct ? 

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I think had about 2 GBs free space initially (BEFORE I broke the Dvd drive a



It would have been wise to mention that from the outset, Windows needs a certain amount of free space on a drive ( see my canned explanation below ) so that it can move files around, the low storage space may have been the cause of the DVD problem, likewise though it may not be and it could just be the computers hardware showing its age.


For Windows to be able to run efficiently and to be able to update you need to have between 20 and 25% of the partition or drive available on a HDD and an SSD between 10 and 15% as free storage space at all times, if you don`t you risk Windows becoming corrupt or not being able to update which puts you at risk of malware attack.
Data only storage devices should not be allowed to get any lower than 10% of free storage space of the full capacity of the drive/partition on the drive, this also to avoid data corruption.
Please note that storage devices can physically fail if the amount of free storage space is allowed to drop below the required 10 or 20/25% minimum.




You will need to wait on Freebooter regarding the Linux stuff I`m afraid.

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Thks Phillpower2 for your thoughts / info on the required amount of HDD disc space required.


Also thks for your post FreeBooter..


But Forgive me if I am still a bit confused. or if there is still a bit of misunderstanding between the / my situation.



When I was advised by another suggested Computer expert or adviser.   IF I recall... initially they mentioned about increasing the size of the HDD if I recall. or maybe adding more RAM.

To be honest with you at the moment I am not exactly sure with trying to recheck in more details exactly what they described.


But at the time , I said that IF I could get away without doing that... I got the impression that it would still be possible to install it... ie the Linux Bootdisc via the Dvd disc drive and to be using it just as a Boot disc form to allow me to use some basic linux function and also access the internet.


AS  FAR as I understand it.... I WAS NOT doing a FULL LINUX Intstall onto my Laptop machine.... (Which I was trying to install Linux in Full... that full file would be 15 GBs)

and I assume the space required would be more to allow it to load...


I WAS ONLY installing or loading it as a boot disc only and as I thought I understood.... THAT ONLY would be 1.8 GBS or require a gb or few extra GBs to allow to load.

JUST HOW much I was not exactly sure and I dont think I got a proper answer when I tried to ask the   other adviser....BUT far as I THOUGHT I understood ...

THEY had seemed to indicate that they thought that I should had still been able to load it.... I ASSUME with just an extra 1 to 2 GBs free space.


NOW whether that was as HDD or RAM.... requireing a few extra GBs free space... I am NOT totally sure.... (OR Maybe both)


and as I said... My disc was nearly Full at the time and only had about 2 GBs free HDD space as far as I understood.


IN which I then realised Id need some more disc space, so I deleted just 1 GBs of files of my HDD to allow it to have a total of 3 GBs free space ..

and then as I said... I was led to believe that I was just loading the dvd disc as a bootdisc only which was JUST under 2 GBs. (1.8 GBs as far as I recall )


I DID not realise that I may need an extra 20 / 25 % free space to allow Windows to operate in order to do this. in the way that Phillpower2 suggests...

I THINK my HDD in total was somewhere between 55 to 60 GBs... and maybe at the time upto  as much as  50 to 58GBs full


TO me it was seem a LOT for me to have to remove 20 to 25% of my Files disc to be able just load the Linux Bootdisc ...from say a 60 GBs HDD..

Id have to remove maybe a totall of upto  15 GBs...


To loose or remove all those files would seem a lot and quite a large requirement... Which Id hope that I would Not be required to do...


I DONT FULLY understand the diff between RAM and HDD in terms space requirements to be able to load the LINUX BOOT DISC DVD....for Boot purposes only and NOT a Full install..of 15 GBs.


BUT Freebooter seems to maybe indicate differently as he indicates just upto having 4 GBs requirement (BUT suggested as RAM)


I assume his ref to 20GBs (100 Reccommended would only be required if I was doing a FULL installation of LInux which as I was led to beleiev that I dont need to do...)


SO there seems maybe still some confusion and uncertainty here...still !  ........at least on my part...!



PS I just checked my C Drive size and to my surprise it saying it only shows 55 GBs and that it has 10 GBs free space.


I AM SORRY to say that I may had got my facts wrong on this Laptop and spacewise was getting mixed up with my OLD laptops HD  nearly being totally full up and  only having had 2 GBs of free space when I removed the extra 1 GBs of files to make it have a total free space of 3 GBs...

I think that old laptop was an 80 GB size HD...    APOLOGIEs if Got my initial facts wrong


where as the one That I  need to refer to and require help with  that I have broke my dvd drive on is only showing as I say as being 55 GBs HD ...

That as I also say does show as having 10 GBs free space...


I WOULD Hope that is sufficient just to load the Linux DVD as a Boot only at just under 2 Gbs..

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